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Dear Customer
Please note that due to festive holidays, our offices are closed till Wednesday. In the interim, please note the following:

1. For Fresh Orders

In case you have just placed an order for delivery within this week, request you to send us an email whether you would like to 
either a) Deliver this order ASAP, after Wednesday when we return to office OR b) Cancel the order and refund your money in full.

2. For Diwali Orders placed earlier (Courier Locations)
In case you had placed a Diwali Order for a courier location within the cutoff, you can self track it as follows: a) Go to b) Select the "Ref No" radio button on the top left c) Input GGOrderNumber in the tracking box (e.g. if your order 
number is 12345, enter GG12345). Do note that orders for Ahmedabad may not be tracked this way, as they may be hand delivered. In case your order was post cutoff, please check for our mail to you for instructions. Rest assured, that if we are unable to deliver your order, we will refund you.

3. For Diwali Orders placed earlier (Remote Locations)
Please note that if your order was for a remote location, and placed within cutoff, it would have been booked. As mentioned on the website, such orders do not have online tracking. Please allow us to revert to you post holidays, in case of any disconnect. Rest assured, that if we were unable to book your order, we will refund you.

Have a nice day ahead,

Team GG



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