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Father's Day Quotes

You believe your father is dumb enough not to understand that you treat him like an ATM machine. He is smart enough to let you believe that all your life
My father never asked me to protect myself. He just made sure that I was
I am not an achiever. It is simply that my father forgot to teach me ‘how to give up’
I will be satisfied the day I can be half as good a father to my son as my father was to me
I always wanted to find out why my father tries to control things in my life
My son came as an answer
It is not that I am choosy about the man in my life. It is just that my father has set a very high standard for me
I am two, I wait for hours by the door for him to come
I am five, He is the coolest dad on the earth
I am ten, I love the new bicycle he got me on my birthday
I am thirteen, he can’t understand me well
I am seventeen, I can’t stand the old man around
I am twenty five, he looked lost and tired
I am thirty, my son waits for hours by the door for me to come