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When is Rakhi 2015 ?

Raksha Bandhan is on the 29th of August 2015 since that is the day of ‘Shravan Poornima’ according to the Hindu lunar calendar. The exact date of the festival is determined by checking a Hindu book called “Panchang” which gives details of all the planetary movements that are used to calculate the dates and months of the Hindu lunar calendar. The calendar that the world otherwise subscribes to is based on the sun and its movements is popularly called the Western calendar. The Hindu calendar is different in that it is based on the movements of the moon and is called a lunar calendar.

Raksha Bandhan falls on the day of “Shravan Poornima” which is the day of a full moon in the month of ‘Shravan’ which is the Sanskrit word for monsoon. Every ‘Poornima’ or full moon day and night is considered auspicious in Hindu religion. Religious Hindus consult the ‘Panchang’ before undertaking any important work such shifting into a new house, starting a new business venture or getting married so that they may do so when the planets are in their favor or when the day is auspicious.

The preparations for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, however, start many days before the actual day of the festival since many grown-up siblings live far away from each other in different cities, states or even countries. Sisters do their Raksha Bandhan shopping and send the Rakhi threads and gifts to their brothers living in far-away places several days before the festival so that it may reach their brother’s home well in time for the festival celebrations. Brothers too, send Rakhi gifts for their sisters well in advance for the same reason.

Online shopping has gained a lot of momentum in the world over the last decade. Indians living in different parts of the world can now send Rakhi to India through ordering from From Rakhi threads to Rakhi thalis to Rakhi Gifts for sisters and brothers, has an impressive collection to suit different tastes as well as budgets. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in its true spirit on 29th August 2015 with and make it an occasion to remember forever!

With several months to go, plans for Raksha Bandhan 2015 are already in preparation. Elaborate plans to make brothers and sisters feel special, careful selection of cards, rakhis and gifts, and meticulous plans for the arrangement of treasured sweets and fares are already underway with the greatest enthusiasm. Not the least effort is spared, and nothing can be left to chance. In case you are wondering, Rakhi 2015 will be celebrated on the 29th of August (Saturday). This red letter day is one that you should mark out on your calendar if you haven’t already.

Raksha Bandhan falls on the same day of the lunar calendar every year. The full moon day in the month of Shravan, as is known to the Hindus, is the day we know as Rakhi. However, the day falls on a different day of the Gregorian calendar every year, usually between the months of July and August.

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan gets better with every year. There are several novel ideas introduced into the world of rakhi celebration, rakhi gifts, and also special rakhi treats. The traditional red rakhi thread has also undergone a marked metamorphosis – transforming itself into a visual delight.

Gone are the days when it would take months for a simple letter to reach across the seas. Today, it has become possible to reach out to everyone instantly in this digital world. The benefits have also percolated through to the world of greeting and gifting, as siblings Send Rakhis to India, and Rakhi Gifts to India reach your home in record time. What remains unchanged is the unwavering faith the sister places in her brother, and the unfailing support that is received in reciprocity.

Now that you know when is Rakhi 2015, let nothing stop you from arranging for the perfect expression of your love and favour. Get together your Rakhi treats and make this year magical. brings you its range for Rakhi 2015 – a presentation of gifts, thalis and rakhis which are not just appealing, but packaged with all the love and longing you have. Reaching your bouquets of fondness to every corner of the country, this is the ultimate destination for all those who seek an ambassador of their love.

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