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Diwali Recipes

Diwali is perhaps the most beautiful festival of Hindus in India. It is a joyous and magical moment of vanquishing the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna, the victory of good over evil. Food serves an imperative role in Diwali celebrations. The festival is incomplete without a good spread of Special Diwali dishes. People start preparing for the festival with delicious Diwali dishes. And keeping Indian traditions in mind, What would Diwali be without mouthwatering dishes and sweet delights offered by the world famous Indian mithais? Children look forward to the festive season for the fun and frolic they bring. But along with these, more importantly, they love to enjoy the delicious fare that Mummy spreads on such occasions.  And if there are Diwali Sweets send by your loved ones not near you it even more fantastic. Here are a few Diwali recipes you could use to make this Diwali a happy and mouthwatering affair:


Papdi Chaat Recipes

Serves: 4


•  Papdi
•  Boiled, peeled and chopped potato
•  1 Cup curd
•  Salt and Black Salt to taste
•  ‘bhuna jeera’ powder (roasted cumin seeds powder)
•  Red chili powder
•  Tamarind chutney




Take a bowl and add the curd to it. Make the curd smooth by whisking it well and then add salt as per taste. Arrange the papdi on an attractive serving plate. Place some chopped potatoes on the top of each papdi. Add the whisked curd over the papdi pieces next. Sprinkle roasted cumin powder, black salt and red chili to your taste. Garnish with tamarind chutney next and Papdi chaat is ready to eat!

Badaam Halwa Recipes

A delicious recipe that is just perfect for the season Diwali happens in! Though rich, it is a must-try and will make you a hit with all your family members as well as guests.
Serves: 4


•  2 cups of soaked almonds
•  14 tbsp sugar
•  1 tsp cardamom powder
•  1 1/2 cups of milk
•  12 tbsp desi ghee
•  10 halved almonds




After soaking the 2 cups of almonds overnight, peel their skin the next morning. Put the peeled almonds in a blender along with 5 tablespoons of milk. Next, heat the ghee in a pan and add the blended almond and milk that was made earlier. Cook while stirring constantly for 15 minutes. Boil the remaining milk after adding another 4 tablespoons of water. Add this to the pan with the almond mixture and continue to cook for another few minutes. Then add sugar and cardamom powder and continue to stir. Garnish with the halved almonds and Enjoy!

Coconut Laddoo Recipes

Serves: 4


•  250gms peeled and shredded coconut
•  250gms condensed milk (you can also use ‘Milkmaid’)
•  300gms sugar
•  ½ glass milk
•  ½ tsp cardamom powder




Heat the condensed milk and cook for 5 minutes on a slow flame. Add the coconut and remove the cooking vessel from fire to allow the dish to cool. After it has cooled a bit, add the sugar. Next, take the mixture and make small balls out of it to give it the shape of a laddoo. Keep the laddoos in the refrigerator for some time so it can get cooled and serve cold.

Dhokla Recipes

This Gujarati favorite is a great snack to serve to your loved ones in the evening or before dinner on Diwali.


•  1 cup full of Besan
•  Half cup of Curd
•  Half cup of Water
•  Some Chopped Green chilies
•  1 inch Ginger
•  1 tsp Sugar
•  1 tsp Lemon juice
•  Eno fuit salt
•  A pinch of Haldi powder
•  Salt to taste
•  Grated coconut for garnishing
•  1 tsp oil
•  a Pinch of asfoetida
•  a handful of mustard seeds




Take ginger and green chillies and make a paste out of them using water. Next, take the gramflour and mix the ginger green chilli paste with it. Add the remaining water, curd, lemon juice, haldi powder, salt and sugar. Lastly, add the Eno fruit salt and let the mixture stand for a couple of minutes. As we need to steam this mixture next, take a flat vessel and grease it well with some oil. Pour the mixture into the greased vessel and steam it for ten to fifteen minutes. After steaming, let it stand for some time to allow cooling. Heat another pan and add some oil to it. Add a pinch of asfoetida and mustard seeds and after they crackle, pour the oil over the dhokla. Cut the steamed mixture into squares of equal size and put the pieces on to a plate. Lastly, garnish with grated coconut and small green chilli circles.

Chakri Recipes

This crunchy snack provides melt-in-mouth taste and crispness is just as great at teatime as it is for an auspicious Diwali festival. This tasty Diwali namkeen recipe definitely accentuates everyone.


•  500 mg sour cream (flavoured onion, garlic or plain)
•  3 cups of rice flour
•  1 tablespoon chick peas flour
•  Sesame seeds for taste
•  Salt for taste
•  A very tiny pinch of Asafoetida
•  A very few grains of cumin
•  ½ tablespoon chilli powder
•  ½ tablespoon turmeric powder
•  100 ml cooking oil




Mix rice flour, chickpea flour, and cumin, asafoetida, turmeric and chilli powder in a container. Add required amount of salt for taste and the sour cream to the dough. Add rice flour if the dough is loose. Heat the cooking oil in a pan. Put the dough in a chakri maker. Form coils or spirals using the chakri maker on a plastic sheet. Deep-fry these coils or spirals in the oil on a medium flame until they turn golden brown. Drain and transfer them on a plate. Dry them for 5 minutes and store in an airtight container. Enjoy this delicious and crispy item within 15-20 days after preparation.

Almond Barfi Recipes

A healthy and rich in flavour, almond barfi, is one of the most delicious Diwali sweets prepared during the festival. This dish has a longer shelf life and stored outside for a week. Almond barfi last for two months when refrigerated. This yummy sweet is mostly served as a desert.


•  1 cup of almonds (badam)
•  1 cup of sugar
•  A pinch of cardamom powder
•  1/3 cup of milk
•  2 tablespoons ghee or butter




Start by soaking all the almonds in hot water for about 30 minutes. Peel off the skin of almonds. With enough milk, mix the almonds into a fine paste. Add sugar and whip it for few minutes. Heat the ghee or butter in a frying pan on a medium flame. As the ghee or butter melts, put in the almond paste and heat on a medium flame. Ensure that you stir continuously. Keep stirring the mixture until it thickens and starts leaving the sides of the cooking pan. Add cardamom powder. Whip the paste in a circular movement using a spoon for 2-3 min. Transfer the batter onto a plate and allow it to cool. Cut into diamond shapes and serve.

Food, Festivities, Firecrackers, Fun and Frolic…that’s Diwali! Enjoy Diwali with these great Diwali Recipes and spread the message of love, light and happiness that Diwali brings with it!  Also send your Diwali Gifts to make it perfect.


Mathri Recipes

a savoury snack which is handy to serve guests and your family can never have enough of – a recipe for Diwali that keeps everyone begging for seconds.


•  3 cups all purpose flour or maida
•  1/3 cup rava
•  2 teaspoons dried methi leaves
•  2 teaspoons ajwain
•  Salt to taste
•  Red chilli powder
•  1/4 teaspoon baking powder
•  Oil for frying



Start by sifting the th the salt, red chilli powder and baking powder. To this, add the ajwain and methi leaves and mix together. Now put in some oil and add water to make into a stiff dough. Once kneaded, leave covered with a damp cloth for at least forty minutes. The dough is now ready to use. Heat oil in a pan, and make the dough into small portions and roll them into small circles. Fry them in the oil till they turn yellowish gold in colour. Do not fry them for too long, or wait till they have turned reddish or brown. Turn them onto paper towels before storing them in airtight containers. The mathris can be made a few days in advance and will keep well. Ensure the container is airtight and dry. Mathris make an excellent tea time snack, but can also be served equally easily as a starter to a meal.


unequivocally the king of all sweets, it melts into the mouth and leaves the taste buds tingling in delight. This Diwali sweet recipe is a sure hit.


•  2 litres buffalo milk – separated into two equal halves

•  1 cup of sugar – you may use a little less to suit your tolerance for sweetness

•  3 tablespoons curd

•  100 grams khoya

•  Pistachios and almonds chopped into fine, thin strips


Start by taking one portion of the milk and bring it to a boil. While on the flame, add in the curd and let the milk curdle. Drain out the whey and hang the paneer till it has been dried of excess moisture. Take the rest of the milk and condense it on a slow flame till it has reached close to half its original volume. Now add the paneer and the khoya to this and stir continuously till it starts to become thicker. Add sugar to the mixture and wait till you see it start to form a large lumpy mass. Turn off the flame and turn it out onto a greased tray. Garnish with the chopped nuts. Wait till the kalakand has cooled down before cutting into squares. They are ready to serve.

It may seem laborious spending hours in the sweltering kitchen putting together goodies. However, seeing everyone partake the delicacies and savour them makes the effort worthwhile. It is never really the Deepavali recipes that go to make the food special. It is the love, devotion and warmth with which they are served that make the experience special.

Kaju Katli

Think of Diwali, and you think of rich food and dry fruits. When you can incorporate a sweet that combines both these elements, it is certain to be accepted and enjoyed very readily. Kaju Katli is deleicious, easy to make and can stay for a couple of days without any trouble. This is a must-have this Diwali.


•  2 cups good quality cashew nuts
•  1 cup powdered sugar
•  ½ cup water (you may need a little less, so use it judiciously)
•  A little cardamom powder, or a little rose essence for flavour, although it is optional. Do not, however, use them both together




Start by grinding the cashews to a powder. The trick is to use them in a mixer and only grind for a few seconds at a time. If you grind them for too long, they will start to leave their oil, and make the mixture pasty. You want a fine, dry powder at the end. Now mix the sugar and water and heat them until you get a good syrup. While the syrup is still hot, add in the cashew powder and mix it in. Stir for a few seconds and then bring the mixture off the flame. Continue to stir until all the syrup is incorporated into the cashew. The basic sweet is now ready. Put out a sheet of butter paper, and roll the cashew mixture onto the paper until it is evenly thick. The rolled sweet should be about ¼ of an inch thick. Cut them into desired shape. Traditional kaju katli is normally in the shape of a diamond, and you may want to stick to it. You could use edible silver foil or ‘warak’ on the katli to make it more decorative.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

This is a very interesting recipe, which is loved by everyone. It is a novel presentation this Diwali. Considering your guests will be going around to see so many people and have the same Diwali sweets everywhere, this could be a refreshing change. Ensure you make plenty, since there will be several takers.


•  400 grams condensed milk

•  1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts

•  100-120 grams butter

•  2/3 cup cocoa powder

•  1 tsp vanilla essence

•  2 tbsp maida




This is a very non-fussy recipe that is easy to make. Mix all the ingredients excluding the walnuts. Now cook them in a heavy pan, or a double boiler for at least ten minutes, stirring constantly while the mixture cooks on a medium flame. As it thickens, you will see the mixture start to leave the sides of the pan and assume some texture. At this stage, add the walnuts and mix it in well. Now spread this mixture out onto a tin or large tray and leave it to set. This does not need to be refrigerated. Once set, cut it into squares and store in a dry, airtight container. It is ready for everyone to grab.


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