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Gujarat is known not only for its prospering businesses, delicious meal, big hearted people and exciting tourist spots, but also for its ancient temples and pilgrimages, which are a major attraction of the state. These sacred shrines are revered by devotees from all over the world. Some of the famous temples of Gujarat are:

Dwarka : 

There would hardly be any Indian who has not heard of the magnificence of Dwarkadhish, the lord of the world famous Dwarka temple, aka Jagat Mandir. Thousands of devotees throng here throughout the year from all over the world, and the crowd gets uncountable during festive occasions. Besides being a centre of religious values, this 1400 years old temple is an excellent sample of ancient architecture; the perfect place to experience the ethnicity of Indian culture. So if you are planning a trip to Gujarat, do make sure to include Dwarka on your itinerary.

Somnath :

 One of the four Dhams (prime pilgrimages) in Indian mythology, Somnath is among the most adorned pilgrimages in India. The history of Somnath dates back to the time of lord Rama, and has got many legends to its name. It is said to have been destroyed and rebuilt 8 times in past. Nestled near an ocean, the temple oozes eternal aura making one feel free from all worldly ties. Visitors typically include both Dwarka and Somnath on their trip in Gujarat..

Sun Temple :

Situated in Modhera, approximately 106km from Ahmedabad, the Sun temple is also an excellent emblem of 11th century architecture. Its design, structure, architecture and atmosphere, has been arranged so to make one feel enlightened. Like other famous temples of Gujarat, this replica of Konark’s Sun Temple, is also equally famous globally.

Mount Girnar :

This Jain pilgrimage is situated on a hill top, around 600 meters above ground. There are 10,000 steps built to help one reach the place. You may attempt a visit only if you have the courage to travel this distance on foot, else this may be given a miss. There are some famous Hindu temples also situated on the same hill; making it a convergence point for both Hindu and Jain pilgrimages as also tourists.

Swaminarayan temple : 

Situated in Ahmedabad, this is also a grand and magnificent masterpiece like other Swaminarayan temples in India and abroad. The swaminarayan temple is said to have been built around 1850 AD.

Akshardham temple : 

This is another newly built member in the group of the magical Swaminarayan temples. This temple has also been a great attraction for tourists recently. .

The above is only a small list of endless options for pilgrimage spots in Gujarat. There are some more must-see temples in Gujarat like Hathee Singh Jain Temple, Bala Hanuman temple, Shatrunjaya hill, Bileshwar, Gop and Bhalka Tirth. Similarly Gujarat has also got some famous mosques like Jama Masjid, Ahmed Shah’s mosque, Sidi Saiyad’s mosque, Sidi Bashir mosque, Rani Sipri’s mosque, Rani Rupmati’s mosque, and some churches too like St. Paul’s church, and St. Thomas church.

So now you know where to go if you visit Gujarat and are bitten by the spirituality bug!.


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