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Famous Brothers and Sisters from Mythology

Rakhi Gifts

As per scriptures, Yama, the god of death, and Yami, his twin sister started off the sacred tradition of rakhi when Yami tied the sacred thread on her brothers’ wrist and then prayed for his long-life. There are other famous brother and sisters duos as well that find a special mention in the holy books of the Hindus. On this auspicious occasion we bring to mind a few of them.


Subhadra and Krishna

Subhadra is the only daughter of Vasudeva, born to him by his wife Rohini Devi, thereby making her the half-sister of Lord Krishna. Nevertheless, Lord Krishna and Subhadra shared an incredibly loving, friendly relationship, so much so that when Subhadra and Arjuna (Krishna’s cousin) fell in love with each other, it was Krishna who helped the couple elope and get married, given that that their parents would never give consent to their marriage. Arjuna was already married with three wives in toe.

Nonetheless, on Krishna’s insistence Subhadra, and not Arjuna, drove the chariot from Dwaraka towards Indraprastha, and the reason behind being equally interesting. Krishna is said to have subsequently used this incident as an evidence to convince his family that it was Subhadra who kidnapped Arjuna and not the other way round. Unbelievable!!!




 Yamaraj - Yami or Yamuna
  As per Vedic scriptures Yami and Yamaraj( God Death) were born twins and in fact the tying of the traditional sacred rakhi thread was started off by Yami. It is said that Yamuna tied the sacred band to Yama so that her brother could lead an everlasting life. Yama touched by sister’s loving gesture declared that a brother getting a rakhi tied from his sister will lead a long life with God’s grace



 Devaki and Kansa

Devaki, mother of lord Krishna was good, kind and gentle lady. Sadly, her brother Kansa the King of Mathura was quite cruel. In fact people of Mathura and neighboring villages were terrified of him. There’s no one as brave and strong as him, assumed Kansa, However, Kansa had a soft corner for his sister Devaki and even held her husband Vasudev in great respect.

However, a heavenly warning regarding his death forced Kansa to throw his sister and brother-in-law into prison. ‘Devaki's eighth son will bring his end’, was the prophecy. And truly, the prophecy was fulfilled by Krishna.




 Kripa and Kripi

Kripa, popularly known as Kripacharya was the high priest at the court of Hastinapura. His twin sister Kripi married Drona, the guru of Pandavas and Kauravas. According to Mahabharata, Kripa fought the great battle of Kurukshetra for the Kauravas. Later on, he was appointed as the teacher of Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna.

Kripa and Kripi are children of Sharadvan, a celibate saint and Janapadi- a beautiful divine nymph sent by Indra to distract the celibate saint.



5.  Kunti and Vasudev

Kunti and Vasudev, the father of Krishna, were born to King Shoorsen. However, Kunti was given in adoption to the childless King Kuntibhoja, therefore it is unlikely to find any past records of their shared childhood ; however, their children Lord Krishna and Arjuna went on to share great relationship.



6.  Ravana and Surpanakha

They are certainly not icons, but the one good thing in the evil Ravana was that he was a loving brother who stood up for his sister’s honour. When Surpanakha came to him with her nose being cut by Lakshmana, Ravana comforted her and vowed to avenge her humiliation. He did, kidnapping Sita, although that eventually led to his downfall and cost him his life. There is some good in everyone, and his brotherly love was one point of redemption for Ravana.


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