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Rakhi Poems

Rakhi Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good poem? Poems touch our hearts and souls a lot more than simple words and that is because they are written straight from the heart. Emotions get conveyed a lot more effectively when they are expressed in the form of a poem. Fine emotions deserve to be expressed as eloquently as possible and what better medium than poetry to do so. Imagine how your sibling would feel when he or she receives a poem from you on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. There are few occasions, after all, that allow us the opportunity to express our real emotions openly. You don’t need to force yourself to write your own poem though; you can use any one out of the following we have put together especially for you on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

    You were there for me when I was young,

You were there to protect me when I was adventurous,

You were there to guide me when I was confused,

I am what I am because of you and all I want to say is Thank you.

I tie this Rakhi and pray for you,

May you have good health and remain strong,

Achieve prosperity and live for long.


    Blessed to have a sister like you,

a constant friend, you never left me and went

a wonderful guide, on you I have relied

a treasure house of wisdom, you are never out of patience,

what would life be, without a sister like you.

I promise you my love, I promise you my care

This Raksha Bandhan and others we shall share,

Our bond will remain forever and grow stronger with time

With love in our hearts, there is no mountain we cannot climb.


    A part of my soul, a part of my heart,

Dear Brother, we are together in spirit even when apart

You guide me for every step I take,

And stop me before I make a mistake,

With my Rakhi, I send you love

that will bring you health and good luck.


    As I put the tikka and as I pray

for your wellbeing on this special day

I remember your love and your care

though you never said it, I knew you would always be there.

This holy day of Raksha Bandhan

we strengthen our bond and make a connection

which will remain as life progresses,

in uncertain times, in unknown directions.

I rely on you my dear brother,

and hope that you rely on me too,

for I shall be there till the very end,

on me, you know you can depend.


    Thank you, dear sister

For all you are

A constant support, I know you are never far

Your love and care is a treasure I hold dear

This Raksha Bandhan, I promise to be there

whenever you may need me, you’ll find me standing near


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President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

This full moon day our hearts are in brim

Feeling of faith and serenity in mind.

We light the lamps and our hears glow

Radiance of happiness and peace are in flow.

Harmonious homes are like streams of joy

Flowing and flourishing the landscape en route.

Nobility in heart and character in deed

Righteous homes alone make a beautiful State.

Sisters will tie the thread on the brothers

Abiding them to do only what is right and clean.

Put the Kumkum and blessed rice on the head

Where will dwell right thoughts and noble action


A Sister Like You

Someone who will understand

Who knows the way I feel

In every situation

Her concern is very real


Someone who has walked my ways

Who knows my every need

Times when she would see me cry

Her heart would nearly bleed


Everyone should have a sister

Just the way I do

Richly blessed is what I am

To have a sister like you

A Sister is Forever


A sister's a sister forever,

A bond that diminishes never,

A friend who is kindly and caring,

A sibling God chooses for sharing.

Few ties as deep and profound

And with so much affection abound

Though some thoughts are seldom expressed

Love endures and survives every test.

Of the constants that rest in the heart,

A sister's a primary part.

She'll always be there when you need her-

You listen, you value, you heed her.

As growth, independence you ponder,

Your feelings grow deeper and fonder;

And life tells you one thing that is true:

A sister's a large part of you.



A Brother Just Like You

I just want to let you know

You mean the world to me

Only a heart as dear as yours

Would give so unselfishly

The many things you've done

All the times that you were there

Help me know deep down inside

How much you really care


Even though I might not say

I appreciate all you do

Richly blessed is how I feel

Having a brother just like you


Here's To My Brother

Here's to my brother

Remember every day

No matter what I've said

Here's what I'd like to say

I will always love you

Be with you till the end

When no one else is around

I will be your friend

I love my brother

and I always will

I'm proud to be your brother

that's how I feel

And someday when we're far away

And the miles keep us apart

I'm gonna whisper

I love my brother

And you'll know it in your heart

My Sister and Me

We laugh,

we cry,

we make time fly.

Best friends are we

my sister and me.



When I saw you as a child

I was filled with wonder,

Why did you come into our home

Why did I need a brother?

I had a father to teach me sport,

A mother to love and hold;

With you around I would only share

And have nothing for my own.

As we grew I learnt that a brother

Can be a friend, a guide and my need

I can’t imagine my life without you

You truly make me complete.


You cried when I bullied you,

You made me take the blame;

You were the one I would chase

And the one that I did tame.

You have always been a wild sister,

A girl full of spark,

A bright, effulgent star

That we all loved from the start.

On this most special day,

I want you to be near,

I want to share plenty of smiles,

I want to shed a tear.

I know that you will think of me

When you receive this gift;

I know that you too miss the times,

And I know you feel the drift.

But I am always there with you,

In heart and soul and mind;

I can never go by a day without you –

That’s the place in my life you will find.

In case you can pen down a fine poem and present it to your brother or sister, then nothing like it. They would, of course, be pleased to receive this priceless Rakhi gift. Pick up a great poem from some place that you have read, use any of these, or better still, write you own. No matter where it is from, your poem is sure to move your sibling’s heart. finds the ideal accompaniments to your poems and thoughts with the most delightful arrangement of raksha bandhan gifts, online rakhis and rakhi thalis. The perfect expressions of your sentiment, there can be no better way that to bring you and your sibling closer this year.


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