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Raksha Bandhan Celebration

How to Celebrate Rakhi ?

You know Raksha Bandhan is approaching when you start to see fancy collections of colorful Rakhi threads in the neighborhood marketplaces. Since many brothers live in far away cities, states or countries, sisters purchase their Rakhi threads and Rakhi gifts much in advance to allow for adequate time for transit of their gifts and Rakhis so they get delivered in time for the day of the festival. Raksha Bandhan is about strengthening the bond of love that exists between a brother and a sister. Sisters who cannot be present for the occasion themselves send their Rakhis and gifts to their brothers and some other female member of the brother’s family (usually wife or daughter) conducts the ceremony on the sister’s behalf.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, all family members wake up and prepare for the celebrations. Sisters and brothers especially, get dressed in traditional fancy wear such as sarees or suits (in the case of women) and kurta pyjama (in the case of men). Besides real brothers and sisters, most sisters also tie Rakhi threads to cousin brothers and ‘muh-bola’ brothers (someone a girl might consider as a brother emotionally but one who isn’t biologically so). Sisters delay their breakfast till after the ceremony and brothers and sisters eat a delicious spread together after completing the ceremony.

A Rakhi thali is prepared or bought from the marketplace by the sister for the occasion. It typically consists of a roli, some rice, vermillion (also called ‘tika’), some sweet, flowers and a diya. A puja thali that is made of brass or silver is considered more auspicious than an ordinary steel one. A brass or silver thali looks a lot more attractive too. A swastika sign is drawn using some of the vermillion on the thali. The swastika is an auspicious symbol that is used to invoke God’s blessings and it beautifies the thali too. Flowers are used as offerings for God and also serve the purpose of making the puja thali look decorated.

In the ceremony, the sister recites a mantra to invoke God’s blessings, puts a tikka made of vermillion and rice on the brother’s forehead and then ties a Rakhi on his right wrist. Before doing so, both the sister and the brother cover their heads – sisters with their suit’s dupatta and brothers with a handkerchief as a sign of respect. The sister, then waves a ghee lamp arti in a semi-circle in front of the brother. This is followed by the sister putting a small piece of Indian sweet into the brother’s mouth and wishing for his well-being and long life. The brother then presents a Rakhi gift to his sister and mostly sisters too give some token of love to their brothers in the form of a Rakhi gift though it isn’t mandatory for them to do so. Sisters receive the gift from their brothers respectfully and complete the ceremony in this manner.

Besides the sister praying for the brother’s well-being and long life, the brother too vows to protect his sister for life. Though brothers don’t say any mantra or say any vow out loud, this is the real meaning of the festival. As we have seen above, the sister is the one who conducts the ceremony for her brother. In many parts of the country, people belonging to the Brahmin caste, change their sacred threads (also known as Janeu) on this auspicious day.

If you want to make this Raksha Bandhan celebration a truly memorable and special one, you can do so in several small yet meaningful ways. Whether you are a brother or sister, wear the best traditional outfit you possess in your wardrobe because your sibling will appreciate the effort you put into dressing up for the occasion. Doing so also conveys the importance you give to the relationship, the festival and its celebration. Besides this, put together an assortment of puja items on your Rakhi puja thali if you are a sister and decorate the thali with love. You can purchase a readymade rakhi thali since there are some really beautiful ones available in the online and physical marketplaces. Buy a heartwarming Rakhi gift for your brother or sister, as the case may be and that would surely help you make the festival celebration a grand one. After all, who doesn’t love to receive a special gift? Most importantly, search for a really special Rakhi thread and settle for the best one you can find in your budget. From sandalwood rakhis to silver and golden ones, the collection that is available these days spoils customers with choice. has a fabulous collection of rakhi threads and Rakhi Gifts for brothers as well as sisters. With the change that the internet has brought into our everyday lives, festivals cannot remain unaffected by the all-encompassing influence of that change. Online Rakhi gifts and Rakhis can be purchased by a few clicks of the mouse. There is no need to visit the marketplaces anymore, simply visit, choose a Rakhi and Rakhi gift for your brother or sister, make a payment using a credit card, net banking or mobile payment account and that’s it – your Rakhi shopping is done! Your order would be delivered in a reliable and efficient manner to your beloved brother or sister. Send Raksha Banshan Gifts the digital way and have a Happy and memorable Raksha Bandhan celebration!

Old order, they say always give way to new. However, in a strange way Indians not just in India, but all across the world are known for their steady, mindful practice of religion, never ready to let go their customs that have become so integral to their lives. Guess that makes them stand apart as a community, wherever they go. And the same goes when it comes to celebrating festivals like Rakshabandhan, also referred to as Rakhi. What distinguishes every festival is the manner in which it is celebrated, and Rakhi is no different. The truly defining point of rakhi is not really the thread, the gift or even the sweets prepared painstakingly, it is the promise and the spirit which makes it stand out. The greatness of this festival also lies in its ability to be able to accept people as your known, and not be bound by biological connections. This is a festival which embraces friends, leaders, thinkers, protectors and everyone alike. This helps reach out to everyone and brings them all together in the assurance that they will all be taken care of and protected through their life. This is a phenomenon which can only be observed in India, and has, for several centuries, been instrumental in defining its character and virtue

The emotions attached with the festival and even the mode of celebrations- be it the tilak application, or tying of the sacred thread on the brother’s wrist –have remained unchanged over the years, be it in India, or elsewhere in the world. Little wonder the festival has been gaining increasing acceptance amongst the younger lot.  Further, the advent of technology has given a further fillip to its rising popularity. Not surprisingly, more and more Indians living abroad wish to celebrate this festival, in true letter and spirit and invariably make it a point to Send Rakhi to India and even rakhi gifts to India. However, no matter how much we may progress, there can be no replacement for one’s family, which is why Rakhi celebrations and raksha bandhan gifts reach all corners of the country with several days to spare.

Rakhi festival celebrates the sacred bond of love between a brother and sister. Well, with Rakhi falling on 7th August, 2017, there is already a huge buzz surrounding the festival. As per the tradition, girls start preparing for the festival nearly a month in advance. They buy new clothes and rakhis that could be sent to their brother(s) staying far from them. Even the marketplace seem to bask in the festive frenzy with garment shops, gift shops as well as sweet shops dishing out their best rakhis and Rakhi Gifts to live up to the revelers expectations. There is an impressive line-up of Rakhis in assorted colors, shapes and sizes available; from the ornamented to the simple ones, you could feast your eyes on. Activity gains to an almost feverish pitch as last minute arrangements to buy rakhis and setting things up are taken care of. Closer to the day, the sister painstakingly gets together all her purchases and places them carefully in a decorative fashion along the rakhi thali. While some go out and buy an elaborate thali which has been decorated for the festival, still others take the trouble of making it themselves.

As for the festivities, it begins at the day break. Family members get ready and gather in the puja room for worship.  A Rakhi Thali comprising diya, water, rice, roli (red threads), aggarbattis, vermilion, or turmeric powder and some sweets is laid out.  During the Aarti ceremony the sister applies a tika and chaval (rice) on her brother’s forehead and ties the rakhi amidst chanting of mantras. The sister then offers her brother sweets and prays for his well being. On the other hand brother blesses his sister with rakhi gifts and sweets and vows to stay by his sister’s side in the hour of need. While we may easily be led to believe that this is the festival for the sister to toil away at making her brother feel well received, the brother works equally hard to ensure that he has the perfect gift picked out and packed for his sister too.

After these rituals time starts for family bonding and some fun. All members partake in the delicious food, tasty sweets, gifts, music, etc. It’s also the time to remember all those who are staying far from them. But, thanks to the internet rakhi rituals can still be carried out and wishes could be expressed via e-cards, and even one can opt to Send Rakhi Online and even Send Rakhi Gifts to India online as well. While there are several who may opine that this is a fairly small festival, all it takes is just one heartfelt wish, or even a simple Rakhi Delivery in India for the strings of the heart to be touched. honours the solemn promise made on this day, and shares its own emotions through a handpicked selection of assortments that include rakhis, gifts, Sweets and several other novelties that could help make this a day to remember forever. With every convenience thrown in for your own pleasure, we take it on ourselves to make your brother or sister feel special.

To sum it up, let’s hope the enthusiasm this festival evokes does not fizzle out with the passing of years..

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