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Chocolates Around The World

Chocolate lovers worldwide will tell you that one of life's finest pleasures is to feel a bar of chocolate melting on the tongue - you can literally feel the joy and pleasure of the taste, and the fatigue and stress leaving your body. You feel calm and content, and enjoy a significant increase in energy levels. A chocolate gift box is literally a dose of happiness packaged beautifully, to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones!

Since the times of Mayans and the Aztecs, people all over the world have realized the power of chocolate as an anti-depressant, as an aphrodisiac, and as a good-mood food.

Here are some of the countries known for their distinctive chocolates:

1. Belgian Chocolates: Belgium is one of the biggest producers of chocolate in the world and produces the finest qualities of chocolates. Belgian chocolates use the best ingredients and are mostly handmade. Though famous Belgian chocolate brands like Godiva are making their way into Indian hearts, most Indians still prefer the homemade variety. A Personalized 200 gram Belgian chocolate bar makes tje perfect gifts for the sophisticated, up-class Indians. Sugar-free Belgian chocolates may earn you some brownie points from your parents.

2. Swiss Chocolates: Home of the most famous chocolate brands, Switzerland is the home base for Nestle, Toblerone, Lindt, Swiss Army and Glando. No wonder, the Swiss are right at the top of the list of chocolate gourmands – a bar a day for everyone. Chocolate flowers in spring and chocolate chestnuts and mushrooms in autumn are well-liked gifts in Switzerland. Indians abroad, in and around Europe, often choose to send Swiss chocolates to their loved ones in India – even when they cost almost double as compared to popular Indian chocolate brands. After all, the special tag of being ‘foreign’ make all chocolates special for us, don’t they?

3. Danish Chocolates: Like Swiss, people of Denmark love their chocolates too. A gift pack of Danish chocolates – Snickers, Mars, Bounty and Twix – is available for only Rs 445. This dark chocolate mix pack is just perfect for your teenaged cousins in India.

4. Italian Chocolates: Ferrero Rocher is the well-accepted alternative to short-lived mawa sweets in India today. The hazelnut and milk chocolates from Italy has become the beloved of urban Indians in the lieu of Holi sweets, Rakshabandhan gift packs and Diwali sweets too. Italy was the birthplace of solid chocolate bars and has changed the way chocolate is consumed around the world.

5. Mexican Chocolates: The modern world discovered its chocolate from Mexico when the Spanish Hernán Cortés Pizarro was granted an audience with the Emperor at the breakfast table. Pizarro was served the amazing ‘Chocolatl’ and took the recipe and cocoa trees with him to Spain. Till today, Mexicans consider hot chocolate as their national drink – and add pepper, spices and cinnamon to it to enhance its flavour. Us Indians are yet to discover the magic of Mexican Chocolates though.

Indians treat imported chocolates with great warmth and affection, and children sneak them off to their schools to flaunt them. Cadbury Schweppes from England, and Hershey’s and M&M’s from the USA are other trendy chocolate gifts on our list.


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