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Gujarat - An Introduction

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Having spread its wings from the state of Gujarat, we would like to showcase the state in all it's splendor. This section helps visitors get a glimpse of the rich heritage, the temples and places of interest, as well as the some interesting facts about Gujarat. You can also get some commonly needed numbers in one place here.

Do let us know if you need any information, and we would be glad to help out!

The State, People and some Fun Facts

Gujarat is one of the fastest growing states on the western coast of India, and is home to a population of almost 6 crores. It is the birthplace of famous historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel, Vikram Sarabhai, to prominent businessmen of national stature like the Ambanis, Gautam Adani, Karsanbhai Patel and Pankaj Patel.

Gujarat is also gaining ever increasing national prominence due to the emergence of Shri Narendra Modi, its current Chief Minister as the likely winner for the Prime Ministerial seat, in the upcoming polls 

They say business is in the blood of Gujaratis, and going by the umpteen rags to riches stories originating from here, this seems to be quite true.

The prominent cities of the state are Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Vapi and more. Ahmedabad is said to be the 7th largest city of India and had ranked third in the list of fastest growing city list, as per an international report. It is known for it's internationally famous institutes of higher learning like the IIM-Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design and many more.


Although Gujarat has agriculture as the mainstay for a large number of people; in recent times, the state has gained a promiment status in the Industrial Developmental arena. The auto-industry in the state got a major boost, with the setup of the Tata Nano project, along with it's parts suppliers. The state also has a vibrant chemicals and textile industry, and the extensive coastline facilitates exports and imports.

They say, Gujaratis are fond of travelling for business or leisure to any corner of the globe. This fact seems to be borne out by the presence of Gujarati disapora in all parts of the world. Their strong business acumen, intrinsic to the blood perhaps, has helped them make a mark internationally : It is conjectured that almost half the motels and small hotels in the US are owned by Gujaratis!

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