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Flowers By Astrology

Astrology Flower Ideas

Of late, there has been a lot of interest in ‘Flower Astrology’. It is now a much-talked about concept and has a huge fan-following in the wider world. Flower astrology, in short, means a person falling under a particular star sign has a special liking for a certain flower.

So what’s your star sign?  The astrological experts at would like to help identify the right flower for you as per your star sign.  Whether you’re a perfectionist Virgo, a daredevil Aries, or a bossy Leo, our experts will help spot the perfect flower for you, or someone you love.  
Browse flowers and floral arrangements by astrological sign exclusively on



Aries: MARCH 21 - APRIL 20

Full of life and positively Aries are people with drive, dream and infectious energy. Their intoxicating energy can easily rub off on others. Little wonder, the grass is always greener on the other side for them, and their fiery, impulsive, fanatic spirit inspires them to go for the kill. Further, their physical and mental stamina is absolutely commendable.


Being a fire sign, ruled by Mars, a planet of war, emotions and sentimentality don’t define the Aries.  But as the layers peel away from the surface one gets to know that Aries do have an artistic bent of mind. Flowers fascinate them to the point that they love to give and receive flaming red flowers (symbol of love), red carnations to be very precise.  For that matter, even white carnations interest them a lot. 


So while hunting for a birthday gift for an Aries, you can opt for red gerbera daises as they are the safest bet for they truly reflect the contagious spirit of Aries. Team these up with some chocolates and a scrumptious cake, and you will have a very happy Aries indeed!



Taurus: APRIL 21 - MAY 21

Sensible, reliable and iron-willed at the same time, some darker qualities of the Taureans are that many of them are adamant, jealous and old-fashioned. Firmly rooted in the material world, they have learnt to appreciate the value of money. Of course, during crisis their impulsive action backed by an instinctive insight is admirable, but otherwise in everyday situations, no-one can compel a Taurean to do anything, unless they have applied sufficient thought process.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. They love flowers and especially love to receive flowers from loved ones. In a strange way they have nurtured a special liking for expensive flower varieties.


Though Taureans sometimes behave in head-strong, bossy nature, their patient and reliable traits make them take a special liking for little, fragile daisies, a flower associated with Venus.

Gerbera daisies symbolize innocence and they stand apart amongst other flowers because of their larger-than-life-size blooms. Available in red, yellow, orange and pink colors gifting of gerberas daisies help a Taurean relive his joyful moments. The ideal gift for a Taurean would include a tastefully done bouquet of flowers with Gerberas along with some yummy cakes and expensive chocolates. If the recipient is a Taurean female, you can even add some perfumes, sarees or even home décor knick-knacks.




Gemini : MAY 22 - JUNE 21

Intelligent, talkative, bright and energetic, Gemini’s are governed by planet Mercury –a sign of communication.  Thus Geminians are born charismatic communicators, and have natural talent for wit and diplomacy as well. Their gift of gab makes them popular in their social and party circles. Also they blend with environment comfortably so much so that they become the centre of attraction of every party, thanks to their witty remarks and endless chitchats.


Geminians can both lure or can be lured by flowers. They are of the view that flowers convey more than all loving words woven together. Red roses really appeal to any Gemini's heart. If you're gifting a Gemini, opt for dark red roses, couple up with some delightful chocolates and a heart shaped cake, and you’ve already reached the half-way mark ( may be full-way mark) of your beloved. And being great communicators of both spoken and written word, gifting pen sets, personalized wood pens to be precise, is yet write way to reach a Geminians heart.




Cancer : JUNE 22 - JULY 22

Cancerians like a crab, exhibit a hard exterior and with a good reason. Their tough outside is in fact an attempt to hide their sensitive and emotional inside. Creative and loving, they are known for their unspoken, emotional bond they share with home, family and tradition, while art, music and writing activities give them the much-required emotional outlet.  Further, they are known as good communicators and strong providers. People actually marvel their intuition and telepathic powers, which when nurtured in the right direction will work wonders.


Touch a Cancer's vulnerable side by gifting white lilies or a bouquet of white roses. Needless to say, it will be a positively overwhelming experience for the recipient. Or how about appealing to their artistic sensibilities by gifting those metal idols of different deities to be placed in their Puja room, office table or wall which probably might even help enhance their telepathic powers? Even holy ‘Rudrakshas’ or ‘Vedic yantras’ for that matter could further foster their spiritual powers. A Cancerian will really appreciate this thoughtful gesture of yours.




Leo : JULY 23 - AUGUST 22

Majestic, upbeat and bighearted, Leos have the tendency to be egotistic and somewhat interfering at times. However, these shades of grey go unnoticed when they play their usual self to the full. On any given day Leos can be a perfect host, a good entertainer, a bighearted Samaritan and someone who enjoys his lives to the fullest. Blessed with passion, compassion and sunny outlook towards life Leos can cast a spell on friends and admirers alike; however, their rising reputation makes enemies go green with envy.


Flatter the imposing, royal quality of Leos by presenting them a bunch of striking gladiolus- a flower that represents Roman gladiators and symbolizes strength of character. Well, going by their personality traits, even Life-Size- Arrangements of flowers of 100 Red Roses, for instance, is sure to give Leos an irresistible high. Or rule their emotions coolly for a 7 day period by presenting a 7 day Serenade. Think about it!   The recipient will go gaga over your gifting ways and may even help charge your love battery to the full.




Virgo : AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 23

A Virgo fits in the finicky role to a ‘T. Obsessed of ‘perfection’ to the point that they are hell-bent on improving everyone and everything under the sun and there are no two ways about it. Well, nothing is forced, but their desire for perfectionism and immaculate detailing is just amazing. God lies in details, perhaps? Plus, they make good doctors and nurses. Games like tennis, racquetball, swimming, sailing, etc form their focus of attention. Even reading books, magazines and writing give them an unusual high.

Nothing is more exciting and inspiring for a Virgo than a gift of small flowers. Given their meticulous attention to detail, Virgos are very much attracted to small flowers. So go on, arouse the right degree of passion in your beloved by gifting a bouquet of bright red roses, or delightful red orchids, flanked by delectable chocolates and cakes. Being sports freaks, check out whether any health and fitness CDs figure in their wish list? If yes, go ahead and get one sans any second thoughts. Or if reading and writing seems to be their way of life even writing instruments could make for a memorable gift.





With scales of justice as it symbol it’s quite obvious that Librans are constantly in pursuit of balance in life, both in relationships or environment. Big appreciation is a big turn-on for them, be it in the field of arts, dress décor, hair styling and so on. The best part being: Librans don’t mind pulling out all stops in giving back praise in equal measure. They are spirited fighters and believe in achieving set goals by using different techniques, even to the point of applying their wit and charm. Books, flowers, rich food, perfumes all evoke positive, warm vibes in them.

Librans are incurable romantics, and they love the company of flowers, so much so that if nobody gifts them they’ll go ahead and gifts themselves one (well, almost). If your beloved happens to be a Libran go ahead and gift red color flowers to them. Sure, it is a sure-fire way to make a Libran fall for you. Sparks are sure to fly if you gift a combination of red carnations, delightful chocolates and cakes. Collectively, they bring in an intimate feel, don’t they? Getting red Flower showers home delivered is yet another sizzling way to make your sweetheart a die-heard fan of yours.




Scorpio : OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22

Very loving and highly emotional, Scorpios are known for their deep feelings. Their devotion and dedication towards friends is unquestionable. Also, their ‘Do or Die’ spirit helps them get to the bottom of things, no matter what. Their ‘Grace under pressure’ is really remarkable. Believe us, we’re yet to figure out from where they managed to get that heart from.

Further they are intense and passionate and wish to receive flowers that match their intensity level. They don't appreciate superficial sentiments. So, only opt for passionate red roses when it comes to gifting Scorpios as it will perfectly suit their simmering emotions. For a change, even red Gerberas flowers match their fiery sensibilities. Perfumes make for yet other intoxicating gift for Scorpios. Some are soft and smell good, while some perfumes are bold and loud. Choose a loud fragrance to woo your sweetheart and ignite some steamy sparks in your jaded love life.




Sagittarius : NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21

Sagittarians follow high ideals and are very much popular in social circles, because their presence is like a whiff of fresh air. Chasing truth and knowledge is an integral part of every Saggis make-up, something that aptly gets reflected in their symbolism as well-a half-horse and half-man wielding an arrow. Also, new adventures, new ideas and intellectual company stimulate them. They are absolute food freaks and could leave the onlookers literally gawking. Physically taxing endeavors like sports including archery, jogging, hang gliding, sailing, and fishing figure prominently in their To-DO list.

When it comes to pleasing a Sagittarian ‘lip service’ won’t help at all. Go on and get some pretty flowers instead, the orange or purple ones, in particular. And moreover, when you gift a blushing bouquet of orange roses or purple orchids ensure that you pop in a loving card as well with equally loving words, or else your gift would taken as a mere show-off, devoid of any sentimentality. Tickle the taste buds of a Sagittarian by offering some yummy chocolates, cakes or for that matter, namkeens as well.



Capricorn : DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20

Capricornians know that anything can go wrong in this picturesque world, and so believe in working hard, in fact harder to find a place under the sun. They keep climbing, in fact slogging in a methodical manner while making way to the top of the mountain. Unmindful of long hours and the drudgery involved, they continue on their mission with a single-minded purpose. It is not for nothing a Capricornian is represented by sea-goat- a sure-footed climber. People holding positions of powers are their role models and they even aspire to be one among them. Even spiritual matters are very much on their mind. In fact you’ll remember that goat was a popular sacrificial animal used in the bygone era.

A small little suggestion when it comes to gifting flowers to Capricornians. Sticklers by habit, Capricornians love to receive the same flowers time and again, Gladious and carnation to be very precise. Carnations, given that they are known as ‘Flowers of God’ will definitely suit the spiritual quotient of a Capricornian, while Gladious symbolizes Roman gladiators and stands for the strength of character. Knowing their religious bend of mind, you can also gift rudrakshas, vedic yantras, and metal idols of deities that will help in continually fuelling their spiritual sentiments.




Aquarius : JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19

Aquarians mainly are of two types: One, they are timid, sensitive, kind and tolerant; and at the same time you’ll also find Aquarians who are also vivacious, lively and extrovert. Despite the apparent differences, both types are iron-willed and strong and follow deep convictions, and seek truth over all things. Perhaps the most notable quality in them is that they give in easily, if they knew they are in the wrong. They are also caring, candid, stern, amiable, cultured, and idealistic.

Giving a gift comprising an orchid bouquet, flanked by crunchy chocolates, crispy cookies and a chocolate cake will surely add an unmistakable spring in any Aquarians steps. If your dear friend/wife/beloved happens to be an Aquarian female, give free rein to your imaginations and gift something that goes with their personality traits. Perfumes, an elegant pearl set, or even a silk saree will work its magic on the recipient. Think out-of-the-box, gift a Tulsi Diya or Ganesha Diya instead and be rest assured you’ve secured a permanent place in their heart.



Pisces : FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 20

Pisceans worldly, yet otherworldly nature is what makes them endearing to one and all. In fact their kind, sympathetic and responsive temperament makes them popular among one and all people and poses no threat to the stronger and more high-spirited characters. Of course, their patient-ear helps empathize with the problems of others. Exceptionally talented; in the sense that Pisces have good grasping power, can observe and listen well and are open to new ideas and environment, which in turn helps build incredible creativity in them in the realm of music, literature and art.

Since emotions rule their senses, the ideal gift that touches Pisceans kind and compassionate heart is flowers. Go on and gift an assorted bouquet comprising yellow and pink roses if you really intend to quickly uplift the gloomy spirit of a Piscean. Also, one can appeal to their artistic sensibilities by gifting special handicraft items like Ganesh Ji On Leaf, Ganesh Diya, one step Diya, etc, or some intricately knitted wall hangings or handbags. For sure, they’ll make a huge impact on the recipient.





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