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Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are one of God’s greatest gifts to us. A flower may be soft and delicate, but it has the power to convey strong emotions which words simply cannot. It seems God made flowers with the express purpose of helping us bond and keep relationships alive. We may want to wish our dear ones on Birthdays, Anniversaries, for good luck,a quick smile, farewell, or simply good health; flowers put the message across in a subtle yet elegant way.

In Indian context, any festival or celebration is incomplete without the inclusion these lovely fragrance transmitters. In short, flowers express feelings, enhance celebrations, are even served as food, and more often used in medicines in India. Well, we do agree with the fact that flowers wither away in no time, but its fragrance is eternal, everlasting.    

Every flower found on this earth is here for a reason, a reason that resonates in their rich individuality and legacy.’s online flower meaning guide is an attempt to unlock the mysteries surrounding these lovely creations and help gain a better understanding on their underlying emotions, and thereby give a fair idea on the right kind of flower that fits perfectly with your or your dear ones emotions


Roses Gerberas Orchids Carnations Gladioli Lily









Throughout history, there is no flower that has been given so much respect and reverence as much as the roses. In fact each rose flower reveals a different emotion altogether. If you are very sure of your feelings…go on hit the right spot (obviously, the heart) by gifting a bunch of red roses. If your feelings are reeling from east to west, north to south, -adopt a more dignified approach and gift a bouquet of yellow roses, or pink roses. Yes, a yellow and pink rose simply means ‘I like you as my friend’.   Gifting orange roses, on the other hand, means you are somewhat interested. 


Nonetheless, from now onwards, before gifting a rose bouquet, do count the number of roses containing in it, simply because as the count increases the meaning changes. Take a sneak peek into the number of roses and their meanings.


12 Roses: Our Love Has arrived at a Perfect Dozen. Our wavelength matches.   

20 Roses: I Love You So Much
25 Roses: I Love You from the bottom of my heart
36 Roses: Feeling passionate

50 Rose: Special Love just For You
100 Roses: My Love For You will last for Forever

365 Roses: Keep Loving You each day of the Year


For detailed meaning on each rose color, please browse our Rose Guide below

Red Roses

Think of Red and the first emotion that comes to mind is passion! The Red Rose has long been associated with conveying heartfelt emotions to one’s beloved. Legend says that once a Nightingale saw a white rose and being inspired, the bird started singing praises of its love for the beautiful flower. However, a piercing thorn left the Nightingale bruised and bleeding and this turned the rose red forever! Thus this beautiful flower is the perfect symbol for love, passion and longing.


Red Roses are not restricted to lovers, however. We in India love to use this beautiful flower for all events from birthdays to weddings and a whole host of occasions. Other popular flowers of this color are red carnations and red gerberas.


White Roses

Given its symbolism of purity, peace, innocence and divinity, this simple, sober color shines out from the rest of the rose flowers. And when all these righteous qualities are rolled into one. Very soon the white rose came to be associated with the symbol of love. However, by quirk of fate, whites were replaced by reds when it came to expressing the emotions of love.

Nevertheless, even today white roses are the centerpieces of all Christian weddings, be it in India or elsewhere, especially in the preparations of bridal bouquets. On the other hand, Indians primarily use white roses to convey condolence messages and as a tribute to the departed souls


Yellow Roses

There’s an interesting tale that goes behind the origin of yellow roses. It’s said that Prophet Mohammed to test his wife Aisha’s fidelity, commanded her to drop the red roses she was carrying into the river. In case the roses changed its color, it meant she was unfaithful to him. Though the red roses did turn yellow, it didn’t stop him from loving his favorite wife. 

Unlike other roses, a yellow rose represents pure friendship.  The sunny and cheerful flower can be given to wish or congratulate anyone for a good fortune or happiness. This unique quality endows it with a special place in the rank of roses. A suitable gift for anyone you like. Present them to a wife or your girlfriend, grandparent, friend or siblings fond of yellow roses.



Pink Roses

If a single white rose expresses pure feelings, a single pink rose will cry out aloud and say: “I like you”, to your beloved. Well, pink roses are the oldest known roses in the world, symbolizing sweetness, elegance, grace, poetic romance etc. Pink roses have quite a few more symbolisms associated with them like “thank you for your enduring support” or “I keep thinking about you.” These roses akin to yellow are an ideal gift for just about anyone.



Orange Roses

They exhibit blazing energy; Orange roses also symbolize ‘excitement’ and a ‘new beginning’. Further, the fiery color is known to tickle passionate thoughts. Additionally, for  anyone starting a new period in their life or embarking on an enterprising new adventure, go on and gift orange roses to wish them good luck.

Being a blend of yellow and red, gifting of orange roses is often looked upon as a stopgap measure i.e. between the feelings of friendship represented by yellow roses, and love associated with red roses. Gifting an arrangement or bouquet of orange roses indicate that you are interested in the person and would love to take the relationship forward. 


Peach Roses

Available in light peach tones to papaya shades, the peach rose represents sincerity, gratitude, and friendship. Peach roses can be used to put across messages like “fixing the deal”, “Thanks a Lot” or “C’mon let’s get together”. A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty.



Gerberas also referred to as Gerbera Daisies symbolize beauty and innocence and stands out amongst all flowers for its lovely beautiful blooms. Available in a range of colors, gerbera daisies over the years have come to represent joyful emotions. Gerbera flowers are extensively used in the Cut Flower Industry and are considered great flowers for adding dash of color to any room or garden.

For detailed meaning on each gerberas color, please browse our Gerberas Guide below


Red Gerbera

One look at the red gerbera and you feel there is something more than what meets the eye. Its awesome round shape helps exhibit the fullness of your love for your sweetheart. Simply put, these beautiful, rich flowers with their velvety petals will make for a perfect gift for your lovely beloved. So, if you find gifting roses terribly old-fashioned, and the love of your life seems to hold the same opinion too, go on and lift her spirits up by giving her red gerberas. Rest assured, your innermost feelings will come through in these flowers and of course, will make her feel valuable. 



White Gerbera

Bees, birds and butterflies apart, even the love of your life will swoon over the sight of White Gerbera, for many reasons. One is that being hailing from the family of sunflowers, white gerberas are known for their cheerfulness, purity and innocence and, its soothing and comforting effect make it a perfect gift for those feeling really down and out.  So how about volunteering to gift a bunch of lavishing white gerbera to a sad young soul and help bring a bright smile on a dull face?



Yellow Gerbera

The color yellow receives so much attention simply because it conveys the feeling of warmth and sunshine. Also, the color is the ultimate symbol of friendship. So if you are someone who really longs for a long-lasting, inspirational friendship, go out of your way and nurture it. Gift a bunch of yellow gerberas.  For sure it’ll add an extra zing to your comradeship.   


Orange Gerbera

If you wish to see a cheerful smile on your heroines face, go ahead and get a bouquet of orange gerbera daisies for her. The flowers will cheer her up in an instant. The rich bloom also inspires creativity and vitality in the onlookers.   

Being a flamboyant and vibrant color, the orange gerberas radiate the passionate emotions of red combined with sun-drenched feelings of yellow.    



Pink Gerbera

Pink gerbera daisies are wonderful flowers. Like yellow gerberas, pink gerberas symbolize friendship. If you wish to express feelings like compassion or respect opt for a light pink gerbera, while dark pink gerberas signify appreciation.  Pink Gerberas are basically known as the “gift of cheerfulness”, and are quite attention-grabbing flowers that will surely charm one and all with its sparkle!






Orchids have a striking appearance, is long-lasting, very elegant, and symbolizes rare and delicate beauty, so many rare qualities rolled into one make Orchids an apt gift for many occasions.  Both as potted plants and cut flower arrangements, orchids evoke a sense of sophistication and purity. With many orchid colors to pick and choose from, you are sure to find the right one which expresses the right emotions.

Read more about Orchids in the guide below


White orchids

Rare white orchids radiate divine beauty. They symbolize purity, perfection, innocence and hope. Found almost 76 million years ago, today white orchids are seen as exceptional flowers, so much so that white orchid stands out in every flower arrangement or exotic garden 


The flowers look amazing, whether used in parties, marriages, placed as a centerpiece in homes, or set on the dinning table. However, orchid whites are so popular not merely because of its elegance, but because of their long lasting character.  Say, Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Congrats, or something in between by giving white orchids.


A combination of white and pink orchids makes for an excellent bouquet; add a few red roses and you’ve got a classical bouquet at hand for gifting purposes.



Pink Orchids

Pink Orchids symbolize pure affection. Gift these graceful flowers to convey the message ‘true care’ to the ones closer to your heart. Pink orchids are known for their natural charm, thanks to its exotic shape and color. Further they make for a perfect 14th wedding anniversary gift.






Carnations actually are combination of two Greek words "dios", referring to God Zeus, and "anthos", meaning flower. Thus it means” The Flowers of God". Today, Carnations are quite in style given the fact they come in an assortment of colors with each color conveying a different sentiment. The golden rule while gifting flowers says that one should check the meaning of specific flower type and its color before you gift them to someone.

Read more about Carnations in the guide below


Red Carnations

Red carnations indicate love, passion and respect. In case you are not sure as to how to express your love, opt for a dignified way by gifting some red carnations. Red Carnations convey “I think highly of you" or "My heart aches for you" messages. It hits the right spot and saves you from all the aftershocks which befalls when declaring love straight way.


Red Carnations always have being the center of attraction given its charm that captures the human eye in a moment. The classic beauty has still managed to maintain the status of being an old favorite in the flower world. 



White Carnations

White Carnations are a paradoxical mix of both simplicity and style. It also represents love, innocence, faithfulness and good luck. A white carnation bouquet makes for a perfect gift for one’s mother, and is also a perfect bride’s bouquet



Yellow Carnation

Similar to other carnations, Yellow carnations are also fine-looking flowers that bring a bright smile to anybody who receives them. The flower is known to add richness and color to any bouquet.



Pink Carnation

The official flower of Mother’s Day, Pink Carnations through their soft color is known to spread ‘Mother’s Love’. It is known to be the most favored flower in the flower history. It speaks the language of love, innocence, purity etc. So when Mother’s Day is around the corner, don’t forget to order a bouquet of beautiful pink carnations for your mother.   



In a strange way, Gladioli though a magnificent flower is related with swords. Latin word "gladius" means "sword.  May be the shape of the leaves is to be blamed for this. However, the positive feature being the flower represents Roman gladiators and stands for the strength of character.


It may seem to be surprising news for some; however, there are over 180 known species of the gladiolus spilling over the earth today. 


The gladioli also inspire passionate feelings and are known to be flower of infatuation. A gift of gladioli simply means ‘you pierce my heart ’.




White lilies akin to other white flowers, speak the language of purity, virginity, vigor and majesty. Symbolization apart, the history of white lily, rooted in roman mythology, is equally interesting. Legend has it that while queen of Gods was feeding her son Hercules, some milk fell down from the sky, leading to the formation of Milky Way, and when some of these stars fell on the earth, white lilies were formed.    


White lilies are also known as wedding flowers. In Christianity, white lilies stand for Virgin Mary herself



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