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What Your Choice of Cake Says About Your personality

Are you sweet like chocolate or sweet ‘n’ sour like strawberry? Food doesn’t just satisfy hunger, it also fulfills the psychological and emotional needs of a person. There are certain food items and flavours that one especially enjoys and it is these preferences that give an insight into the workings of a person’s mind and psyche. Your taste buds reveal aspects of your personality and there is much that can be connected to your personality through your choice of cake flavour!

If its chocolate flavoured cakes that score high above all the others for you then you are a person who likes the fine things in life and love the good life more than anything else. You avoid unpleasant people and things and like to feel good within. Feeling loved and emotionally satisfied is important for you and you invest time and effort in creating positive, loving and fulfilling relationships. Sweet and emotional, you make a great spouse and a good friend. You tend to be emotionally vulnerable at times and enjoy intimate romantic relationships.

If Pineapple is your preferred flavour in cakes then you are sweet, consistent and simple as a person. You prefer to stick to the tried and tested instead of getting swayed by the new and fashionable. A mild person, you avoid emotional extremes and prefer to live life in a balanced way. You like to see the light side of things and enjoy the journey of life. You make a loyal spouse and friend. Pineapple lovers are considered quick decision makers who believe in taking action fast. They possess good organizing abilities and are honest in dealing with others.

If it is Strawberry cakes that set your heart rolling then you might be looking for a way to calm your anxiety and stress levels. Sour-flavoured foods have a refreshing as well as calming effect and that might be the reason you feel drawn to them. You might be shy, an introvert and self critical by nature if you are a strawberry cake lover.

If it is Brownies that you enjoy, then you are reliable and trustworthy. You think ahead and possess a sharp mind. ‘Proactive’ is your middle name and this helps you stay ahead of others. Intelligent and action oriented, you are usually a leader in whatever you undertake. This does not mean that you don’t focus on entertainment. You like variety and enjoy living a wholesome life.

So, the next time you think about the flavour of cake you are going to get yourself, think why you love what you love. It will surely make the culinary treat a mental treat as well!

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