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Chocolates by Zodiac Signs

When it comes to chocolates, most of us will eat anything and everything we can get our hands on. But have you ever wondered if the chocolate you eat affects your mood or overall sense of well-being? Chocolates according to zodiac signs – sounds weird, right? Using sun / zodiac sign to determine your lucky number is fine, but who decides which chocolate to eat based on sun signs?

However, on a second thoughts, it does make sense. If your zodiac sign can determine your personality, your behavior, and who you are; why shouldn't it determine your choice of chocolates? Here at, we help you find which chocolate is best for your loved ones, based on their zodiac sign. Whether you believe in sun signs or not, the heavenly taste of these chocolates is sure to please their taste buds!


Aries : MARCH 21 - APRIL 20

Aries belong to the first house of the Zodiac circle. Adventurous, energetic, courageous, and confident, Aries can be impulsive and impatient at times. They are usually friendly and outgoing and in a party or a get together, you can easily find them defending people with weaker personality. The trusting nature of Ariens makes them vulnerable, as they are often believed to use their heart over mind when dealing with others, especially with people of opposite gender.

Given the impatient nature of Aries, they like any kind of chocolate candy that is convenient. A candy bar, especially something that is crunchy like a Kit Kat or a Crispy Bar would please them. Aries are people with the sign of fire and nothing turns them on better than a cup of hot chocolate. Offer them one, and you are likely to instantly become their best friend.



Taurus : APRIL 21 - MAY 21

Commonly known as bull-headed, Taureans are sensible, reliable and strong-headed. You cannot know a true self of a Taurean unless you really get to known him/her personally. Taurus are very moody and stubborn individuals who can instantly change from being compassionate and dependable to being aggressive if they disliked something. Generally of silent nature, if you push a Taurus, you might find a subtle temper lying underneath.

Exquisite liquor chocolates will make the best gift for a Taurean who have a strong liking towards fine things in the life. If the Taurean is a female, she will surely adore a big slab of dark chocolate cake. Nothing can be better if a cake is served with some whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce.



Gemini : MAY 22 - JUNE 21

Great communicator, bright, and intelligent are few adjectives that characterize a Gemini, a sign that’s ruled by Mercury. They have a natural ability to gel with people, thus are often popular amongst people who know them. Caring, sharing, and being talkative are integral parts of a Geminian’s personality.

This is why a chocolate that can be easily shared and can help them strike a conversation with someone suits this sign the most. Therefore, the chocolate bars with multiple pieces, like a Cadbury Dairy Milk, or the small handmade or Belgian chocolate nuggets suit the best for the bearers of this sign.




Cancer : JUNE 22 - JULY 22

Cancerians are comfort-loving, protective, and emotional in nature but appear tough and aloof from outside. They are usually artistic and creative, and relish comfort in everything in their surroundings, including food, parties, and their homes.

The chocolates that suit them the best are those that melt in the mouth slowly, pleasuring their taste buds through the end. Sweetness and richness of flavor are big turn-ons for the Cancerians. This is why, Belgian chocolates fit the bill when it comes to befriending a Cancerian who would certainly notice their aesthetic appeal and relish the taste to the last bit.




Leo : JULY 23 - AUGUST 22

Symbolized by lion, Leos love being at the center of attention. Leos are highly ambitious people and the fact that they are creative, make it fun for them to accomplish their goals. Dignified and strong, Leos have a sense of power around them that makes it easy for them to get things done.

Just like Lion, Leos have an air of royalty around them. They know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Strong, enticing flavor of dark chocolates that slowly melts in the mouth is personal favorite of Leos. Leos love anything with beautiful presentation especially when they are gifted with a pack of handmade chocolates decorated aesthetically.



Virgo : AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 23

Analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise are few characteristics that define a Virgo. Often known for being a perfectionist, they have this unique power of putting their intelligence to use and get things done their way. Thanks to their logical thinking and problem solving ability, they play the role of ‘agony aunt’ among their group of friends. Highly critical and over analytic, Virgins can be workaholics.

Virgos love any chocolate that is pure. A slab of white chocolate or homemade dark chocolates provide the perfectionists, a sense of purity. They don’t like chocolates with wafers or crumbs. However, they adore the silky smooth flavor of raspberry flavored chocolates. So for virgos, a pack of imported chocolates will fit the bill perfectly.




Libras are diplomatic, graceful, idealistic and hospitable. They are highly social and love to be surrounded by large groups of people. They are the lazy lots and love it when other people do their work. Although lazy, they are big fan of aesthetically decorated house. These two characteristics together can strike a balance and therefore a Libra’s house can either be very messy or very artistically decorated.

When it comes to chocolates, Libras love a combination of intense and soft flavor and that is why Éclairs is their preferred chocolate. They find happiness in little things which others don’t notice. White chocolate served with chocolate sauce or a piece of chocolate brownie, give them high sense of satisfaction.



Scorpio : OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22

Emotional, impulsive, passionate, and fiery – such are the bearers of this sign, Scorpio. Scorpions like to stand out of crowd and love getting attention. In return, they love to pay unconditional attention to their loved ones. They are highly committed and if promised something, they will surely do it for you.

Big-hearted, committed, and truly passionate scorpions are known to be ‘bitter and sweet’, both at the same times. This is why, chocolate with coffee content or dark chocolates work best if you have a scorpion to flatter.



Sagittarius : NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 21

Idealistic yet matured, adventurous yet modest, curious yet knowledgeable, Saggittarians exhibit a unique combination of strikingly distinguished qualities. New ideas and company of intellectually rich people is something Sagittarians always enjoy. In addition, adventurous, and mentally and physically challenging activities excite Sagittarians.

Known to bring a whiff of fresh air with their presence, Sagittarians tend to find freshness in everything in their surroundings. Nutty and fruity flavors suit Sagittarians the best. So, a pack of Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit or a Cadbury Fruit n Nut bar would work wonders if you have to please a Sagittarian friend of yours.


Capricorn : DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 20

Stability, commitment, focus, and being practical, are few traits that characterize Capricorns. Their aspirations are very high and they often achieve them too, by means of their methodical ways, hard work, and commitment.

In terms of their choice of chocolate, they enjoy exotic, expensive, and visually appealing chocolates. Imported Swiss chocolates or Belgian chocolates are the most suitable chocolates. Also, rich chocolate brownies and chocolate cupcakes make a very good choice for typical Capricorns.



Aquarius : JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 19

Curious, kind, genuine, and extrovert loves to be surrounded by people but is very selective in choosing the real friends. They are known to be emotionally detached but deep down, they are sentimental as well as kind-hearted to people at large. Aquarians are usually thinkers, inventors, artists, poets, or professionals with a habit of moving on a road less travelled.

An Aquarian can be charmed with a gift of purity or originality. Whereas milk chocolates symbolize purity and become an excellent choice, a pack of handmade chocolates can intrigue their ‘original’ side of character.



Pisces : FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 20

Dreamy, imaginative, mysterious, adaptable and innovative, Pisceans are a generous species. They are known for their kindness, sympathy, and great observation skills. They are pretty sensitive and emotional and are sometimes, vulnerable during emotionally intense times. They admire beauty and like to stay in their own fairyland.

For the dreamy creatures Pisceans are, sweetness, elegance, and floweriness are an instant turn-ons. Chocolate mousse, beautiful Belgian chocolates, extra creamy chocolates, or a box of Ferrero Rocher are few of the recommendations for Pisceans. Really, most Pisceans love everything chocolaty; so, chocolates are generally an ideal gift for Pisceans.




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