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How Chocolates are Sweetening Indian Festivals

A sister ties rakhi to her brother’s wrist and her joy knew no bounds when he gifts her a pack of Cadbury celebrations. This scene from a television commercial represents the changing equation in modern India. Traditionally, there were Indian sweets (‘mithai’), today there are chocolates.

Indians have embraced the trend of chocolates being considered as a gift proposition. Until a few years ago, sweets (especially the one made of dry fruits) were the only option for delicacy gifting in important festivals like Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, and Karwa Chauth. But thanks to westernization, onsite jobs, overt media exposure, and smart marketing techniques, chocolates have positioned themselves as a viable alternative to Indian mithai.

Instead of plateful of ladoos, barfis, and halwa, today when someone comes to greet us during Diwali, we prefer offering them a box of Ferrero Rocher. When a student returns to hostel after Holi, he takes a pack of almond chocolates instead of gujiya. It is clear that the chocolate craze is fast spreading, given that most mithai sellers too ensure to have counters for chocolates. Here at, we list out the reasons why chocolates are sweetening the Indian festivals

Indian Touch
– Indian chocolate brands have used smart marketing techniques and have come up with chocolate gift packs with a touch of Indian festivities on them. Indians find it very difficult to overlook the amazing combination of Indian emotions and premium chocolates.

The Crossovers – Just when you thought that it is a mithai versus chocolate war, the crossovers came into the picture. Don’t get surprised if you are served with a chocolate filled gujiya or chocolate barfi during Holi and Diwali respectively.

Easy to Recycle
– You can easily gift the box of assorted chocolate to Mrs. Varma which was gifted to you by Mrs. Sharma. In festivals like Diwali, when you have to send hundreds of gift and receive hundreds in turn, chocolates make it easier and affordable to recycle gifts.

Longer Shelf Life
–In the age of diet-conscious youth and diabetic older generation, a box of sweets seems to last for ages. Chocolates clearly have a longer shelf-life than traditional Indian sweets, which makes it easier to store for a long time

Adulteration Free
– With the increasing cases of adulteration in traditional sweets especially during major festivals like Diwali and Rakhi, chocolates with known and set quality standards seems like a safer option.

Premium Feel
– We Indians always have a fascination towards international brands. People want to gift and receive imported chocolates because they bring along a premium feel to it. Chocolates provide a wide range of options, as per the premium-ness attached, and one can even choose chocolates by the country of origin – e.g. Belgian, Swiss, American etc.

It is clear that chocolates now hold an important place in the Indian festival scenario, as a viable alternative to the traditional gifts like mithai and dryfruits. While it's true that chocolates can never replace the charm and joy of other gifts, they have carved their own importance in the hearts and minds of Indians, who celebrate traditional festivals with the sweet touch!


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