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Your Personality revealed by your choice of Indian Sweets (Mithai)

There might have been a scientific reason Indian traditions gave preference to 'sweets' over 'spicy' snacks or munchies on festivals and social occasions. The findings by researchers (published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) show that people with a sweet tooth have sweeter dispositions. They were found to be friendly, more agreeable and more compassionate than other people. It also went on to reveal that after eating sweets, people were more likely to help those in need!

Now that we have given you a good reason to dig into that box of sinful sweets, here is what your favourite mithai tells about your personality type:

Dudhi Halwa: You are probably the ‘doctor’ of the house. With a clear penchant for hygiene and all that is good for health, you just cannot seem to drop the balls when it comes to festivities and celebrations. In India, where there are festivities and celebrations going on 365 days a year, you are probably right to have this approach. However, you are considerate enough to not utter a word when that extra heavy relative of yours seems to be in complete bliss while gorging on ten different sweets on the plate.

Kaju Sweets:
Cashew nuts are associated with affluence and sophistication in Indian culture. So, if you love kaju katli or kaju rolls, you are likely to be more delicate, polite, inclined to be formal in social circles, and believe in maintaining basic courtesies between various sets of relationships. .

Laddoos: Sweet, cuddly and loving, Laddoo people are well-loved in their family, office and friend circles. However, there are different types of laddoos representing different personality traits. Those who love motichoor laddoos are soft and mild. It is sweet to talk to them, but they get bored easily and tend to leave things undone. Coconut laddoo loving people are deep thinkers, intellectuals and are known to harbour hidden talents. Those who love besan laddoos believe in having a simple, plain and unassuming lifestyle.

Mumbai or Karachi Halwa: The rubbery Bombay or Karachi Halwa tastes quite different from other halwas you might have tried earlier. Like a chewing gum, it lasts longer in your mouth, and if it is well-made, it will leave no residue on your teeth. Those who love it often have adventurous personalities and love dares and challenges. They are also beauty-conscious and seem to be slimmer and fitter than other sweet-tooths around them.


Other Dryfruit Sweets: Figs (anjeer), almonds (badam), and dates (khajoor) based desserts tantalize your taste buds with their exotic flavours. People who love dryfruit desserts are often ones with the fine eye (and tongue) for details. They look for just the right colour and texture of things and are quite discrete about design and shape of just about anything they pick up. Such people like to experiment with different aspects of life and are likely to develop strong tastes and distastes in the latter half of their lives.

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