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Offbeat Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a day when you can show how much you love and appreciate the man who shaped your life and helped you become a person you are. We all send gifts to our fathers on this special day. Flowers, watches, perfumes and meals in a restaurant are standard (and always appreciated) father’s day gifts. However, when it comes to showing love to the special man in our life, sometimes we want to move from the conventional root and think out of the box.
Father’s day is on 17th June 2018 and the day is approaching faster than you think. Before you realize, you will be left with very little time to plan that unconventional gift for your dad. Here at, we bring you some offbeat ideas to make father’s day special for your dad –

For ‘Always There’ Dad
We Indians have an awesome culture where we continue to live with our parents even after we are married, after we have kids, and even when old age start hitting us. We are used to having our parents always there for us and sometimes we take them for granted. Use the occasion of father’s day to let your father know that his presence matters. Dedicate the day to him. Plan an outing just the way he loves and to places he adores. Even if that means spending entire day in a temple or going for a classical music concert.

For Not-so-tech-savvy Dad
Earlier there was generation gap, today there is gadget gap. Yes you and your father are separated by numerous gadgets. You must have seen your father wondering about what is so special about a smart phone, an iPod, an iPad, or the Internet that make them so addictive for you. This father’s day, introduce your father to your world. Teach him to operate the computers or gift him a smart phone or help him create a Facebook account. Additionally, you can give him some handy gadgets that will make his life smooth.

For the Long Distance Dad
Nothing can please your father more than you spending time with him. However, sometimes that is just not possible. Thanks to the internet, long distance is no more actually long distance. You can still make the day special for your dad. Record a beautiful video message and send it to him on Father’s day. Or have a Skype face-to-face call with your not-so-techno-savvy dad and give him the pleasure of being with you on this special day. Buy him monthly delivery of his favorite breakfast item, fruits, or may be sweets. Even with long distance, you can do a lot for your father

For the DIY Dad
Remember the first paper boat your dad made for you? If he is still the man who love making new things at home and probably using his talent to teach his grandchildren now, a homemade gift is what you can give to him. The very fact that you invested time and effort in making a gift for him will make the gift all the more special. A homemade card or a dinner made by you will bring more smiles on his face than some expensive watch or perfume.

You love your father, you know you do. Expressing love to your mom is easier but when it comes to dad, the same thing becomes really difficult. This father’s day, use these offbeat ideas as an opportunity to express your feelings to your dad without having to say it. Happy father’s day!

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