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Diwali Decorations

Every festival is marked by its typical tradition and festivity. Diwali stands out for the lavish decorations that light up every home. Even the most modest home is transformed with luminous cheer. The decorations and ardour of Diwali make it the most loved festival among Hindus. The remarkable aspect of Diwali is that each of its elements are very simple. It is in the manner in which they are presented and displayed that the decorations start to stand out and help them look grand and impressive. Some of the important decor items that find place in Diwali include:

Lamps and Lights

Diwali has no meaning without lights and lamps. Traditional Diwali lamps are lit in small earthen shells, although today more ornate lamps in bright colours and embellishments have caught our fancy. These are lit using a wick and some oil, and burn for a few hours. Modernisation has made way for the use of electric lights that flicker in energetic colours. Strings of tiny electric lights are hung along windows and doors, and in passages of houses. Candles have also become another symbol of Diwali. In an age where people are looking to bring together a little of the old and marry it with the new, and where improvisation is common, aroma lamps, floating candles and decorative lanterns make for exquisite arrangements. However, the traditional simple lamps are the most endearing. They have a delicate simplicity about them and stand for all that Diwali means.


‘Rangolis’ are elaborate arrangements made using coloured powders, flowers, coloured rice, and even pulses. These intricate designs are characteristic of all auspicious occasions, and especially Diwali. They are made afresh every day during the five days. Believed to be auspicious symbols, rangolis are found decorating the thresholds and prayer rooms in most houses. The rangoli is common through every celebration during the days of Diwali. Rangolis are fashioned using the various components and in different designs. Children and adults engage in this activity with great enthusiasm, as beautiful designs take form and adorn the house. While some people prefer to change the rangoli and prepare fresh ones every day, there are others which can be made and preserved through all five days. Other options include sticker rangolis which can simple be place at the places suitable.


Flowers are a regular feature in every Indian celebration. The generous use of flowers are commonplace in every traditional ritual – be it in grand garlands for the deities, arches of flowers along the doorways or even just the use of petals sprinkled judiciously to make pleasant designs around the house. The flowers are not just wonderful ways to light up the house and add splashes of colour, but also the most auspicious ways to welcome the Divine. Flowers are mainstays of the puja, used in torans, and also in rangolis. Given their wide use and versatility, it is common to have an abundance of flowers stocked up in the house well before Diwali. Their selection, separation and use are all a joy.

Sweets and dry fruits

Gone are the days when trays of sweets and dry fruits were simply served before guests. Today, the art of display has taken on new dimensions. Special trays are designed and crafted to present rare design. Dry fruits are served in crystal, silver and inlaid bowls, placed in trays which can be made using a variety of finishes including glass, plastic, and sometimes even cane. Ethnic displays have become more appealing to everyone, and every detail is watched carefully. Decorations are simple reflections of the cheer in the mood and happiness that engulfs the being of everyone involved with the festival. The thought and attention paid to every minute detail goes to show the relevance and importance Diwali has in every Hindu household. And while the platter and presentation may have undergone a transformation over the years, what has remained is the same sweetness and richness in taste, and also the subtle flavours which make all sweets enjoyed, and all the dry fruits make their way to the stomach which can be sent as Online Diwali Gifts.

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