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When is Diwali

In 2017, Diwali is on 19th of October. If you haven’t done so already, it is time to plan and start with Diwali shopping for yourself and your loved ones as well so you have adequate time to enjoy the festival in its true spirit. The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras is on the 17th of October, which is two days before Diwali. This is followed by Chhoti Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi) on 18th of October. Amavasya, a day considered auspicious to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi is the third day of Diwali celebrations and it is this third day which is celebrated most commonly as Diwali. This third day of Amavasya is on 19th of October. Govardhan Puja is on 20th of October, a day after Diwali. The five days of celebrations of the festive season are completed with Bhai Dhuj which falls on 21st of October in 2017. This is the reason Diwali is often called a five-day festival.

The exact dates of Hindu festivals like Diwali and Holi are determined according to the Hindu calendar which is separate from the western calendar. This is the reason the dates are not the same from one year to another. This calendar is called ‘Panchang’. Earlier, the Hindu calendar was based on the movements of the moon but after some period of time, the movements of both the sun and the moon were utilized for calculating the dates of important planetary movements which in turn are used for the calculation of auspicious dates and dates for festive occasions. People typically visit temples and priests to find out when the festivals are going to be since most people don’t have a Panchang with them at home. Even those who do have a Panchang at home are not always able to determine the exact dates by reading it. It is a lot easier to find out the dates from priests who possess expertise in reading the Panchang.

Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik which is in October/November. On Dhanteras, it is customary to purchase some item of Gold or metal on the occasion of Dhanteras to beckon the Gods to bless you and your family with wealth and prosperity. The Hindi word ‘Dhan’ literally means ‘money’ or ‘wealth’, therefore the name of the festival. Naraka Chaturdashi is also called Kali Chaudas and is celebrated on the second day of Diwali. It is celebrated on the 14th day of Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar. Just like there are names of months in western calendar, there are names of different months in Hindu calendar as well like Ashwin, Kartik to name a few. The third day of Diwali which is an Amavasya (a night with no moon) is the day of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi to seek her blessings for wealth and prosperity. This is followed by Govardhan Puja which is followed by ‘Bhai Dooj’.

Diwali is a holiday in several countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar and is celebrated by several communities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. This explains why the festival is so very popular and loved by so many people. Everyone looks forward to the five days of celebration of Diwali and experience a revival of spirit after the festivities are complete. It is for these festivities that the culture of India is considered so rich and colorful by all the people of the world. Indians living in other parts of the world wish to be back in India during Diwali time so they too can be a part of the celebrations with their beloved family members and friends back home.

Besides shopping for new clothes and Diwali Gifts, one also needs to purchase lights, diyas, decorations and firecrackers to celebrate the festival of Diwali. That’s quite a lot of shopping that would require several trips to the marketplaces. Completing your shopping in advance is the smart thing to do so you have several days to visit the homes of your relatives, friends and acquaintances to exchange Diwali gifts. An even more smart thing to do is to complete your shopping using online marketplaces instead and save yourself the trouble of going to an actual marketplace. The collection is equally good and so are the rates – so you don’t lose out on anything and gain comfort and savings for free. Enjoy a Happy Diwali from 17th October to 19th October in 2017! Send your Diwali Gifts to India now and add to the memories.

Understanding the Changing Dates of Diwali

Diwali is clearly the most anticipated festival of the year. Once the monsoons have beaten their retreat, there is constant wonder and anxiety about when Diwali festivities will get underway. The undue interest is largely due to the fact that Diwali is never celebrated on the same day on the English calendar. People are constantly referring to the Hindu calendar and finding out When is Diwali, though there is quite a simple calculation to determine this.

Unlike most universal celebrations, Diwali does not have a fixed date. What you can, in fact, be certain of is the fact the Diwali will definitely not fall on the same dates as it did the last year. Although Diwali is usually expected sometime in the months of October or November, the dates are fluid. This year, Diwali is being celebrated on the 17th of October 2017.

It is important to start understand the Hindu calendar before you really understand how Diwali dates are calculated. The Hindu calendar consists of months which are twenty eight days long, and coincide with the phases of the moon. Since Hindus follow this calendar when arriving at auspicious days, ear marking festivals and planning rituals, there can be no one day on the English calendar which can be isolated as the day for celebration. This is the fundamental behind varying dates for Diwali year after year.

The monsoons do not just bring with them rain, but also a sign that good times are ahead. With the monsoon in full swing in the Indian sub-continent, it is now time to welcome the Gods into our homes and hearts. Janmashtami quickly makes way for Raksha Bandhan and Ganesh Chaturthi, which are followed by Navratri celebrations.

Among the various festivals that precede Diwali, Dussehra is the closest. Diwali follows twenty days after Dussehra has been celebrated. This is one good indicator of when to expect Diwali. There is yet another method of arriving at the Diwali Date. Diwali is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, which usually coincides with the months of October or November. This is around the time that Diwali will be celebrated. Diwali is celebrated during the dark fortnight of the month, on the fifteenth day. Centred around this day, you will find all other celebrations fall a day prior or after. The festival of Dhan Teras is always celebrated before Diwali, while Bhai Duj follows Diwali closely, in which people send Diwali Giftsto thier Close ones.

Most people are interested in knowing the dates of Diwali beforehand since there is a lot of planning and preparations that need to be taken care of. Weeks are required to help clean the house out completely, and the house needs to be stocked with supplies. Items required for puja must be bought, as do gifts and sweets. When there is so much to be done, having sufficient advance notice is important. With these calculations in place, you will now know quite easily when you need to get started.

Diwali comes in a little earlier than last year. If you are wondering when Diwali in 2017 will fall, look and plan for the 19th of October, as this is the momentous day that has been declared Diwali this year. Hinging on expectant hopes, this is the day that must ensure you share joy and unconditional love. Make sure that you prepare deliberately planned lists of guests and family who must be greeted, buy enough sweets for everyone, and shop to your heart’s content. Integral of all Diwali celebrations, there must be plenty of lights and fireworks, and liberal servings of delicacies for everyone. Plan well in advance to ensure that your gifts and sweets have been booked and can reach in time when you include your family who is overseas.

Here is the Diwali Calendar for 2017. Celebrations kick off this year with Dhan Teras ushering promises of unprecedented wealth and prosperity on the 17th of October. Make sure you have your kuber yantra ready, and have kept some funds aside to buy some auspicious token of gold or silver. Choti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi falls on the 18th of October, and Diwali finally dawns on the 19th. Govardhan Puja is to be celebrated on the 20th of October, following which Bhai Duj will be celebrated on the 21st. If your sister is not n the same city, this is a good time to book your tickets to see her.

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