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Diwali Shopping

Many days before the festival of Diwali has arrived, it’s planning and preparation begins in full swing. Excitement and enthusiasm is palpable as markets buzz with lively shoppers raring with lists of purchases.

Diwali Shopping begins with buying something for the Gods first. This is considered an auspicious start. Whether it is their clothes, ornaments or even items required for puja, something must be purchased for the Gods before anything can be bought for the family. When planning for the Diwali puja, it is also customary to buy something precious like a silver coin first. This is also considered an auspicious beginning.

New clothes are usually bought for members of the family. After great deliberation, each member gets to buy what is of their choice. New linen, upholstery and artefacts are also selected to help decorate the house. The decoration of the house is very important on Diwali. After all, when you are inviting Goddess Laxmi home, you would not want her to feel disappointed. New lamps and shades, a fresh coat of paint and artefacts are also timed around Diwali.

As part of the celebration of Diwali, flowers, fruits, lamps and lights, and fireworks are bought. This requires a fairly large budget, as enough supplies must be stocked to last all five days of Diwali. It is believed that if Diwali is celebrated on a grand scale, Goddess Laxmi will be pleased and ensure the family is blessed adequately.

Purchases now extend to sweets, dry fruits and novelties. The sweets and dry fruits need to be bought and served to guests who come to visit and greet. A portion is also kept aside for gifting. Sweets and dry fruits are among the most popular Diwali Gifts. Well in advance, people are also seen buying gifts for friends and family who are overseas or in different cities so they may be sent out to them in time. It is also common for people outside to send Diwali Gifts to India to reach their extended families. Diwali Gifts are wonderful gestures that bind everyone in this all encompassing festival.

Diwali gifts make a very important purchase, and every year you will find that there are new ranges and introductions. Starting from the regular kinds of gifts like kitchenware, crockery and cutlery all the way to delicate silver and gold plated gifts, you will never need to buy the same gifts two times over. Start early and look around at the choices before you make a final choice.

 While the scale and volume of purchase may differ from one family to the other depending on its size and budget, there is no denying that Diwali shopping is equally important to everyone. This is a wonderful way for the family to get together and spend time sharing precious moments planning and deliberating the things they would like to have. While there are several reasons to celebrate Diwali, the coming together of the family and harmonious unity is very important.

Just like Christmas Shopping in the west, Diwali Shopping in India can never quite be over until the last day. Items required for the puja need to be bought a day in advance, and on the day of Dhan Teras, jewellery stores are heaving with people purchasing gold and silver. Diwali festivities are seen continuing right through until all five days are over, and the festival finally bids its final farewell.

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