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Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is a significant festival exhibiting the end of evil darkness and the beginning of divine brightness. It is India’s most loved festival that is cherished all across the world, attracting foreigners to many lovely travel destinations in India to witness the firecrackers and traditional Diwali Rangoli. As soon as the harvest season gets over, the festivals mark the beginning of exchanging Diwali Gifts.

There are many exciting options available online that are setting milestones in exquisite gift collection of all types. Traditional gift ideas comprise of namkeens, sweets, and dry fruits, cherished by young and elderly alike. Traditional apparel is great Diwali gift idea for men, women, and kids. They make a fashion statement when visiting friends and relatives for diwali aarti and dinner. Greeting card along with colorful rangoli box is apt gift for women. Kids love crackers and special Diwali toy guns.

The Pooja Thali hamper consisting of all auspicious articles like Dhoop, Diya, Incense sticks, Haldi-Vermilion, Akshat, Silver coin, etc are best gift for Laxmi Pooja. Businesspersons perform this pooja yearly in diwali time to impress goddess laxmi and bestow her blessings. A star of bright color is lit on the rooftop of houses for fifteen days starting from the first day of Diwali, it is common ritual to welcome bright times. Gift an attractively colored auspicious star to your loved one for wishing bright and happy Diwali.

Diwali is a time to decorate our homes with colorful lights; beautiful earthen lamps painted with attractive colors are most sought after for this festival. Traditional and modern electrical lamps that make lighting homes a delight and pleasure flood markets, selecting a lamp for gifting is a great Diwali Gifting idea.

It is a traditional to apply fresh paint on homes walls, decorate it with colorful articles, and invite relatives and friends for diwali snacks and meal. Dinner sets are a perfect diwali gift idea, as guests would love to eat their favorite food in an exotic looking platter; it satisfies taste buds and keeps heart filled with appreciation too.

Winter starts with Diwali and the warm cloths are the fashion of this season. Sweaters, jackets, and shawl adorn people walking around. The latest winter collection showcases modern designer cloths and accessories waiting to be picked up for gifting loved ones. Jewelry sets for women are floated out across all shopping locations, these are made especially to suit the festive moods and apparel women wear when attending pooja and get-together events.

Diwali gift ideas for woman are fashion accessories, imitation articles, and sari among the most popular. Gifts are exchanged at the time of Laksmi Poojan and Aarti, by all members of the family. A silver or gold coin is gifted to the main head of the family as a gesture of spreading prosperity among family and friends. And if you send a Diwali Gift Hamper instead, it serves the purpose also.

Novel Diwali Gifting Solutions

Diwali celebrations have no meaning if the cheer and exuberance is not shared with everyone. A Diwali puja with prayers for yourself alone, Diwali sweets that are made for only your consumption, and crackers which are meant to illumine your fantasy solely negate the fundamental of this festival. The spirit of Diwali lies in involving everyone around and making a grand Diwali for everybody to enjoy. Diwali often becomes a season where old ties are renewed, and new eternal bonds form.

Diwali is a time for sharing. A time to share happiness, greetings and gifts. There is a lot of deliberation and careful thought which goes into planning and purchasing sweets and gifts for everybody. The idea is to be able to include everybody and make sure no one is left out, and Special Diwali Sweet Hampers are hence a correct option.

An important teaching that Diwali shares is that God made everyone equal, and it is man and society which has created distinctions. Diwali is a time to remove them, and try and bring everyone to the same platform where they can enjoy equally. The first step to Diwali gifting should be to keep aside some sweets and other simple gifts that can be shared with the less fortunate. This is the best way to please the Gods, and to incur their blessings.

The joy of sharing gifts with friends and family knows no bounds. There is greater joy in giving gifts to people you love, and watching their happy faces that in received your own gifts. This is why there is great attention and care given to the selection of Diwali Gifts, and plenty of love when giving them to friends.

Today, people are looking for interesting, innovative Gift Ideas for Diwali. Traditional Diwali Gifts are always welcome, but people try and go a step further to ensure delight for the giver and the receiver.

There is no dearth of options for Diwali Gifts. Anything that finds utility, looks attractive or simply pleases will do. Although there is nothing that typifies a Diwali gift, certain varieties have gone to characterise Diwali Gifting Ideas. These include diyas and candles, lamps and lanterns, sweets and dry fruits and crockery and cutlery. Besides these, there are several other kinds of gifts which have high decorative value. Torans, wall hangings and paintings, artefacts and decorations, and also decorative thalis are other traditional Diwali Gifts which have been immensely popular.

The main consideration when buying a Diwali gift is the budget that you have in mind. When shopping for very close friends or family, people usually do not allow the budget to come in their way. In these cases, it is pure preference and choice that determines what is bought. In most gifting selections, you can find a range which is as modest or elaborate as you would like it to be. There is, therefore, little scope to have a gift in mind and not be able to afford it.

There is a lot of planning even as far as Diwali gift shopping is concerned. First, lists are prepared to make sure that all friends and family have been accounted for, and there is a gift for everyone. There are also some additional gifts which are bought for unexpected visitors who come to greet the family. Dates are then carefully planned. Most gifts can be bought well in advance and stocked. Some gifts like sweets must only be bought on the day, or one day in advance in order to ensure their freshness. These gifts are left for the last minute.

What is remarkable about Diwali Gifts is that even the smallest gift bought tends to look very elegant and beautiful. Whether it is the magic of gifting or the charm of the occasion which gives the gift the unique gleam we cannot say, but there is never any family or member who feels anything short of delight on receiving the gifts.

An important aspect of Diwali gifting which is never really talked about, but also never forgotten is to buy gifts for those who have an indispensable part to play in our lives. It is customary for people to buy gifts for domestic help and other people who render their services to the family. Gifts for cleaners and help, for service personnel and staff are common. In fact, companies ensure that all employees receive a gift on this day. Diwali Gifts are selected in accordance with the role that is played in the company, but no one is overlooked.

Diwali shopping and gifting is not confined to the day of Diwali alone. There are gifts which are bought for Dhan Teras as well. These are normally given to immediate family, and include silver and gold coins, silver effigies of deities, and even some puja material. Another important day for Diwali gifting is the day of Bhai Duj. Gifts must be bought by the brother when he visits his sister. If married, there is a small token bought for the family as well. The doting sister also ensures that the brother does not return home empty handed.

There are several Diwali Gifts that are displayed in every market, and all shops assume a new character with vibrant gifts and decorations proudly displayed in every available corner. The beauty of Diwali gifts is that you are sure to find something extremely suitable no matter what your budget. There is something perfect for people with stretched budgets, and also for those who have no constraint whatsoever. Diwali Gift Ideas can vary from the functional and moderate to the completely extravagant as well.

There is a serious constraint of time today. People have such fast paced lives that they really do not have the liberty of spending hours travelling from one shop to the other till they have found the right gift for their family. This, and the need to reach out to people who live far away has necessitated the need for gifting options which save the time spent physically in markets, and also reach out to family no matter where they live. The most convenient way to buy gifts easily is with the use of portals which are dedicated to this cause. Portals are set up ensure that they have ready information, products and services which are committed to ensure easy, simple and time efficient solutions for all purchasers across the board. Their product range is comprehensive and includes simple gifts, grand gifts and also unique gifting suggestions. They have a wide network which allows them access to the best quality of products.

Enjoy yourself this Diwali. With great gifts, watch your friends and family enjoy the goodness of Diwali with you.

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