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Diwali Rangoli

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest celebrations in India. It signifies the unity in its own unique way. It not only illuminates and shines the surroundings, but also the hearts of people. It is the day when number of hopes bloomed into happenings. It is celebrated with loads of love and excitement. Among various ingredients needed to complete the celebrations, Diwali Rangoli plays an important role. Rangoli is the colour of the festival. Send your Diwali Gifts to India and add to the colors and joy.

The word “Rangoli” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Rang” and “Avalli”, meaning “colour” and “row of colours” respectively. The art of Rangoli is very alluring and beautiful with the mixture of vibrant colours. The decorative factor enhances the loveliness of the festival. It is regarded as the spiritual art that wards off evil spirits from the home. It is used during Diwali Puja to decorate the temple. It is meant to welcome the Almighty God and Goddess.

Diwali Rangoli can be put into different patterns such as linear, circular and floral. These patterns indicate the endless joy and happiness. They mark the celebration of the festival. The symbols like Swastika, Aum, squares, triangles, circles, stars are also put as the part of Diwali decoration. The art of Rangoli brightens the diverse Indian tradition and culture.

Rangoli is generally decorated by many Indian women and girls on the entrances of the Indian houses. They use their bare fingers and create a variety of enticing designs. Petals of beautiful flowers are also decorated over these designs to bring the liveliness of the design. These petals must be replaced with fresh flowers as and when required. This arrangement will add fresh and festive touch and creates an atmosphere of divine garden. Oil lamps or diyas are placed over Rangoli to give an extra dimension to these pleasing designs. Diyas are also arranged in and around houses in the evening to light up the inner soul and outer surroundings.

The enchanting designs of Diwali Rangoli are made using limestone powder, white marble powder, rice powder, sand powder or other naturally available dry powders. It enlightens the real beauty of Indian art and cultural beliefs. It is the welcome mat with amazing patterns at the door.

Diwali comes once in a year and people celebrate it with delight and full excitement. Rangoli is one major factor that adds tremendous beauty to the decorations of the festival. It is always been famous and contains the pure essence of spiritual and traditional art within it. Make your Diwali the most memorable celebrations ever with the beautiful patterns and designs of Rangoli. Light up your doorways with diyas and Rangoli. Enrich your memorable moments with pleasing and colours.  So celebrate Diwali 2016 with new and exclusive Diwali Gifts from which can be delivered anywhere in India.

Families go to great lengths to ensure they leave no effort spared in preparing for Diwali. Decorations are among the most important part of Diwali preparations. Rangoli decorations form a large part of Diwali Decorations, and ample planning and combined efforts go to make certain that the decorations are appealing and colourful.

Rangolis are considered auspicious, and are generously used to decorate homes. Rangolis can be made in many different ways to create varying effects. Knowing How to Make a Rangoli is not difficult; however, knowing how to improvise and infuse your individuality into the rangoli is important.

The conventional rangoli is made using powders of various colours. A base of white is used to make outlines and the skeleton of the rangoli. Colours are then used to fill in the blocks, and a new vibrance is enthused into the rangoli. A whole range of effects can be achieved with judicious use and some dexterity.The conventional rangoli can assume grand looks with some improvisation and the use of modern tools and techniques. You can use some sparkles or shimmers over the rangoli to give it a dazzling shine. You can also try and use some diyas along the corners or sides to give the rangoli a wonderful glow.

Floral rangolis are new patterns which make vibrant ways to adorn corners and centrepieces. Floral rangolis can be made in different ways. Designs can be planned and made on a base. On top of this, use different colours of flowers to make designs. You can try shading with shades of flowers and create magic with your fingers. Varieties of flowers make their way to the market during Diwali. Use all the shapes and colours at your disposal to make the rangoli as bright and vivid as possible. You could use the flowers in their entire form, or even use just the petals depending on the effect you would like to obtain. What is important is to restrict the use of the floral rangoli to the day of Diwali alone, as the flowers will wilt and lose their freshness. It is not always possible to keep the floral rangoli on display the next day.

Another great kind of rangoli is the floating rangoli. This is made with the use of petals and flowers. Take a deep dish and fill it with water. Now sprinkle the petals onto the water to form a design, and you will see how the petals start to float above the water. You can also add some floating candles and accentuate visual appeal. In contact with water, you will notice the petals retain their freshness longer and look more attractive. This kind of rangoli can actually last you through the day and also through a part of the next. This rangoli should be placed in prominent places in the house, and preferably not on the floor. Use the centre table or a visible corner for this rangoli.

To make different rangolis and designs, try using some grains and pulses. To start with, find the picture that you would like to make. You can either draw or trace it onto the board that you will make the rangoli on. Now use a variety of grains in combination with one another to fill the rangoli. Depending on the picture and what you are trying to show, you can select the grain to be used. Natural colors of the grains will help you make almost every picture realistic and life like. You can add food coloring to grains to help change their color and add new dimensions to your rangoli.

If you do not want to use different kinds of rangolis around the house, but would like to have just one placed somewhere special, try using a combination of any of the mentioned methods, and you will not just have variety, but also a difference in colour and texture which can make the rangoli very special indeed.

Rangolis are also available in markets readily today. They can simply be stuck on, and there are several varieties that you can choose from. These include traditional designs, depictions of Gods and goddesses, and symbols of Diwali. Apart from use in the house, they also make wonderful Diwali Gift Hampers when added to your hamper.

The idea of a rangoli is to win the senses and the mind, and is refreshment to the eyes. They complement the colour and essence of Diwali. Indulge in the rangoli and there is little need for any other aids to accentuate the appeal of your home.

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