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Diwali Toran

Apart from festivities and crackers, Diwali festival is also known for the decorations and renovations of one’s home. The major reason behind decorating the homes on Diwali is to attract and please Goddess of wealth and beauty, Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi enters only in decorated, clean and sparkling home, and when she enters the door what better to welcome her than a beautiful toran? A toran is a symbolic string hung on the entrance to ward off evil and greet the almighty. It is a regular feature during festivals in India and is made of variety of colours and materials. So buying a lovely Diwali toran is a must this jubilant season.

Many traditional decorative items are employed during Diwali Decorations. The decorations add to the delight of the festival, as decorations are one of the ways to enrich the festival. The decoration of the doorway, called “dwaar”, has become very significant. This festive season furnish your home with a contemporary touch with beautiful and colourful Diwali Toran. Also, send Online Diwali Gifts to India by adding this Diwali toran to it, making it a memorable present to your dear ones.

Mirror work toran
The mirror work torans are the forte of Rajasthani customs. They offer ethnic look to your homes. These elegant torans are made on vivid fabrics and lovely mirrors pieces are attached to them. These mirror pieces could be in a variety of sizes and shapes. They offer a fantastic reflection of happiness and crystal effect in your homes. Colourful beads add extra loveliness to these torans. Also, join small plastic pots to these torans delicately. Use pictures of symbols like Om, Swastika, Kalash, and Chakra in making these mirror work torans to invite the Gods in your home. They also enhance the charm of the doorway giving friendly welcome to your guests who drop in to wish you on Diwali festival.

Mango leaves toran
Mango leaves toran symbolise the triumph of good over evil. Mango leaves get to the doorway of Indian homes to harbinger the summer. Its tangy, fresh fragrance fills the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm. It is highly believed that the mango leaves toran serves dual purpose. It showers blessings on those who pass under it and keep the home joyous and prosperous forever. It absorbs harmful beliefs and allows only encouraging beliefs to pass through. The astonishing combination of mango leaves and marigold flowers make these torans more dazzling and lovely. The marigold flowers used can be original or artificial, but anyway they make the torans look appealing and alluring. It is imperative to replace the mango leaves toran with a fresh one as they get soiled ever so often. Make your doorways decorated with attractive torans on your memorable Diwali celebrations. And when fresh made Diwali Mithai is served inside it is a perfect festive treat.

Diwali is by far the most visually appealing festival. Rows of tiny lights glimmer along spotless pathways, and colourful flowers bloom on garlands and plates. There are several traditional Diwali Decorations that give this festival its true character. Among these are rangolis, puja thalis, wall hangings and Diwali Torans.

The toran is a traditional Indian door hanging. It is typically fitted in the archways of doors. Most commonly found at the entrance of homes, this is considered an auspicious omen, and is sure to be found in virtually every doorway. The toran also makes an appealing sight for visitors who throng in large numbers to greet and gift friends and family.

The Diwali Toran can be made in several different ways to create varying effects. They can be bought readily from the market, though many still prefer making these by themselves. Different kinds of torans can be made using various objects, which can either help you create a toran which will need to be changed every few days, or one which can last you a long time. Here are some of the most popular Diwali toran varieties preferred.

Floral Toran :
This is the most popular toran, and can be found in different sizes, colours and types. The floral toran is not just the most common, but also the most visually appealing form. The flowers have a beautiful bloom, and the toran looms terrific when fresh. The only problem with the floral toran is that it cannot last over a day or two, and must be replaced. The toran is itself completely strung with flowers. A thick string upon which combinations of various flowers in contrasting colours are tied or sewn make up the floral toran. This can be found in one simple string, or multiple strings of flowers in tiers. The common colours of floral torans include yellow, orange, white and red flowers. Although grand and graceful, they have a short life, and tend to fade within the day. If you are a novice and look to make a floral toran, first look for large flowers which can be strung easily. Avoid taking very delicate or small flowers as they are unsuitable. Start by deciding on the combination of colours and the pattern you would like to make. Now string the flowers together until the toran is the length that you desire. If you are creating a large toran, ensure the string is think enough, since the toran does tend to get rather heavy with the flowers.

Bead Toran :
Beads are a little like the flowers in the toran, since they are large, attractive and eye catching. They make excellent elements ft he toran, and can be woven in quite easily. The bead toran is made using beads of vibrant colours, and in attractive combinations of sizes. While some beads may be in a translucent finish, others can be made to look like crystals. Beads resembling the rudraaksh are also commonly used. These torans look extremely ethnic and have a native feel. They can be used many times over, and can be stored easily. These torans make ideal Diwali Gifts as they symbolise the character of Diwali. Beads can actually be used in different ways in the toran. While you may be able to make a toran exclusively with beads, you can also combine large beads with fresh flowers to make a beautiful, yet unique toran. When making a bead toran, try and get beads which are in traditional colours like red, browns, orange and yellow.

Diwali Toran with Traditional Motifs :
Diwali loses much of its meaning when the mainstays f the festival are not present. When you have them all over your home, why leave the toran out? An excellent representation of the true tradition of Diwali can be captured with the use of torans with traditional motifs. These include symbols like the swastika and om, betel leaves and kalash, and also pompoms and parrots. Made using threads, wool and plastic, these are decorative and have stunning finishes. The appeal is accentuated by the use of propitious colours like yellow, red and orange. You can either look to buy these torans, or simply make them at home. All you would need to do is pick up all that you can find that represents Diwali. You could take pictures of the swastika and om out of old cards, make leaves with odd pieces of cloth, and buy some small plastic pots to make the kalash. Join these together delicately. You can even make some cotton pompons in colours like red and orange and add them in.

Diwali Door Hangings are a welcoming sign of the warmth and festivity to be expected in the home. They create pleasant thoughts and emotions, and arouse love and fondness in everyone.


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