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Mothers Day Celebrations in India

Mother's Day Gifts



Globalization has affected several aspects of our lives today and festivals are no exception. Hitherto exclusively western festivals like "Mothers Day" and "Valentine's Day" are now celebrated with great excitement in urban India. Media coverage, banners, greeting cards, flowers, gift items, chocolates and thousands of Facebook messages for mommies give one a sense of the festival's importance in urban India. Since rural India is not exposed to western culture and is not influenced by it either, Mothers Day celebrations in rural India are, as one would expect, completely missing.


Mothers day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in India, US, Australia, Canada and several other countries. Its popularity and universal appeal lies in the deep bond shared by a mother and a child. Out of almost all mammals, human babies are known to be most helpless and need the maximum care for years after birth. The love that nature produces in mothers hearts makes the experience of motherhood one of the most special experiences in any woman’s life despite all the hard work childcare involves. Children realize their mothers contribution to their lives and though they may not show it every day, they are happy to get an opportunity to express their love and gratitude to their mothers on this special day.

  This year, Mothers Day is on 14th May and there are a number of things you could do to celebrate the occasion and make it memorable. Give your mother a gift to remember and couple that with her favorite flowers to make her happy. Carnations are especially popular in the US on Mothers Day and the ideal color of the flowers is supposed to be red for the occasion. Some of the most popular gift items for the occasion are perfumes, jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, spiritual books and CDs. For those who can afford it, sending your mother off on a vacation or a cruise would be a fabulous thing to do. And for all who believe in simplicity, sending Mothers Day Gifts is the best option.

Another way you could make the day memorable for your mother is by eating out together in a restaurant of her choice. In fact, this is one of the most common things people do while celebrating Mothers Day in India.


Mothers look forward to receiving attractive gift items or flowers and chocolates from their children since this is one day in the year that belongs to them. Children who might be living away from their mothers spend several hours with their mothers to nurture the beautiful relationship they share. Go ahead and make this Mothers day special for your mother by celebrating it in style this year. In case you cannot visit your mother, use our gifting service so you can make her feel good, despite the physical distance. However you do it, pamper your mother on 14th May 2017 so she has a beautiful memory to cherish, forever.


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