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Mothers Day SMS

Mother's Day Gifts



Mother is the sweetest creature in the world. She is a loving, caring angel dedicated to her dainty darlings, even if they turn out to be sumo wrestlers! Whether it is her constant nagging on what you should do, or the pains she takes to go way out of her comfort zone to cook your favourite dish on your birthday, mothers are simply adorable. While sending Mothers Day gifts online is just a matter of few clicks and a little thoughtfulness on your part, penning a personalised message requires a talent not everyone has. Thus, we bring you some heartfelt, moving Mothers day SMS and messages that you can use to pass on your feelings to your mom on her special day. These can also be used as your message while sending Mothers Day Gifts to India online


• I wanted to walk, and you taught me to dance. I wanted to run, and you pulled me in your dearest hug. You have created me and my memories. You are a part of my loveliest moments, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I was looking at the most beautiful ladies of all times. I looked at Aishwarya and loved her eyes. I looked at Madonna and loved her bangs. And then, my eyes fell on your photo and the most beautiful lady in the world is YOU. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!  
  • When I could first hear the sound, it was your voice that I loved the most. When I opened my eyes, it was your face that I coveted the most. When you open Mother’s day gift this year, it’s your warm smile that I will revere the most. Happy Mother’s Day!  
  • How I wish I could be with you at the moment, mom! Irrespective of the miles between us, please remember that I am always just a call away. Happy Mother’s Day!  
  • When I close my eyes and think of one woman who has been my strength when I felt low, my blanket when I needed to hide from the world and my pride when I needed inspiration, I see you, Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!  
  • I never miss you, mom. When I am hungry, the aroma of your cooking fills me up. When I am lonely, your fragrance envelops me and makes me feel loved and wanted. You are there with me every moment. So, why would I miss you?  
  • It hurts at times to be so far from you, mom. Waking up on alarm’s clock chime is never the same as you coming to wake me up in your lovely sing-song voice. Let your smile reach me across the miles every morning.  
  • Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day. It has been quite a ride from the days when I thought I never want to be like you to the time when I aspire to become just like you. Let me say today what I have been feeling for days now - You Are Great, Mom!  

• You eyes warm my heart so, and I yearn to hear you calling my name. I carry you in my heart forever. I want to gift a smile to you, for the light on your face is my ultimate aim.

So, send Mothers Day Gifts online with one of these messages and warm up the heart of your mother with fond remembrance of you as a child that adores her. Try improvising Mother’s Day SMS for other special days such as your mother’s birthday or anniversary and see the magic of love at work.


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