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History of Mothers Day

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Words cannot express the contribution a mother makes to the life of her child. Selflessly, she takes care of her child’s physical and emotional needs for years before he becomes self-reliant and independent. Expressing gratitude for her love and care is important as well as deeply satisfying for any individual. This is why Mothers Day, a special day dedicated to honoring mothers, is celebrated in most parts of the world today. Mothers Day Flowers to India is a classic and most liked gift for mothers.


Few know about how or when this fabulous celebration started. Most countries, like India, have started celebrating Mothers Day only somewhat recently and the day’s importance is growing with each passing year. Its beginning can be attributed to the growing influence of western culture in Indian society (and the world, at large) since it is a very popular day in the US.


Mothers Day is an annual holiday is the U.S. which is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. A woman named Anna Marie Jarvis deserves credit for campaigning to political groups to make the day a National holiday. Later, she also campaigned to make it an international holiday. It was through her campaigning efforts that the state of West Virginia first declared the day an official holiday in the year 1910. Sensing its popularity amongst the citizens, the rest of the states in the US followed suit. The U.S Congress passed a law declaring the second Sunday in May as National Mothers Day in the year 1914.

  In many other countries, other traditional or religious celebrations of motherhood are now celebrated as Mothers Day. In the UK, for example, the Mothering Sunday, a Christian festival celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent has come to be celebrated as Mothers Day. Originally, the Mothering Sunday was a day dedicated to Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. As Christianity gained momentum throughout Europe, the concept of ‘Mother Church’, the mother that gave spiritual birth and power, grew in popularity. With time, the Mothering Sunday and the Mother Church day blended together to become a day of celebration dedicated to all mothers – the Mothers Day.

  Going back in history, an annual spring celebration dedicated to Rhea, the mother of all Greek Gods was held in ancient Greece. In ancient Rome too, there was a festival named ‘Hilaria’ for honoring Cybele, the mother goddess. A statue of Cybele was carried as part of a solemn procession to celebrate the day.

  So, no matter where you are or however busy you are, remember to wish your mother and make her feel special this Mothers Day. A few expressions of love, appreciation and gratitude from you will bring immense joy to your mothers heart. has an attractive collection of Mothers Day Gifts which includes flowers, cakes, chocolates and fabulous combos that can be delivered anywhere in India simply by a few clicks of the mouse. Celebrate this wonderful occasion with your mother no matter which part of the world you may be in and have a Happy Mothers Day!  

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