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Mothers Day Celebrations Across the World

Mother's Day Gifts






“Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever” -Unknown


Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in most countries like India, US, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Greece to name a few. In France, Sweden and Algeria, the day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May while in Russia, it is celebrated on the last Sunday in November. As we can see, the exact day of celebration varies from one country to another but the philosophy of the day remains constant. Children pamper their mothers through various gestures, cards, flowers and gifts to express their heartfelt gratitude for all the love and care they received from them.


India is called a land of festivals due to the sheer number and variety of festivals that are celebrated in the country. Mothers Day, primarily a western day of celebration, however, has established its presence amongst the other popular festivals in the country in a relatively short span of time. Children wish their mothers and give them greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts to make them feel special. Some plan a meal out or watch a movie with their mother to enjoy the day.

  In the US, the Mothers day is a national holiday so children of all age groups can take the day off to spend quality time with their mothers. People hoist the US National flag on their houses and important buildings to show respect for mothers and motherhood, in general. It is next only to Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order of importance of the days of celebration in the country. Children cook meals at home so their mother could rest and take the day off from her responsibilities. People also eat out to celebrate the occasion besides pampering their mothers with flowers, chocolates and gifts.
  Flowers, especially Carnations, have almost come to symbolize Mothers Day celebrations. This happened since Anna Marie Jarvis, the lady who campaigned to make Mothers Day what it is today in the US, presented 500 carnations on the first Mothers day celebrated in 1908. She chose it because it was her mothers favorite flower.
  Celebrate Mothers Day with your Mom in your own special way this year! Just like she knows you best, you know her best too since very few relationships are as close as the one shared between a mother and a child. Think about what would make her truly happy and celebrate the day doing exactly that. If she had been asking you to take care of your health, start a new diet plan and tell her about it. If she enjoys chocolates, gift her some. If her favorite color is pink, present pink carnations to her this Mothers Day. You could do whatever she would be happy about; the idea is to gladden her heart so be creative about whatever could help you achieve that.  

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