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Mothers Day Poems

Mother's Day Gifts



Mothers Day Poems can be simple and touching. It’s the thought behind stringing together some heartfelt words that makes moms proud of their children, irrespective of their age groups. Whether you choose to write a letter to your mom, email her, or just attach it with Mothers Day Gifts you send home this year, Mothers Day poem is bound to strike a chord with your Mom. Beware; it may draw some tears of happiness from your beloved mom!



When I was born on Earth,
 God gave me the greatest gift of my Life.
A mother so dear, so loving,
Who held my hand through strife.

You became my fairy,
And made my wishes come true.
You loved me as your own heartbeat,
Perhaps more. I know you do.

It is only you, dear mother,
Who sent me all these miles away,
So that I could have a better future,
And chose to wait for me every day.

Until I can come to you,
please remember,
You are in my thoughts night and day.
I want to hug and kiss you and wish you
‘Happy Mother’s Day!’


Mothers can be strong at times
Who become an iron shield
Or they can be tender and loving
Ready to follow us to any field

But you are one rare Mom, I know
Who care for me so
That you chose to let me go
And fulfill my dreams and make my life.

I know it’s difficult for you, Mom
To think that I am so far away
A child you taught to walk and talk
A child who never used to leave your side.

I know you wait for me on every occasion
That you keep me in mind in every celebration
That I am your favorite son (that line was most fun)
I can see the tears that you hide.

For I miss you, as much as you do,
And think of you every day.
You are always in my heart too.
Happy Mother’s Day!
    Gifts of love are so special
Because they come from heart
Mother, we live together, you know
Because my heart is where you are.

Today, on this Mother’s Day,
I miss you more and more.
I want to see the surprise, the love on your face
As I silently open your door.
But alas! Here I am.

So far and so lonely
And missing you like hell.
I can only send my messenger,
To ring your sweet bell.

And I have picked a special Gift for you,
I am sure you will love it.
For I have sent some of my love,
Some caring, some tears with it.  


This Mother’s Day, I wanted to top you Mom,
In expressing love, care, and all that I feel for you.
But I can never do it with thousand words,
What a look from you can do.

I remember how little you used to say,
Like a silent sentinel at my side,
You taught me to walk, to talk,
To sing, to dance, to toil, and to pray.

You were never plentiful with words,
And yet, I never missed the communication,
Because even through your silence,
Your eyes had all the expression.

What I cannot sing out with a song,
With few heartfelt words, I say,
You are always there in my heart, Mom
‘Happy Mother’s Day!’.
Mothers are selfless creatures. They nurture their little darlings for they love them. While they do not expect us to thank them or send them gifts, a little appreciation from us and a tidbit care is sure to keep them warm and happy. Whether you chose to send Mothers Day Gifts to India or send Mothers Day Flowers to your beloved mom in India, one of the Mothers Day poems from you will surely win you a smile on your mom’ face.

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