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Valentine's Day Facts

Valentine Gifts

The Smaller Blessings of Valentine’s Day – Facts We Don’t Really Know

The theme of Valentine’s Day and the legacy related to saint valentine and the history of various lovers and their glory are well know to one and all, However, some amazing stuff that make this day even more fun filled and adorable are lesser know to world, its indeed worth sharing these lovely small pieces of information.

Its interesting to know how sent the first love letter in the history of Valentine’s Day. It was none other than Saint Valentine himself, as Emperor Claudius II imprisoned him for conducting secret weddings of young soldiers. He sent a note of love to the jailers blind daughter, later he treated her with his magical powers and she could see the world and fell in love with valentine.

Ancient Romans celebrate the Feast of Lupercalia each year on 14 February to pay their tributes to Juno, queen of Roman gods and goddesses; she is a mythological goddess of marriage and women.

In the ancient medieval era, unmarried young girls were fed strange things like salt and egg yolk etc, on Valentine’s Day as they believed it would make them dream of their future husbands.

Everyone knows that Casanova was the first famous street-smart lover in the history, he ate lot of Valentine’s Chocolates to give him virility, strength, and energy that made him attractive and young women fell for him easily.

Ancient British young men and women drew names from a jar and pinned the names on their sleeves for letting people know that they had found their Valentine and were going out with them. Women were allowed to write love notes to men they loved and later on 14 February the men would read their respective lovers name and court them, thus 14 of February was declared official holiday by the King Henry the 7th of England.


Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sales day of the year in the whole world. Send Valentine’s Day gift to India, chocolates or fragrant incense candle are a perfect gift.


Flowers are the largest sold commodity, men take away nearly 75% of them, and women pick them just one third of what men do, celebrate the day of love in a fragrant way by presenting Valentine Roses to India. Roman god of love Venus was frenzy about red roses, hence as perceived the red rose depicts intimate romantic feelings.

Cupid the son of Roman love god and goddess is an icon coupled with the gifts and cards given out on the Valentine’s Day, it is believed that Cupid strikes men and women with this bow and arrow on this day and spread love throughout the world. Its rather factual to say that “true love never dies” as every year in Italy the seat of love, there is a place named Verona, it’s the same town where Juliet is depicted to have live and made love with Romeo. Thousands of love letters are posted on Juliet’s name until now.

Pets are the most loved ones on this day as most confectionery and sweet meat are supplied for them. Pet lovers usher their love on them and gift warm articles and groom them well to suit for the Valentine’s Day. Teachers are the favorite Valentine of all students, parents, pets, loved ones and receive the maximum greeting cards besides Christmas and New Years day gifts, chocolates and flowers.

In the ancient times, America did not produce enough beetroot to make sugar, so the sweet commodity was very expensive; hence, the American Pilgrims had a custom to send sweets and confectionery to their Valentine.

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