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Valentine SMS / Messages

Valentine Gifts

Not everyone is with their love at the stroke of midnight, when Valentine rings itself in. Still others are less fortunate, and cannot be with their Valentine on the day at all. A noble consolation comes from sending Valentine Messages and Valentine SMS, which convey the profundity and intensity of their love. Which one suits you best?

“I’ve waited all year, just to be able to tell you that you mean the world to me. I’ve waited all year to tell you your smile drives away my fears. I’ve waited all year to ask you to be mine forever.”

“It takes many people to wage a war, many flowers to form a garden, a swarm of bees to fill a hive with honey, and hundreds of bones to make the body. But all it takes to make me complete is you.”

“The one thing you have convinced me about is the existence of God. No one else could have made someone as perfect as you.”

“Love does not mean only holding you, feeling your warmth and having you around me all the time. Love means being away from you and knowing how it hurts every moment of the day. Cannot wait to be with you again.”

“Love can make you a poet, allow you to hear music in an empty room, and fill your being with new purpose. Love can show you a way when you are lost. Thank you for being my staff.”

“Love brings hope, love brings happiness and love brings peace. You bring new meaning to my life. This cannot just be love, it’s a whole new experience.”

“I don’t just want your hand to hold, your heart to love, and your arm for strength. I want all of you in my life forever.”

“If a smile could break a million hearts, a word could say a million things and wiping one tear could cure a million heartbroken, your love means more than a million lifetimes of happiness to me.”

“You are not just in my dreams, in my breath and in my heartbeat – you are in every cell that makes me, and everything that completes me.”

No matter which message you pick, ensure that you send it with all your love and sincerity, and you will find a whole lifetime of love will follow. Make it more special with your special Valentine Gifts to India.

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