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Love is the single universal cause that brings all people of different backgrounds and varied culture in the same limelight. The history has witnessed some of the prolific couple of all times. It is said that love at first sight is only possible in stories and tales; however, there are examples of some famous lovers who met for the first time and fell in love after few minutes of interaction. Life toke a different turn from there on for them and the seeds of love were sown deep in the heart to nurture into giant tree of love. Some adorable couple, who are true ambassadors of love and inspire the world now and again to Send Valentine Gifts to India, It is important to keep in mind the immense contribution some famous couple have made to world of love.

Romeo and Juliet are a synonym to the word love itself, the love story of two teenage lovers who marry against the wish of their feudal families. Ultimately, they give away their lives, for the cause of upholding their true love, this is an ultimate saga of battle between love and hatred, and lastly due to their sacrifice the families unite. It is one of the most well written tales by the famous writer of all times William Shakespeare.

One of the most memorable and intriguing love stories is that of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, While Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen known for her flawless beauty, Antony a Roman General was a great warrior and a handsome man. They fell in love at their first meeting, love flourished between them and the kingdoms started looking down to it. Antony was in the battlefield when the false rumor of Cleopatra’s death fell in his ears, he was devastated, and committed suicide, hearing his sad demise Cleopatra killed herself because of unbearable grief.

Helen of troy regarded as the most beautiful women was married to King of Sparta. Paris a prince fell in love with her and abducted her by force. Her husband fought a bloody war and brought back Helen to his kingdom with all respect, thus was the great love and faith among them, which inspires married couple till now.

The royal love story of prince Salim, son of great Mogul emperor Akbar and Anarkali a dancer in his court meets a tragic end when the soldier’s of Akbar buries live Anarkali and she dies a sorrowful death.

As you look at the Taj the eternal symbol of love, you get a clear evidence of the immense love Emperor Shahjahan had for his wife Mumtaj, as she died when giving birth to her child, Shahjahan went into deep sorrow and decided to build a monument called Taj Mahal in the loving memory of his wife.

A very tragic Indian love story of Heer-Ranjha, written by Waris Shah on which, was made a motion picture too. These true lovers gave away their lives when opposed by society and family to grant recognition to their true love. Similar is the story of Sohni-Mahiwal, themed in the picturesque Punjab province, this tale depicts struggle of the young lovers and the tragic happening in their lives.

Not to forget the celebrity star Shahrukh Khan and his dear wife Gauri Khan, they fell in love, conveyed their feeling about each other to their parents and won hearts of them by being mature and committed in life. Love demands all sorts of commitments and satisfying all these demands is the sign of a successful lover. So go ahead and order your Valentine Cakes to India.  

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