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History of Valentine's Day

Valentine Gifts

Valentines Day is celebrated across the world for expressing love to your beloved. The history began dates back to 3rd century during the reign of Emperor Claudius II who had commanded his soldiers to abstain from tying connubial knot, as he opposed the institution of love and marriage. Roman saint Valentine was the only hope for these love-deprived warriors. It states in the Catholic Church texts, that Saint Valentine performed secret marriage of young soldiers and violated and dared to defy Roman Emperor’s orders.

Saint Valentine was imprisoned for spreading the message of love and secretly loving daughter of the jailor, he is the first person in the history to send greeting card to his beloved. It was against the Roman law, for a priest or a saint to fall in love or spread any messages associated with love. He embraced Christianity during his last days in the prison. He was killed for helping Christians escape from the clutches of the brutal Roman Empire.

One fascinating fact is that the Catholic Church recognizes three legendary saints all named valentine, who were killed on 14th February for spreading love in the Roman Empire. The sun was setting on the Roman Empire and Emperor Claudius II was adamant that soldiers getting married would further weaken their power and doom his dynasty.

It was commonly believed in France and England during the middle age that 14th February was the beginning of birds' mating season. February was the traditional start of spring and considered a time for purification and sanctification. Houses and residential premises were ritually cleansed by shooing them out and then spray salt water and a type of wheat called spelt throughout the interiors. An idea germinated in the pope’s mind of initiating a lover’s lottery, for pairing young people on the “Valentine’s Day” for celebrating fertility; young boys were allowed to choose their maiden on 14th day of February every year, these matches often ended in marriages.

Famous poet and writer, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote about a pair of lovebirds and compared them with King Richard II and his fiancée Anne Bohemia. It was a symbol of love to exchange greeting cards and gifts of lovebirds in the end of 17th century, and in early 19th century retail, gift industry was in its nascent stage. Now it is customary to send Valentine Flowers to India and bestow a gift to convey love and celebrate 14th February as Valentines Day. Saint Valentine preached all his life to celebrate love and forget hatred and encouraged lovers in all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By the end of the century, printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. Valentine gifts for India is one of the most awaited and cherished token of love among young people to express love. So express your heart for your love by sending Valentines Gifts to India.

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