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Valentine Day Celebrations

Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a full-fledged feat celebrated with much pompous and joy across the world. The day hosts to sharing love and Valentine’s Chocolates to India. The traditional legacy and modern outlook for celebrating the day of love has undergone huge facelift from the age-old customs to contemporary aspects of all major countries of the world. Lets panoramic view of valentine’s day celebration in major cities of the world.


In most of the cities of Europe and especially in England the enthusiastic men and women make a transparent handmade card, which when held in light shows up a couple exchanging heart shaped gift. The traditional British custom of unmarried girls throwing a clay ball with the name of their prospective bridegroom on a paper, it emerges they choose him. The lanes and streets are lit with colorful light, paper, and balloons. The sweet fragrance of chocolate, candies, and spread across the country.


Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular in Australia over the years, particularly during the late 20th century, and it continues to be observed among many Australians today. Restaurants and public celebratory places are filled with people eating chocolates, sharing heart shaped red gifts and bouquets. The opera house organizes specials concerts to uphold the joy in day of love.



In USA and Canada, teenagers organize a school party and have fun by making handmade gifts, cards, chocolates, and sweets. The day is a celebratory occasion for the young and old alike, as they extend flowers and heart shaped gifts as a symbol of their love and friendship..


In France Valentine’s cards are called “cartes d'amities”. People travel to a place called “St Valentin” to tie nuptial knots with their beloved and hold celebratory events to show their gratitude to saint valentine.

In Germany as part of the Valentine’s day celebration, it is a traditional custom for girls to place their names in an urn and the boys to choose a name out of the urn. The person thus chosen would be declared his partner for life.

In Italy, the atmosphere is thrilling with ongoing celebrations of spring festival. The Young couple are engaged on this auspicious day, women follow a fortune telling ritual of peeing outside the window immediately after they wake up in the morning, and expect a handsome man to appear. Italy has a history of celebrating valentine’s Day with reciting romantic poems and sending special messages to loved ones.


In Japan young women, gift vibrant red flowers and chocolates to their lovers and the men return the favor exactly a month later on the “white day” and arrange for lavish romantic dinners, and decorating homes with vibrant flowers.

In Modern India Valentine’s Day is an occasion to meet up, enjoy, and send Online Valentines Gifts to India now..!!

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