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Diwali Poems


Weaving a Special Charm with Diwali Poems

Diwali is enjoyed most when celebrated with friends and relatives, the joy of this festival doubles when all get together and enjoy the good times. Many poets have written poems that signify Diwali; some recite its history, its importance, the rituals followed by Indians. Diwali is famous all over the world; foreigners throng India at the time of this festival, celebrate with the local folk, and take back some amazingly bright memories way back to their homes. And those who are natives but stay at a foreign place, send Diwali Gifts to India to make their loved ones happy.


Praise Laxmi Maa

Goddess of wealth
Giver of health
Most revered by all gods
Mother laxmi we praise you on this day

Destroy the darkness
Spread the brightness
We are your children o mother
Bless all of us with boons

Give us strength to conquer evil
Make all people happy and civil
You on this day killed mighty devil
Bestow your grace on us and let good prevail

You are lord ram’s wife sita
You are lord Krishna’s great gita
You are our lighthouse in the dark ocean
You only can make us reach our loved destination



Manao Khusiyon ki Diwali

Ghar ka dwar deep se sajao
Aangan main rang-birangi rangoli banao
Anand ke geet aaj sab gaao

Man mein sab ke harsh bhara hai
Phuljari ki jagmag roshani jhalaki hai
Aur mooh main mithai ki mithaas ghuli hai
Sab mil aaj manaye diwali
Prem aur sadbhavana se bhari hai pooja thali
Laxmi ka swagat karo aao gayen maa ki aarti



Bachon Sang Manaye Diwali

Taaron ki baarat aaj mere ghar aayi hai
Asman aaj mere dwar mein utar aaya hai
Naye vastra dharan karke patake lene chale hai

Rang-birange anar, phuljhadi se man lalchaya hai
Sab bhai-bhahan aaj khoob anandit hai
Laddu namkeen ka swad mil kar uthana hai

Subah jaldi tyar hogaye sab
Laxmi maa ki aarti kiye sab
Maa ne pet bhar khilaya laddo,
Aur anginat mithai se man prasann hai



Diwali Lights Joy Allover

Welcome diwali, the festival of lights
Dressed up well, look neat and bright,
Year and again we celebrate it with joy
Time to get together and enjoy

Offer gods your regards on this day,
Throng the temples with blithe and gay
The gods above shower blessings
All of us are safe and away from sufferings

Come one come all lets light diyas
Light the rockets and burst some crackers
Take cautions to be safe from sparklers
Careless actions may cause get blunders

Visit friends and relatives
Give them nice gifts
Eat sweets and snacks
Celebrate the good times



Diwali Ki Sundar Raat

Saaf aur neela asmaan
Foolon se mehka sara samaa
Rang birangi sajaye rangoli
Phod ke fatake manayen Diwali

Priya jano ne bheji mithai
Sab ko mangalmay diwali ki badhai
Galli mohalle main Diwali ki ladi lagayi
Sab ke maan main khusi ki lahar chayi



Diwali is a time to bring out the best in everyone. The charm of Diwali is that it has the ability to allow everyone a chance at what they are best at. The generous giver resurfaces with benevolent gifts also known as Diwali Gifts, the hidden artist whips out magic with exquisite rangolis and torans, and the poet finds a new spirit with poems and innovative SMS messages that spread the Diwali cheer.

Diwali poems have been a persisting feature for many years. They are an expression of the excitement, reverence and awe of the festival, with an inspiration that is sure to touch everyone. Diwali poems have been enjoyed and written over the years, although traditionally in Hindi. Today it is also common to find some simple English poems on Diwali which can reach out to many more. Here are simple, yet touching Diwali poems.

Certain objects are mandatory features on a puja thali. These include vermillion or kumkum, some uncooked rice, a betel leaf and nut, a diya or two and a silver coin. The puja thali can be as simple or as elaborate and extravagant as you would like it to be. They are readily available in the market in varieties of shapes and patterns, though most women revel in the joy of making it themselves. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your puja thali a work of art.


Diwali Magic

The lights are bright, the colours explode
Feel the magic of Diwali unfold;
A time to spare moment of thought
For the Gods whose gifts we all have sought.

This is the season to love and be loved,
A time when all are one;
Spread the word, there is love for all
There is a God, we are his sons.

Wear your finery, dress your best,
Diwali is a time for bliss;
With a prayer on your lips and love in your heart
This is a day you just can’t miss!



Diwali ke Rang

Ye tyohar hai Bharat ka
Jise kehte hum Diwali hain;
Phodte pataake khushi mein hum
Bachche karte manmaani hain.

Uncle aunty mithai le aaye
Hum gaye bazaar kapde laaye;
Hui puja Lamxi aayi,
Sabke mann mein khushi chaayi.

Puri galli hamaari jagmagaayi
Diwali ki ladi khoob rang laayi;
Diya rangoli mombatti ke sang
Hum gaye is tyohaar mein rang.


What is Diwali?

Rama came to earth as an answer to man,
To save the world from sin;
To help man realise his own true nature
And to love his kith and kin.

He suffered long years in the wild,
He gave up his rightful throne;
He lived a life of solitude
For Sita he did mourn.

Vanquishing the evil Ravana
Rama then returned home;
To a land that was rightfully his,
To the people who were his own.

On this day Ayodhya came to life,
The people were filled with delight;
For the one who was meant to be their king
Was coming back to claim his right.

The roads were lit with merry lights,
Joy and happiness had returned;
Rama and Sita were greeted with open arms
Their homecoming was widely cheered.

To this day we celebrate, as
The victory of good has come to show;
A day we know as Diwali
Will be celebrated evermore.


My Special Diwali

Diwali is finally here,
A time for fun, laughter and cheer,
We have waited long and hard,
And the day is finally near.

We start with the ceremonious bath
And then we all do gather;
For clothes and gifts, sweets and crackers
We receive from our father.

The evening is a time for prayer,
 We ask for several gifts;
We have to thank for countless blessings
We know we cannot miss.

Our friends are here, they have some sweets;
We share with them ours too;
And then we went, armed with our crackers,
And playthings – old and new.

The day had passed before we knew it,
Diwali has come to an end;
But we know that it will be here again
The promise is good, and true.


Sachchi Diwali

Diwali ke din hum diye jalaaye
Khusihyon ki bhandaar ghar laaye;
Ghar parivaar aur doston ke sang
Baante Diwali ke hare ek rang.

Magar wo bhi hain jo Diwali
Chaahkar bhi na manaa sake,
Unko bhi ek mauka to do
Taaki unhe bhi ek avsar mile.

Iss Diwali apne mithaai aur bhent
Dosto ko hi na baante,
Unki bhi madat karo jo
Diwali ki mithaas na jaan paate.

Aao hum sab ek pran lekar
Is Diwali me sabko shaamil kare,
Chhote bade, bachche aur bade
Manav ka udhdhaar karein.

Puja paath, bhajan aur aarti,
Bhagwan ko badi bhaati hai,
Magar doosron ko khushi dena
Unki sachchi seva kehlaati hai.


The poems may be simple, but they are effective ways to simply teach everyone the magnanimity of this wonderful festival. Diwali is well beyond any justification that can be done to it, and there can never be any expression that can do it justice. It can only be experienced to be understood.

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