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Past Year Rakhi Testimonials

Rakhi Gifts

We present below some kind words by our patrons, who chose us for delivering their precious Rakhi Gifts last year.

While we would love to include each and every kind comment; space limitation constraints us from featuring them all. These motivates us to give our best to provide impeccable service for Raksha Bandhan 2018 and beyond!

Jaideep Kaur ji, Order Number 186355, writes:

 Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of rakhi.  

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Devika Parekh ji, Order Number 181989, writes:

 Thank you very much
Nice conversation and good business with you

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Kalpana U Dholakia ji, Order Number 184327, writes:

 Dear Sir
Thank you very much for taking care of my order. Truly appreciate it.

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Kumar Jha ji, Order Number 185216, writes:

 Thank you Soooo very much for the assistance and a prompt and positive reply ..!!
Thanks again  

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Ketul Patel ji, Order Number 181930, writes:

 Thanks For the Delivery today, Got it
It’s good
Thank You  

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Binal Patel ji, Order Number 179526, writes:

 Thank you so much for quick response and delivered fast .....

Thank you again
Looking forward to buy from yr website in future ...  

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Jaimini H Patel ji, Order Number 178960, writes:

 Dear sir/ madam,

Thank you for sending my rakhi before time which I mentioned.

Thank you.


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Monali Patel ji, Order Number 170868, writes:

 Hi ...u douing good job ..I m so happy to your work ...Thanxs for all team gg.. :) :)  

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Sushma Babaji ji, Order Number 170132, writes:

 Thank you so much team... my brother received my gift... well done... really thanks a lot...  

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Dipshikha Rangari ji, Order Number 169185, writes:

 Thank you so much. The delivery was on time. You made my day.  

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Apexaben Chudasama ji, Order Number 165554, writes:

 Thank You so much!!

My brother received the mug with photographs on it. I am happy to see your fast services, you sent before Rakshabandhan!!!!

Appreciate your effort to make my Rakshabandhan - Happy Rakshabandhan.

We would glad to use your service. Will definitely refer to family and friends.

Thank You again for such a wonderful service.  

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Payal Gandhi ji, Order Number 165752, writes:

 Amazing service.ordered from USA online, good price and great products! Reached well before time too to my brother in Pune ! I know where to order from for gifts to India now !! Great service  

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Dipti Patel ji, Order Number 165692, writes:

 Thank you so much for your promt service and delivery, very happy with the product as per receipient.  

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Dhara Patel ji, Order Number 153102, writes:

 Thank you guys, are all are doing great job and thank you for contacting me promptly regarding my order i appreciate it thank you..  

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Upvan Thakkar ji, Order Number 152454, writes:

 Hi guys good morning,

Thanks for chasing, my relatives has received rakhi dont worry all good now thanks


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Jaynika barot ji, Order Number 152394, writes:

 Thank you for quick reply.  

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Hiral Mistry ji, Order Number 151882, writes:

 Wow! You are the best!

Happy Rakshabandhan!!


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 Anil Nagpal ji, Order Number 123826, writes:

Thanks for the timely delivery.

Best Regards  

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Ashish Baldha ji, Order Number 122412, writes:

 Dear Gujarat Gift Team,

Thank you very much. Safe delivered today.

Great customer service.  

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Prasanna ji, Order Number 107121, writes:

 Thank you for your very speedy prompt delivery. I also recommend your site to all my friends in USA.


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Karuna Painter ji, Order Number 103933, writes:

 Hi gujarat gifts

I am appreciated for your help, and one more time thank you for removed my confusion.

You're team is the best..

karuna painter  

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Ronak ji, Order Number 103133, writes:

 Thank you so much and appreciated your customer service.

Ronak Shah  

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Hardik ji, Order Numbers 102533, 102531, 102530, writes:

 Dear Sir / Madam,

it is good , thanks for quick response & faster delivery.

Thanks & Regards

Hardik Bhavsar  

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Rajesh ji, Order Number 107913, writes:

 Thanks for the tracking information and also prompt reply.


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Ramesh K Gopalakrishnan ji, Order Number 55116, writes:

 Dear Ramesh Ketan ji and all staff members at Gujarat Gifts:

I wish to express my sincere thanks at the speed with which my request was taken into consideration and delivered in time.

I have been making all my purchases for India from Gujarat Gifts and has never not even once did I face any issues with either the delivery or the quality of the goods purchased.

Additional and sincere thanks for making this delivery on a very important occasion and making it count by delivering it on time. I will continue to make all my purchases from Gujarat Gifts in future and will also recommend to all my friends and relatives.

Please keep up the great work.

Thanks once again.
Ramesh K Gopalakrishnan  

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Ashini Bolia ji, Order Number 52378, writes:

 Thanks a lot. I apologize for the inconvenience regarding the order number. I really appreciate your patience and handling of this shipment and would definitely recommend your service to friends and family.

Thanks a lot and I apologize again for the trouble this may have caused.  

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Nimesh Shah ji, Order Number 28368, writes:

We would like to take this opportunity to say a Big thank you for your prompt reply and great customer services. It will really be appreciated and now we will talk about you to our friends in NZ. We wish you do more progress and more business with this honesty and great customer services. Thanks again
With regards
Nimesh Shah  

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Jigar Patel ji, Order Number 55241, writes:

It's very came true on my wishes!

Thank you very much!!!!!

Thanking You!
Jigar Patel  

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Mital ji, Order Number 28285, writes:

 Thank you very much... Both of my order delivered .
I suggested u to my friends, they also put order through u n they r also happy.  

See Screenshot of Email...

Radhika ji, Order Number 52858, writes:

 I just came to know that it has been delivered.

Thanks for your wonderful service :)


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Monika ji, Order Number 29265, writes:

 Thanks. Appreciate your response and service. Will definetly use your service again in furture.


See Screenshot of Email...

Jignesh & Kinnari ji, Order Number 28142, writes:

 it's very good quality and perfect time delivery. We like to send more items from Gujarat Gift.

Jignesh & Kinnari  

See Screenshot of Email...

Ankita ji, Order Number 28106, writes:

 Thank you very much my brother got rakhi today.. He is very happy ..  

See Screenshot of Email...

Richa ji, Order Number 29013, writes:

 Hi,Thank you so much for that....I realy appreciate your work....

Thank you once again,

See Screenshot of Email...

Ankit ji, Order Number 16191, writes:

 You delivered Rakhi so quickly....
I had used in the past.. they always screwed up our orders one way or another...
You guys doing great Job, we will use your service in the future.. :)

Thank You,

See Screenshot of Email...

 Akhil Goswami ji, Order Number 16748, writes:

Thanks very much.

Thanks for your quick responses and excellent customer service.

Thanks and regards,

Akhil Goswami  

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Vaishali ji, Order Number 14328, writes:

 Thank you we have received your complimentary gift. It was very nice n makes happy to us I really appreciate and fully satisfied with your quick service I will recommend to others too. Thank you

See Screenshot of Email...

Priyanka ji, Order Number 14873, writes:

The rakhi post has reached.
Thank you very much.It reached in time.
I am really very greatful to gujarat gifts.


See Screenshot of Email...

 keerthivarman Kandaswamy ji, Order Number 16291, writes:

yeah, the product was delivered. Thanks  

See Screenshot of Email...

 Krishna Patel ji, Order Number 17470, writes:

Thank you! 

See Screenshot of Email...

Prashant ji, Order Number 14338, writes:


Thanks . Rakhi has reached. Thanks for your help.


See Screenshot of Email...

Shefali, Order Number 15408, writes:


Thank you so much for delivering the package and in fact before time.


See Screenshot of Email...

Rajni ji, Order Number 19535, writes:

 Thank you very much for the update.


See Screenshot of Email...

Reshu Khandelwal ji, Order Number 17803, writes:

 Thanks a lot !!!
Item has been received today !!!
Reshu Khandelwal  

See Screenshot of Email...

Swarnima ji, Order Number 5294, writes:

 Can't expect more than this....

Thanks a ton...


And a personal thanks to you...

You made my DAY!!!


See Screenshot of Email...

Pratibha Parashar ji, Order Number 1924, writes:

Thanks a lot.I cannt express my gratefullness to you people.You have done a great job for me.As you people send my order as it is been oredered.

You realy made it easy to send my feelings for my I am miles of distance away from them,and cant reach there on this rakhi.

Thanks a lot...................really thanks.........I really cannt express my happiness.....with tears of delightness.

Pratibha ji  

See Screenshot of Email...

Purvi Patel ji, Order Number 4234, writes:

 Dear Gujarat team,
I am very happy with the service I received from you for RAkshabandhan. On time and as requested as well as just like the pictures on website. I recommand your site for all needed gift delivery in India.
Thank you

See Screenshot of Email...

Mihir Gabani ji, Order Number 5637, writes:

 Gujarat Gifts Team,
Thank you very much. You are doing a great job in keeping families together. My sisters were all overwhelmed by my surprise. Without your efforts it won't be possible.

Thanks again

Kind and Best Regards,
Mihir Gabani  

See Screenshot of Email...

Gurjinder Kaur ji, Order Number 3937, writes:

 Thanx for delivering my Rakhi package on time ..
I really like ur fast service ..

Thanx n kind regards ,
Gurjinder Kaur  

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Neetu Mathur ji, Order Number 2208, 2207, writes:

 Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your promptness and professionalism.



See Screenshot of Email...

Rubal Keswani ji, Order Number 2880, writes:


The package reached yesterday. It was very timely. I will recommend your service to my friends.


See Screenshot of Email...

Janki Panchal ji, Order Number 2099, writes:

 Hey thank you so much for your great service. They got rakhi on time actually earlier then that. They really liked it. I really appreciate that. Thank you. you are the best :)  

See Screenshot of Email...

Dinesh Pathak ji, Order Number 5333, writes:

 Many Thanks  

See Screenshot of Email...

Anita Parikh ji, Order Number 3226, writes:


See Screenshot of Email...

Nikhil Sheth ji, Order Number 4755, writes:

 Dear GG Team,

Today my wife brother got gift,

Thank You,

Nikhil Sheth  

See Screenshot of Email...

Reeya Belani ji, Order Number 1925, writes:

 Thank you for your email.

The rakhi was delivered today.  

See Screenshot of Email...

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