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Puja Thali Decoration

The most gratifying part of all Diwali celebration is singing the glory of deities who have given us a multitude of blessings, and countless joys to be thankful for. When we sing the praise of the Goddess, we are immersed in Her beauty and the effulgence that emanates from Her.

An important ritual while preparing for Diwali puja is Decorating the Puja Thali. This is a laborious affair which involves thought, planning and an eye for aesthetics. Just as you would make your way to a man’s heart through the stomach, the shortest, simplest way to reach God is through Puja. A large focus of the puja is the puja thali, since it contains all the most important elements require to make offerings to the Gods. Puja thalis can be decorated in several ways using various interesting objects that are eye catching.

Certain objects are mandatory features on a puja thali. These include vermillion or kumkum, some uncooked rice, a betel leaf and nut, a diya or two and a silver coin. These find a prominent place on the puja thali since they are used in every puja, and extensively at that. While some of the elements are used as offerings or decorations to the Gods, the others are used as auspicious symbols and also for the aarti.

The puja thali can be as simple or as elaborate and extravagant as you would like it to be. They are readily available in the market in varieties of shapes and patterns, though most women revel in the joy of making it themselves. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your puja thali a work of art.


Traditional Puja Thali : The traditional puja thali may look rather common, but it is timeless, and is sure to last forever. It is pure, and available to all readily. For those looking to have a traditional Diwali Puja and use Traditional Puja Decorations, you can decorate the plate with the use of colourful little containers to place the rice, kumkum and coin. Before you have started to place the objects, you can decorate the plate with an ‘om’ or swastika symbol using gulaal. This thali does not require too much skill or time, and can be made by the children in the house quite easily. This is a good way to involve them and allow them to participate actively in the puja.

Festive Puja Thali : This is the festival of Diwali, and there is enough reason to incorporate its elements into the making of your Puja Thali. Place some miniature candles in the thali and stick them on once you are happy with the effect. The candles can be placed to form a decorative pattern. You can also use candles in contrasting colours for a better effect. This gives a gorgeous illuminated effect, and you will see a bright halo as you perform your prayers.

Elegant Puja Thali : To give your puja thali a touch of elegance, use some tissue cloth or brocade at the base of the thali, and then carefully place the objects on it. You can also stick some jari along the rim of the thali to make it look more rich.

Puja Thali With a Touch of Class : For those who are not constrained by a budget, take a silver plate as the base for your puja thali. Using some small silver containers, place the rice and kumkum. Semi precious stones and gems can be used to decorate the thali, and you can place a silver lamp at the centre. Apart from being an exquisite decoration, it also makes an ideal Diwali Gift.

Floral Puja Thali:  When you cannot have enough of the flowers and use them generously around the house, why not make them the centre of your Diwali puja thali? Making a floral puja thali is quite simple and lots of fun. To start with, ensure that you have a slightly large thali. If you have small flowers, you can use them as they are. If they are big, start by removing the petals and combine various flowers to get a multi-coloured effect. Use the flowers and leaves to make small sections in the plate. You can stick them down. Within these small sections, you can place the kumkum, the rice and also the diyas. The petals themselves will make natural and pretty containers for you.


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