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Learn How to Make Rakhi

Rakhi Gifts

Want to make Raksha Bandhan 2018 an occasion to remember? Go the extra mile and make your own handcrafted Rakhi thread instead of buying a readymade one from the market. Just like there is something extra special about tasty homemade food as opposed to restaurant food, there is a personal touch to a handmade Rakhi that a readymade Rakhi simply can’t possess. Everyone typically buys a Rakhi thread from the marketplace so when your brother (and other members of your family) will see your very own handcrafted Rakhi thread, you are sure to attract compliments and admiring glances from one and all since you didn’t take the easy way out by buying a readymade Rakhi thread but chose to put in effort to make the affair a special one. A noble intent indeed!

To help you translate your noble intent into a beautiful Rakhi, here are a few great ideas with instructions about how you could make your very own homemade Rakhi:

Sweet and Simple Rakhi
Things you will need: 30- inch length multi-colored silk threads, some cotton strands, a pair of scissors, some glue, a hard toothbrush, attractive beads and sequins

How to Make Sweet and Simple Rakhi:
• Take the bunch of 30 inch multicolored silk threads and fold them into half
• Next, using the cotton strands, tie a knot at one-fourth of the length of the folded silk threads
• Cut the loops of the folded thread and use a hard brush to give the ends a fluffed appearance
• Now, divide the longer part of the thread into two halves and plait them as you like
• Again, use the cotton thread to tie the ends and fluff the open part up
• These two strands will be used for tying
• Now decorate your Rakhi as you like with the help of sequins and beads by sticking them with the help of some glue. You could create the auspicious “Swastika” symbol on the Rakhi using the beads and sequins or any abstract motif. You could also use the remaining silk strands to create a design along with the sequins and the beads.

Pearl Rakhi
Things you will need: a reel of silk thread, a cotton thread reel, glue, scissors, a hard toothbrush and some artificial pearls

How to make a Pearl Rakhi:
• From the Silk thread reel, cut 25 pieces of 25-inch silk threads
• Fold all the 25 pieces at midpoint and make sure that both their ends meet as exactly as possible
• Just 4 to 5 inches from the midpoint, tie the bundle with some of the cotton thread reel
• Now, we will work on the longer portion of the tied-up bundle to make the tying strand of the final Rakhi
• Divide the longer portion of the bundle into two equal parts
• Plait both the divided portions separately and tie a cotton thread at a point that is 2 inches from the end of the length of the portion. The strings you will use to tie the Rakhi thread are now ready.
• Now with the help of the scissors, cut the shorter portion of the Rakhi thread bundle right at the center. The shorter portion of the bundle will help us in making the center portion of the final Rakhi.
• Taking the toothbrush, brush the threads in a circular manner so that the thread becomes fluffy and the repeated brushing creates a fluffy look in the threads.
• Over this fluffy thread portion, use some glue to stick the artificial pearls in a decorative manner and your own homemade Pearl Rakhi is ready!

Locket Rakhi
The simplest possible way of making a fabulous Rakhi! In this style, not only can you make a stylish looking Rakhi but can also use some of your existing lockets. Use as attractive a locket as possible for best results.

You will need: 6 Gold colored or silver colored threads, colorful beads (approximately 30 of them) and a locket

How to make a Locket Rakhi:
• Take the gold or silver colored threads and tie them together as you like. You could plait them if you like or simply rotate them in a single direction several times if you like to get an attractive look in your Rakhi thread.
• After thinning the threads down together, put the beads in the threads.
• Next, put the locket in the middle of the beads and make a small knot at both ends of the Rakhi to ensure nothing falls out. Your Locket Rakhi is ready in three simple steps!

Hand-made or Readymade, your Rakhi thread and Rakhi gifts are but expressions of your love for your beloved and dear brother. However one sister may choose to express her feelings might be different from how another would express them but what truly matters are those very special emotions that often last a lifetime. has a beautiful collection of Rakhi threads and decorations you could choose from to make this Raksha Bandhan special. Couple your decorative Rakhi thread, handmade or otherwise, with a complete Rakhi thali and you will be all set to make this Rakhi celebration a grand affair, by sending your homemade Raksha Bandhan Gifts. Check the collection of Rakhi thalis and Rakhi Gifts today to make your brother proud of having a sister like you! Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with!

Rakhi is round the corner, and obviously you will be busy scouring several stores to find the most superb rakhi for your superstar bro. But hold on for a sec. Just ask your self; will your ready-made rakhi trigger the same magic as a hand-made rakhi? If the answer is no, then this rakshabandhan is the right time to painstakingly craft a personalized rakhi. It is common knowledge that even the simplest thing done by hand outdoes the most expensive expression picked up from a store. This is why there is really no comparison to a rakhi made specially by you.

Well, however, good looking or expensive a ready-made rakhi will be; the fact is that a hand-made rakhi is priceless and helps keep emotions evergreen. Take some time out and send rakhi to India which is hand-made this time.

Although they may look extremely ornate and very delicate, it does not take rocket science to fashion a beautiful looking rakhi. They are quite easy to make, and with a little imagination, a simple thread can quickly transform into a work of art.

Here we present an easy method of Rakhi making which will help leave a lasting impression on your brother’s mind.

Materials Required

1 Silk Thread Reel (color of your choice, preferably red or green)

1 Cotton Thread Reel (matching to the silk reel color)

1 Toothbrush (an old one)



9-12 small Artificial Pearls




1. Get a silk thread reel. Cut it into 20-25 pieces. Ensure that each thread is around 25 inches long

2. Bring together their ends such that the ends meet each other. Then fold the threads at the mid point

3. Get a cotton reel and tie the bunch with a cotton thread nearly 4-5 inches lower than the mid point

4. Split the longer portion of the thread bunch into two identical parts

5. Plait the split portions separately.  Tie a small piece of cotton thread at both the ends leaving some space in the end.      The longer portion forms the string part of Rakhi.

6. The smaller part still has loops given the fold. Cut the loops right at its center with a scissor. This will form the central     part of the Rakhi.

7. With a toothbrush comb the central part in all the directions which helps create a circle of the tiny threads

8. Brush both the ends of the strings. Brushing makes the thread softer

9. Finally stick the small pearls on the central part of the Rakhi with the help of glue



Kalava Rakhi

Okay, this time if you desire that your brother keeps the rakhi tied for a longer time, then make a Kalava Rakhi. Basically, made of rakhi thread, the materials required include

Materials required:

A Moli or Kalava

Cotton Thread



Religious Symbol/ Rudraksh

Tulsi/ Sandalwood Beads or Tiny Shells



Get a 50" long thread. Fold it in the middle. Then plat it in the required manner. Now tie a cotton thread and do leave some space at the ends. Remove all the loops from the ends. Fix a religious symbol or rudraksh in the middle. If you wish you can even beautify the rest of the rakhi with beads. Stick them or even stitch the beads on the braided thread.


Desginer Rakhi

This is not just interesting, but also extremely attractive as well. What is great about this rakhi is that your brother is sure to want to keep this on for several days after the festival is even over. This is not very difficult to make, but once done, it is sure to be a complete stunner.

You will need:

Think cotton or silk thread in a color of your choice.

Matching beads, pearls and diamond sequins


A centre piece – this could be an embellished first letter of your brother’s name, or even a decorative decoration



Start by taking a few strands of the thread, ensuring they are all of equal lengths. Start by tying a tight knot about two inches from the end. Braid or twist the strands such that they start to entwine. Once this is done, decide on the way in which you would like to have the beads and sequins fashioned. Divide them into half so that they may be placed on either side of the centre piece. Thread the decorations onto the thread and then the main decoration. Now thread the remaining sequins and beads before you secure the threads in the same manner that you did at the beginning, and voila! You have a masterpiece ready. This is the perfect rakhi for those who are looking to Send Rakhis to India.

When you make a rakhi by yourself, there are a few rules of thumb that you should follow. The first, most important is the size. You should have some approximation of the size in mind when you make the rakhi. This will ensure that it wears well. Look for the preferences of your brother when selecting a design. Think of colours and styles which suit his personality best, and you are less likely to go wrong. And finally, put in some special touches and love, and your rakhi is sure to be a treasure.

To make your job easier, and also to make the experience happier, brings to you the biggest collection of rakhis, decorations and Raksha Gifts to India. Make Raksha Bandhan 2018 a special year that no one can forget.

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