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Rakhi for Kids

Rakhi Gifts

Children love festivals more than anyone else. Their sense of fun and play makes every festival’s celebration a joyous occasion for all the members of a family. Luckily, India has a number of festivals that are interspersed throughout the year so children always have some festival or the other to look forward to. Raksha Bandhan is the festival that is approaching on the 7th of August this year. That will be the day kids will have a good time celebrating the festival by coming together with other members of their family. Sisters tie a Rakhi to their real as well as cousin brothers so typically several family members get together on this occasion which is something children again love.

For kid brothers, there are special Rakhis that are available to make their festival celebration even more fun. Cartoon characters and other Kids Rakhi such as Santa Claus are seen most commonly on such Rakhis. Bal Ganesha and Bal Gopal are also amongst the favorite choices in Kids’ Rakhis in this respect. Garfield, Spiderman, Superman, Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Angry Birds…one can find a kid’s Rakhi with almost every popular cartoon character in online as well as physical marketplaces. It is delightful to see Kids rakhis displayed alongside the other more adult-like fancy rakhis. Though, both look attractive, Kids rakhis have a special and unique appeal similar to the appeal kids themselves have.

Such rakhis were not as commonplace as they are today some years ago. Kids had to make do with the same rakhis as adults before the trend of kids Rakhis started. The trend was so positive and exciting for children that kids’ rakhis became the obvious preference for the targeted age group. Cartoon characters like Spiderman and Ben 10 are loved by children as old as 14 and 15 also so the demand for such Rakhis is huge.

Kids love to wear their favorite character on their Rakhi and then showing it off to others. Most kids refuse to remove their Rakhi threads for days after Raksha Bandhan since they love having their favorite character on their hand so very much. Rakhis for kids come with soft satin or a similarly soft thread for tying so their wrists don’t hurt from the tied thread and they enjoy wearing their Rakhis.

Sweets, kids, Cartoon Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan ceremony, decorated homes, delicious spread, fun and play …is it any wonder why kids love the festival of Raksha Bandhan as much as they do. As adults, even we enjoy such days of celebration as they give us some respite from the rigor of daily life. If you know what your kid brother’s favorite character is, buying him a Rakhi with the specific character should not be too difficult considering the wide collection that is commonly available these days. has a great collection of Rakhi for Kids you can choose from and order conveniently online. Surprise your kid brother and make this year’s celebration one of the most special ones ever for him with some help from your festival celebration partner,

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