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How to Celebrate Rakhi

Rakhi Gifts

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

Rakhi is one of India’s most loved festivals, and this year it happens to be on 26th of August. A festival of love, Raksha Bandhan revolves around the special relationship between a brother and a sister and highlights the duty of a brother to protect his sister.

Preparations for the festival begin much in advance as brothers, as well as sisters, purchase necessary things like Rakhi threads, Gifts for each other for the celebration and a Rakhi thali that contains a mauli, some vermillion and rice for the tika and some Indian sweet like ‘barfi’ or ‘laddoo.’

On the day of the festival, brothers and sisters get ready for the ceremony early in the morning by dressing up in traditional wear which is typically Kurta Pyjama for men and suits or sarees for women. Younger sisters like to wear a fancy lehenga choli on such occasions. Brothers and sisters don’t eat breakfast till after the ceremony is complete which takes place during the time of the full moon or Purnima. People wait for the proper mahurat time for conducting the ceremony after checking with a priest. The details of Purnima beginning time and Purnima ending time and the hours for the Raksha Bandhan ceremony time are available with a priest or even online.

For the ceremony, the brother and the sister get together in one place along with other family members like parents, grandparents and other relatives who sit together and witness the ceremony. In young children, who live together in one home with parents, the location of the ceremony is not a problem, but with grown-ups, brothers and sisters live in different homes. Sometimes, sisters go from one brother’s home to another’s to conduct the ceremony with each one in person, if all cannot be together in one place. Sometimes, brothers go to the sister’s home too.
Celebrating Raksha Bandhan via Video Calling

Being present in the same location as the sibling is not always feasible for every sister or brother. Sometimes, siblings live in distant places or overseas which makes it impractical to reach each other’s’ homes. In such cases, Sisters can send Rakhi to India to their brothers a few days in advance using any of the online Rakhi gifting services. The Rakhi thread can be accompanied with a Rakhi gift and/or a box of mithai too. The sister then, sends a Rakhi thread to the other brothers and one of the female family members of his house like a daughter or another sister, conducts the ceremony on her behalf. These days, people also wish each other and talk with each other on Skype if they cannot be together. The brother shows his commitment by sending a token amount of money or a Rakhi gift to his sister. In this way, the emotional connection between the two is maintained as well as strengthened, which is the central aspect of this famous festival.


The beautiful ceremony of Raksha Bandhan begins by covering the head with a piece of cloth to show respect towards the tradition that has been going on since generations in Indian culture. Sisters usually use their dupatta and brothers a handkerchief for the purpose. A diya is lit to invoke the Divine deities and Sisters put a tika (made of rice and vermillion) on their brother’s forehead. This is followed by tying of the rakhi thread on the brother’s right wrist and putting a piece of sweet in the brother’s mouth. All along, as they do these actions, they also pray to the Almighty to bless their brother with good health, long life, prosperity and happiness by chanting a mantra. The brother, then presents a Rakhi gift or gives a token amount to his sister which completes the ceremony. This token amount or gift is a symbol of his commitment to protect his sister.

The relationship between a brother and a sister is truly a special one, and people with siblings are blessed to have each other in their lives. It is important to communicate and express our appreciation for our sibling’s presence in our lives since everyone is not so lucky. Are you ready with all the preparations to make this Raksha Bandhan an occasion to remember for yourself and your loved ones? Here is a checklist to make sure that you indeed are ready to have a blast this Rakhi:

Traditional attire: Brothers, as well as sisters, get ready for the special celebration by dressing up in traditional wear like kurta pajama (for brothers) and suits or lehenga-choli or sarees (for sisters). Everyone feels closely connected to their culture and looks forward to the celebration after getting all dressed up.

Attractive Rakhi threads: Rakhi threads start pouring into the marketplaces around Raksha Bandhan time in different shapes and styles. Cartoon Rakhis for kid brothers or rakhis with icons of Bal Gopal (Little Krishna) or Bal Ganesha are great choices for kid brothers. Beautiful designs and colours make Rakhi thread shopping a breeze, as one is spoilt for choice with options like Diamond Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Sandalwood Rakhi and Rudraksha Rakhi among several others. Order the Rakhi threads online well in advance, so you’re all set for the celebration. Send Rakhi threads to all your brothers, real as well as cousin, so everyone knows that you value their relationship.

A Rakhi thali – A Rakhi thali would typically contain some Rakhi threads, some vermillion (for tikka), a diya, some sweet and an auspicious symbol like a mini Ganesh idol or a swastika symbol. It is the centerpiece of the Rakhi celebration and contains beautiful decorations that make it a deserving center of attention on the festival. The sister places the rakhi thread, the vermillion and rice and a piece of Indian mithai on the Rakhi thali and then performs the ceremony.

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers: Shopping for something nice as a Rakhi gift for brothers is an important thing to do on our ‘How to celebrate Rakhi’ checklist. A thoughtful gift makes everyone feel special, and brothers are no different. Expensive or reasonable, there are gift options to suit different budgets, but it really is the thought that counts. Rakhi thalis or Rakhi Gift Hampers are fabulous options that combine the essentials like a Rakhi thread, some Indian mithai, and a gift item to make shopping for gifts super-convenient.

Return Gifts for Sisters: Brothers too, need to play their part well for a successful celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Presenting a suitable gift their sister will appreciate like kurtis for a young sister or jewellery for a grown-up one, is not just something optional, but is simply a must. Relationships are all about feelings, so it is important to make sisters feel on top of the world by presenting a lovely gift to them on this festival.

Mouth-watering Indian mithai: No Indian festival celebration can be considered complete without some deliciously sweet and rich Indian mithai. Whether it is Kaju Katli or Badaam rolls that get your heart beating, keep a nice box ready for gifting to your brother or sister and another one for use during the ceremony.

Home Décor’: Creating a perfect ambience is no child’s play and requires attention to intricate details. Besides just keeping the home neat and clean, enhance the element of festivity in the air with the right showpieces and overall décor. Bright lights, colourful and traditional table covers and cushion covers, rangolis for the home entrance, fresh flowers for decoration – there is a lot you can do to create a welcoming and festive ambience for the celebration of Rakhi in your home. Don’t forget to play some appropriate music in the background that will make everyone comfortable and set the mood for celebration.

Culinary Delights: Sisters don’t eat till after the ceremony on Raksha Bandhan, so a delicious fare is organized that is relished by all the family members together after the Rakhi ceremony is complete.
There is something heart-warming about home food, especially the tasty delights that are prepared during festivals. Though these vary from home to home and from region to region, they most certainly classify as soul food for everyone. Plan the culinary delights you will prepare in advance and keep the cutlery and crockery fancy too.

With all these aspects well taken care of, get set to celebrate a fantabulous Raksha Bandhan with attractive Raki threads, beautifully decorated Rakhi thalis, Sweet gifts for brothers or return gifts for sisters and wonderful Indian mithai. helps you create memories that will be cherished forever by making all Rakhi essentials available to you online. If you happen to be away from your Brother or Sister on 7th August, feel free to send Rakhi Gifts online and follow it up with a celebratory session on your favourite video calling app!

Last Updated: 08 July 2018

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