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When is Rakhi 2018 ?

Rakhi Gifts

Wondering when your favourite festival, Raksha Bandhan will be in 2018? You don’t need to wonder any longer as the Panchang (a Hindu lunar calendar and almanac that presents important dates and is used to calculate auspicious dates for important events) declares it to be on 26th August, 2018. The dates presented in the Panchang are calculated based on planetary movements and it is a trusted authority for determining the dates of all Hindu festivals and religious occasions. It is also used for making astrological predictions and for making a person’s birth chart. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the day of Shravan Purnima (full-moon night in the monsoon season in India) as per the Hindu calendar which is a very auspicious day. So, all of us can look forward to enjoying some family time together with our loved ones on Sunday, the 26th of August in 2018 on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan!

Knowing the date of the festival in advance is useful in planning its celebration nicely as ‘failing to plan simply translates into planning to fail’. Specifically speaking, knowing when Raksha Bandhan exactly is in 2018 is useful for-

Helping sisters plan

Helping sisters plan – The festival of Raksha Bandhan revolves around sisters. Sisters need to plan the celebration in advance by selecting and purchasing suitable rakhi threads for their brother or brothers, as the case maybe. Also, they need to customize the rakhi thread according to different brothers as everyone has their own choice and one rakhi thread would not be suitable for all. Take kid brothers, for instance who would be thrilled with a cartoon rakhi thread. The same cartoon rakhi thread won’t be suitable for grown-up brothers though. So, make time for Rakhi threads shopping well in advance.

In addition to Rakhi threads, sisters also present gifts to their brothers which involves advance planning too. If a sister lives in a separate city, state or country from her brother, she would need to either plan her travel for the festival or send her rakhi threads and rakhi gifts by courier or invite her brother to come to her home to plan the celebration suitably.

Helping brothers planHelping brothers plan – Brothers too, need to know when Raksha Bandhan exactly is to make travel arrangements or to intimate their sisters otherwise so there is clarity in planning. In cases where travel is needed, the brother needs to plan and book his tickets in advance as getting train or air tickets around Raksha Bandhan time would become almost impossible due to the sheer number of people travelling. Even roads get clogged with traffic jams, so it would be smart to travel to the sister’s residence a day in advance so you don’t spend Raksha Bandhan morning trying to manoeuvre your way through the traffic. In case a sister lives out of town, one might want to apply for leave in advance (in case of salaried brothers) if one wants to extend the stay in another city, state or country.

Buying a memorable gift for a sister also becomes convenient when one is aware of the exact date of Raksha Bandhan celebration since shopping for loved ones is not always a quick affair. Allocating adequate time in advance for shopping is a smart idea especially when buying gifts online as the delivery will take some days. One can get the gift delivered directly to the sister’s residence (in case it is different from your own) to ensure timely delivery of the thoughtful gift.

Building excitement

Building excitement - Children love festivals and look forward to their celebration weeks in advance. They enquire excitedly about when the next upcoming festival will be and can get quite restless in the absence of an urgent answer. Parents can satisfy their child’s curiosity and help him or her plan something nice in advance when they are aware of the date themselves. Be it creating a greeting card or getting a special dress ready for the occasion, parents can keep their child excited by knowing the exact date of the celebration. Asking the kid brother or sister to select a gift online and order it for the sibling as a surprise will give children another thing to look forward to with excitement.

Planning other Family functions or eventsPlanning other Family functions or events – Indian Weddings involve several days of celebration and usually comprise of three to four functions that need to be planned exhaustively in advance. Knowing when Raksha Bandhan is, if the wedding is around the same days is important to avoid keeping any important family-related function on the same date as everyone will be preoccupied with Rakhi celebration.

Apart from weddings, keeping even simple parties for friends will not be a good idea on Raksha Bandhan as one’s friends may be out of town.

Helping Companies Plan

Helping Companies Plan - Companies need to plan their calendar and know when important festivals are to make a realistic plan for their meetings and programmes. This is where the knowledge of the date of Raksha Bandhan comes in handy. Some good employers also like to organise events around culturally important festivals or give gifts to ensure and enhance employee satisfaction.

EmployeesEmployees - Even if one doesn’t have a sibling to celebrate the festival of Rakhi with, one can still enjoy the holiday most companies give for its celebration to relax and rejuvenate. 

Planning festival- related events

Planning festival- related events – Many schools or institutions organise melas or carnivals or charity events around the time of Raksha Bandhan. Knowing the exact date of when Raksha Bandhan is becomes important in such cases too. Organising a children’s competition related to the festival or planning an exhibition of things that are needed for the festival are also initiatives undertaken on the occasion by various societies.

Knowing when Rakhi is useful for a number of reasons. Now that you know the important date, start your advance planning to stay on top of things. Order Rakhi threads, Rakhi thalis and Rakhi gifts from us and be well-prepared for a fantabulous celebration like never before for Raksha Bandhan 2018. A varied and thoughtfully collected selection of Rakhi Gifts await you right here at
Last Updated: 17 June 2018

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