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Rakhi Decorations

Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi, the festival that celebrates the love that brothers and sisters share, comes with its own paraphernalia of beautiful decorations. Besides focusing on the general appearance of the house as well decorating it in as attractive a manner as possible, Rakhi decorations mainly revolve around the decoration of the Rakhi that is the focal point during the actual ceremony of the festival. Here are a few ideas that could help you decorate your home as well as your Rakhi thali for the festival celebration this year. It is these small things, after all, that make all the difference between a regular humdrum celebration and a truly memorable one.

If you want to decorate your home for the festival, focus on the entrance to start with. The entrance of the house is traditionally decorated with Rangoli creating beautiful patternss or religious motifs. There is also an increasing trend nowadays of replicating Rangoli patterns with flower petals or using a combination of Rangoli and flowers. A truly fabulous decoration idea for your home’s entrance! Inside the house, you can decorate different rooms with flower arrangements. Marigold and roses look great together and lend a colorful look with their yellow and magenta hues and mesmerizing fragrances.

Moving on to the actual celebration of the festival itself, the centerpiece of decoration is the Rakhi Thali, which contains a Rakhi thread, roli, some chawal, tikka and some sweet. It is important to have each one of these items in a complete Rakhi thali. You can choose to place them anyway that looks appealing on your thali.

For the decoration, the upward base of the Rakhi thali is the area to focus on. Use your creativity and decorate this base with sandalwood paste and turmeric. Mix turmeric with a little bit of water and make a thick paste which can be used for the decorations. Making an ‘Om’ symbol or a ‘Swastika’ symbol with the paste will lend a traditional and religious look to your thali. Add a few flower petals on the border and a homemade yet beautiful rakhi thali will be ready! Again, choose a combination of marigold and rose flower petals to get a spectacular effect.

Make a flowery thali if the traditional look doesn’t appeal to you much. Take a few pieces of your brother’s favorite mithai and place them in the center of your thali. Keep the other items like rakhi thread, tikka, chawal and roli separately in small containers around the border of the thali then. Sprinkle clean flower petals in the remaining empty space in the thali and your Rakhi thali will be ready before you know it. A diya lends a ceremonial touch that can be hard to substitute with any other item so you can add a diya to your thali and literally have a brighter Rakhi thali.

Here is another way you can decorate your thali for this year’s Raksha Bandhan celebration with a diya as the centerpiece. Place a traditional diya (made of brown clay), preferably one that has some decorative engraving on it in the center of your circular rakhi thali. This decoration will especially look appealing in a bronze or gold-colored thali. Sprinkle some marigold flower petals and make a circle around the diya next. Place each of the thali items in the next circle after the flower circle. With some roli and turmeric paste, make colourful dots using your fingers next to the border of the circular thali to finish. A colourful decoration for your very own special rakhi thali!

If your brother is in the age group of 1 to 10 years, make a customized Cartoon rakhi thali for him which he will remember forever. Simply take a plain thali and fill it with stickers of his favourite cartoon character. Also stick stickers of stars and some glitter here and there on the thali and your little brother will be thrilled with your creativity. Place each of the rakhi thali items over this and your Cartoon rakhi thali will be ready before you know it!

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The main feature of the celebration of raksha bandhan is undoubtedly the
rakhi thali. This is the centre of all raksha bandhan celebrations, and hence, its appearance and decoration is of paramount importance. There are several ways in which the Rakhi Thali can be designed, and what remains common to all kinds is the main elements which need to be incorporated. Once you have them, you can then decide how you want to place and decorate them on the plate.

Wish to decorate the but don’t know how to go about, don’t worry.
Here we have lined up a few impressive ways to decorate your Rakshabandhan Thali. By and large a rakhi thali comprises a diya, roli or tika, sandalwood, incense sticks, and not to mention the rakhi thread.   

It has become a more common practice to buy a rakhi thali for the celebrations. Today, there are assortments of rakhi thalis available in the market. The thali in fact can be of silver, brass or of steel for that matter. For good measure you can even explore the market for thalis with fixed containers and stands as well, for placing different things. Apart from buying the rakhi thali, the practice of gifting rakhi thalis has become another popular phenomenon.

Now coming to where we started, that is, Rakhi Thali Decorations. Here we present one too many ideas on rakhi thali decorations, which would surely be the envy of all sisters.


Rakhi Thali Decorations

Roli-turmeric Thali – Interested in giving a traditional look to your thali then go ahead and mix a little water to roli and the turmeric and then apply the liquid to the thali.  The red and yellow combination will bestow a customary look to your thali.

Dry-fruits Thali – Mixed dry fruits like cashew nuts, chestnuts, raisins, cocoa nut, pistachio, almond, betelnut etc can be spread on the entire base. Or different circles of different dry- fruits can also be arranged, for it gives a colourful look.

Floral Thali - Fill the thali with fresh flowers, or just decorate the borders. You can opt for a single color flowers, or an array of varied color flowers. Alternatively, petals of flower are also a fine option.  

Sweets Rakhi Thali – Place full pieces of the sweets in an attractive manner or cut them in different shapes and then place them. A combination of them will also look mesmerizing.

Choco-toffee Thali - This type of thali will suit the children perhaps. However, no real chocolates are placed here. In fact the area of thali is divided into different divisions by drawing lines of chocolates and toffeees. And in every division a Rakhi, diya, sweets, roli and akshat are placed.

Painted Thali - Geometric, floral, landscape or other themes can be made with paints on the thali.

Collage Thali – The thali will give a look of a college painting and so referred to as a Collage Thali.  Varied color paper cuttings can be used for the decoration. Either plain papers with single color or the printed papers containing some pictures can be used.

Exquisite Thali – If you are looking to add to the glamour and sparkle of the occasion, you could try and use some shining crystals, diamonds and glitter to the thali. These are quite easily available in the market and ca stuck on simply to add dramatic effects. Mix them with stones of different colours in auspicious symbols like the ‘om’ and ‘swastik’, and your thali will look spectacular.

Water Thali – This is an extremely interesting thali which needs to be large and have raised edges. Place coloured or even plain water in the thali and use small vessels to contain the rakhi, roli and other essentials. You can place some flowers in the water which will float, and can use a floating candle(preferably a scented one), to replace the diya.

Rakhi thali decorations are just only one aspect of rakshabandhan festivities. Well, of course though festivities reach its crescendo that climax within a day’s time, the memories would linger. So get going and decorate your house on rakhi as well. Varied color bells, buntings, streamers will add to the festive look. Besides, making rangoli is also important part of rakhi celebrations. Rangoli can be made at the entrance, or in the room where you intend to tie the rakhi.

Get ready to mesmerize your  brother this rakhi this year with not just beautiful thalis and rakhis, but also with the most exquisite gifts which can be sent all the way to India. brings you the most expansive range of solutions including the rakhi thali, rakhi gifts to India and also rakhi deliveries in India. There is no need for anyone to be left out this year..

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