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Rakhi Gift Ideas For 2018

Rakhi Gifts

The best gifts come from the heart, not the marketplace. Could anything act as a substitute for the purity of one’s affection for another? Yet, presenting gifts helps us in expressing our affection and in affirming a loved one’s importance in our lives. Besides, who doesn’t feel on top of the world on receiving a beautiful gift from a loved one? Go ahead and pamper your precious sibling with an elegant gift item from our choicest collection of gifts on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan this year.

Whoever said choosing gifts was an easy task? The more important the person we want to buy a gift for, the more difficult the choice of gift becomes. To make your selection easier, here are a few Rakhi gift ideas for your beloved brother or sister

Clothes Clothes - An all-time favourite gift item for boys as well as girls, few other gift items compare with clothes in terms of popularity. What is, however, important is to select the clothing item according to the receiver’s age and preference. Keeping the current fashion trends in mind is also important, especially when buying something for young people. Be it kurtis, suits, sarees or western clothing items, sisters will treasure clothes as a gift from their brother. For brothers too, clothes are a great gifting idea as they are useful as well as pleasing.

Jewellery- Explore our fashion and traditional jewellery collection to gift to your brother or sister on Raksha Bandhan. Imitation jewellery has made strides in its level of popularity with youngsters over the last few years while the older generation still prefers the real stuff. Bangles, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings, Necklaces, Nosepins, Pendant Earrings sets, Pendants or rings, there are so many options to choose from when buying jewellery for women. What is best about buying jewellery for women is that there are high chances of the gift item being loved by the recipient as women simply adore shiny trinkets. If the recipient is a working woman, she will appreciate classy imitation jewellery that isn’t too heavy and can be worn with Indian as well as western wear conveniently. A woman with an active social life will be happy with heavier or fancier jewellery that can be worn on parties and family functions.
How about gifting jewellery to a brother on Rakhi? Men too, appreciate jewellery though certainly not as much as their female counterparts. A sophisticated ring or a chain in the metal of choice and budget is surely a wonderful gift item to present to a brother on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Intricate designing coupled with a wide range to suit every pocket, makes jewellery an ideal gift item for Raksha Bandhan.

Watches Watches – Watches are not just smart accessories that accentuate a person’s overall appearance, they are also high on utility. Large chunky watches with metallic straps or classy somber watches with a thin leather strap – there is a wide variety available that goes with traditional wear, office wear or even sportswear. They are also great gifts for women especially if they are sleek and elegant. With the wonderful collection available at, a beautiful watch is sure to please the recipient irrespective of his or her age. A Watch is a classic gift that is treasured and useful for all time to come.

Perfumes – Perfumes don’t just add fragrance; they create an aura around a person. A distinctive fragrance that soothes as much as it appeals is a fabulous gift idea on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan- the festival of love. Whether it is for a brother or a sister, everyone loves a great perfume. If one knows a person’s favourite kind of fragrance, it is best to customize the gift accordingly but you can’t really go wrong with any pleasant fragrance. Perfumes

Office Gifts Office gifts – Peruse our collection of Office gifts to select a useful item that will remind your brother of you and your good wishes at work. Sophisticated yet affordable, one is sure to find something worthwhile in this category of gift items.

Cosmetics – Make-up kits that comprise all essential cosmetics are a superb gift item for women especially if they belong to a quality brand. Being brand-conscious is a smart way of ensuring quality especially when it comes to cosmetics. Skin care products can also be combined with cosmetic items to create that perfect Cosmetics gift hamper. Cosmetics

Bags and Handbags Bags and Handbags – High on utility as well as style, Handbags and Bags have always been highly rated gift items. Black and brown are forever in vogue when it comes to handbags for women and these days copper, bronze, golden as well as silver handbags stand out. Go in for large handbags not just because they are trendy but also because they help women carry a number of essential items around conveniently.
A black or brown leather bag for a man is certainly a great Rakhi gift idea so avoid any second thoughts on your purchase decision. Most bags have a laptop holder inside but it’s always a good idea to check for that as everyone needs to carry laptops around.

Kitchenware – Kitchenware is a suitable gift choice for a sister if she is married. A mixer-grinder, dinner set, cutlery set or tea set – there is no dearth of items in this part of every household. It is hard not to like beautiful cutlery with beautiful designs so your considerate gift choice is sure to get appreciated. Kitchenware

Home Décor Items Home Décor Items – Home is where the heart is. Make the heart fonder and gladder by presenting a home décor related gift item on Raksha Bandhan. Showpieces, wall clocks, art work or ceramic items, your gift will always be visible in your sibling’s home and remind him or her of you.

Gift Hampers – Check out our Rakhi hampers that combine all the necessary items needed for Raksha Bandhan celebration along with sweets, dry fruits, chocolates or namkeen as per the selection. Rakhi thalis are another fabulous gift item that are available in various customized forms including Rakhi thali for kids. Gift Hampers

Spiritual gifts Spiritual gifts – What better way to invoke the Almighty’s blessings for your brother or sister than to present a spiritual gift item on Raksha Bandhan! The gift will always serve as a reminder of your good wishes and inspire a feeling of being blessed.

Accessories – Help your brother stand out in a crowd by presenting him with a smart gift from our accessories collection. Wallets, Belts and Handkerchief sets for men do make a difference to a man’s overall grooming and appearance so they are surely a great gift idea for Rakhi celebration. Accessories

It is difficult to think of Rakha Bandhan without gifts. A Raksha Bandhan celebration is simply not complete without gifts from a brother to a sister and vice-versa. With so many attractive gift ideas to choose from, there is no reason not to make this Raksha Bandhan a truly memorable occasion. has a comprehensive collection of Rakhi Gifts for Sisters as well as brothers. Besides individual gift items, there are several Rakhi gift hampers available too that combine a number of items needed to make the occasion complete as well as special. From Mithai thalis to Dry Fruit thalis and Chocolate thalis, you can surely find a superb gift option for your beloved sister or brother here. Have a Happy Raksha Bandhan with!

Brothers and sisters may march to a different drumbeat, but come Rakshabandhan and both brothers and sisters think in the same direction. How to get that cherubic smile on others face is all what they seem to think about, all the time? And in case if the brother and sister happens to stay far away from each other, then the enthusiasm simply doubles up when it comes to sending Rakhi Gifts.

We also present some gift ideas based on the personality of your brother or sister. Do check them out below:

For Brothers

1) For Stylish brothers

Give free rein to your imaginations. You can pick and choose from a wide assortment of gifts, be it stylish goggles, perfumes, watches, or belts. Also, check out a bracelet style silver or gold Rakhi. There is never a dearth of style, and finding stylish gifts is simple.

2) For School and College going brothers

Some current bestsellers, a good reference book, trendy bags or interesting CDs will make them shout with glee for sure. You could try and come up with an interesting form of a rakhi which your Brother would be proud to flaunt – who knows, he may even be setting a trend! Buy Rakhis or make them, but ensure you have your brother’s taste in mind. There are several great options, and many great avenues for gifting here, since school and college going brothers have never ending needs. You could include some stylish shirts and tees, or even shock them with a funky watch.

3) For Serious and Somber brothers

Go for an executive shirt and ensure that the color is of his choice. Organisors, designer pens, ties, cuff links etc are other great gift ideas. You could also opt for a classy hamper which puts together a few of his favourite selections and surprise him this year. Ensure that utility and subtlety are the guides you follow when selecting these raksha bandhan gifts.

4) For Married Brothers

If your brother is married and staying abroad then you can opt for Online Rakhi Gifts. For married brothers especially Rakhi gifts could be in the form of paintings, cutlery items or the usual stuff like box containing sweets, dry fruits or chocolates. This not only includes your brother, but gives you a chance to make his family more accepted and loved by you too.

5) For Kid Brothers

Indulge your Kid Brother with some toys or games those that characterize their favorite cartoon characters. Chocolates, candies and other confectionery items will also be absolutely savored by them. These brothers are easiest to love and indulge. Let your feelings be known with great gifts that are colourful and cheery.

For Sisters

Girls look forward to gifts more than anyone else. This is why it is so important to select your gift carefully, whether you have a gift to shower her with, or even when you send your Rakhis.

1) For Trendy Sisters

Jewelry items like earrings, rings, necklaces will be really treasured. Gold or diamond jewelry is also ideal if you have enough money to shell out, or else artificial or imitation jewelry will also be well-liked. Trendy girls love to keep up with the latest fashions, and you could look through some of the latest shades and style of cosmetics which would make ideal gifts.

2) For kid Sisters

Cute, huggable, huge teddy bears, and some yummy Chocolates will make a wonderful gift package for you kid Sister. Also, gift some good books if she enjoys reading. Another great gift would be an exciting CD filled with her favourite children’s movies, animations and songs.

3) For teen Sisters

Designer, or even embroidery Bags make an exciting gift option for teenager sisters.. Otherwise even sweet-smelling perfumes, Fancy Tops or ethnic Jewelry can be sent. If you are unsure, look to some fancy teen Cosmetics like nail polishes in offbeat colours which make fantastic gifting options.

4) For Married Sisters

Gifts comprising household decorations like paintings or some fancy show pieces will be liked by your married sister. Perfume or jewelry items also make an ideal Rakhi gift. So we at hope that this guide gave you good food for thought as to what to send as your Rakhi Gifts in 2018. We have been providing services to send online Rakhi to India since 1998, and would love to assist you in sending your Rakhis and other gifts.
Last Updated: 27 June 2018

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