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Significance of Rakhi return gifts for Sister

Rakhi Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is a sweet celebration of the bond that exists between a brother and a sister. It is also a subtle reminder to the brother about his duty to protect and take care of his sister as the term ‘Raksha Bandhan’ literally translates into ‘a bond of protection.’ It is a common practice to give a return gift to one’s sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Most traditions and religious practices are symbolic in nature. Each of the actions, performed during the ceremony of Raksha Bandhan, has its own meaning and significance. Most religious practices and traditions have underlying meanings that aim to inculcate specific values and attitudes in people that will be suitable for them as well as promote peace, harmony and goodwill in society, at large. Let us explore the significance of giving return gifts to sisters on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and the underlying values it aims at inculcating in people.

History is replete with examples where despite not having a blood relationship, chivalry made some men make extreme sacrifices to honor the relationship of a brother & sister. As an example, Raja Puru honoured the wishes of Alexander’s wife by sparing her husband, to honor the sacred bond. It is said that Raja Bali returned Lord Narayan to Goddess Laxmiji when she made the request under the protection of the raksha bandhan bond.

In modern times, here are some reasons why the tradition of sending return gifts for sisters on Rakhi is relevant and important.

Giving importance to the relationship with a sister -Some men find gift shopping cumbersome or some simply don’t want to invest the time and energy it requires. Shopping is not a difficult thing at all; it is in fact, a fun thing to do. If you are not aware of your sister’s preferences, don’t let that deter you from shopping for any nice gift in general as there are simply so many attractive gifting options out there. Whether it is clothes, jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, kitchen ware or home décor items – you simply can’t go wrong with a gift.

Enhancing security for sisters in society - Girls are taken care of by fathers when they are young and by their husbands when they get married. The role of the brother becomes extremely important if, unfortunately, the father or husband happens to pass away. It is this responsibility towards the girl in society that is stressed through Raksha Bandhan. However, nowadays, as girls outpace males in both education and jobs, the days is not far off, when sisters will become the provider instead of seeker of security, for others.

The Sister’s Role in Raksha Bandhan - Sisters buy the Rakhi threads from the market or make the effort to send Rakhi threads to their brothers wherever they may be on the day of Raksha Bandhan through online shopping. Sending Rakhi threads and gifts online becomes especially convenient when a brother lives in another city, state or country. With the convenience of online gifting portals like, this has become a matter of a few clicks. The rakhi thread is more often than not, accompanied by some tasty Indian mithai too. Sometimes, sisters go to their brother’s house to tie the rakhi thread too. During the Raksha Bandhan ceremony, the sister lights a diya and ties a Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist while invoking the blessings of God for her brother’s happiness and prosperity. She then, gives a piece of sweet to her brother to complete her part of the ceremony. The Rakhi thread is a thread tied to symbolize the trust that a sister reposes in her brother. These actions show the importance a sister gives to her relationship with her brother.

The Brother’s Role in Raksha Bandhan- The brother, on his part, gives a return gift to his sister to complete the ceremony. The return gift, however expensive or inexpensive it may be, is a symbol of the brother’s commitment, love and consideration for his sister. Many brothers simply give a token amount of money to their sisters. Giving a proper return gift to the sister is a much more considerate thing to do instead, as it shows the time, energy, thought and consideration he put into purchasing a gift. There is a common saying – Actions speak louder than words. They go a long way in showing the other person what one feels and thinks about them. It is the small things that matter in life. If you take care to buy something in your sister’s favourite colour or simply gift her a perfume with her favourite fragrance, the effort becomes all the more for the recipient of the gift.

This is one of the key reasons why the practice of giving cash as a return gift is getting replaced gradually by giving a gift which shows thoughtful consideration in selection and sending.

Cousin or mooh-bola sisters - Don’t forget any sister when it comes to giving gifts to sisters on Raksha Bandhan. Even if a cousin or ‘mooh-bola sister’ might have forgotten to send you a Rakhi thread in a particular year, remember to reach out to her with a Rakhi gift to reconnect with her and remind her that you are very much there for her. She will appreciate the gesture genuinely and feel gladdened by the commitment you display towards the relationship. Real, cousin or mooh bola, a sister is a sister.

The significance of giving a return gift to a sister lies in inspiring confidence in her brother and in maintaining trust in the brother’s commitment towards her wellbeing.

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Last Updated: 12 July 2018

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