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Significance of Rakshabandhan

Rakhi Gifts

We, the people of the current generation, being logical and curious, love to ask ‘Why?’ for most things that we do. Naturally, we tend to do so even for the customs and traditions our elders used to follow unquestioningly. All Hindu religious and traditional practices do have an underlying meaning and we only have to look deeper to uncover the logic behind our customs and rituals. Simply following a custom or celebrating a festival without adequate knowledge of what value it wishes to highlight is like taking a bath without applying any soap!

Rakha Bandhan is a very popular and loved festival of our country. The rakhi thread symbolizes the emotional bond that exists between a brother and a sister. Through a short and sweet ceremony that is performed by millions of Hindus religiously every year on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the sister conveys her trust and showers her blessings on her brother who in turn assures her of his lifelong commitment.

Nothing remains static over time, not even relationships with our loved ones. Let us explore the significance of Raksha Bandhan for people at varied stages and in different situations of life.

Raksha Bandhan for Children Raksha Bandhan for Children - Children look forward to Raksha Bandhan every year and enjoy the festive spirit enthusiastically. Girls dress up in beautiful and shiny lehenga cholis while boys wear a traditional pyjama kurta. The home is cleaned and decorated with love as relatives living in the same city come together to enjoy the festival. Tasty delights that are relished by all including mouth-watering desserts like kheer and mithai are prepared and served. Children play and bond together and enjoy the traditional ceremony of tying a rakhi thread. Though they don’t realize it at that time, they create beautiful memories in those special moments of blissful togetherness.

Raksha Bandhan for Grown-ups – Over time, as siblings grow up, they develop personal priorities like career and newer relationships. Some continue to prioritize their brother-sister bond while some take this special relationship for granted and neglect it. Raksha Bandhan is the right time to express gratitude for being blessed with a wonderful sibling, no matter how old one may be because deep in our hearts, we never really grow up. Raksha Bandhan for Grown-ups

Living in Different Places Living in Different Places - Marriage and career-related responsibilities sometimes tend to take us away from our parents and siblings. These separations can sometimes become extremely prolonged when one settles down in another city or country. Family-related festivals like Raksha bandhan become all the more significant when a brother and a sister are in distant places as it may not always be possible to meet each other on the special occasion. Connecting through sending gifts and speaking on the phone gives a wonderful feeling of bonding in such a situation and the festival acquires all the more meaning and importance.

Raksha Bandhan with Cousins - Who doesn’t wish for a real brother or a sister? In our heart of hearts, all of us wish to have a real brother or sister in our lives because the value a sibling adds to the quality of a person’s life cannot be replaced by anything else. But, everyone is simply not lucky enough to have a real brother or sister. Bonding with cousin brothers and sisters helps one to fill in the gap and create various close relationships. In some cases, the bond with a cousin becomes as strong as it would be with a real brother or sister. Raksha Bandhan becomes an occasion that strengthens the beautiful bond further. Raksha Bandhan with Cousins

Raksha Bandhan for a Girl Raksha Bandhan for a Girl - The father is the head of the family in most Indian families. The daughter is cared and provided for by the Father responsibly in his lifetime. The brother adds to this layer of security by understanding his commitment towards his sister. A sister relies on her brother for this support throughout, even after she gets married and moves into another family. The festival of Raksha Bandhan reminds the brother of his duty towards his sister.

So, not only do you know how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan now, you also know why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan with such gusto and positivity year on year. After understanding the significance of the traditional Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan, it is of paramount importance not to underestimate the psychological and emotional impact it has on a brother and a sister.

Phone calls, gifts, sweets, cards, flowers...these are but expressions of the love we feel. It is not easy for adults to express their feelings clearly and that is where gifts, flowers and sweets come to our aid. Now that you clearly know why you do what you do on this special occasion, express your commitment and love to the wonderful sibling you have been blessed with in life by presenting a memorable gift item on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, no matter which age group you belong to or which city you live in.

We know Rakshabandhan mostly as a celebration between Brothers and sisters, but the festival extends even beyond these formal relationships:

- In ancient times, even Rishis (sages) tied Rakhi to their followers and even tied it to their own wrists, as a means of protecting from ills and bad luck
- Rabindranath Tagore used Raksha Bandhan as a means of promoting harmony between people of different religious and castes.
- Women and Children tie rakhis on the wrists of the Indian Prime Minister, Presidents and other leaders to seek their blessings and sacred protection. Indian Soldiers on our borders get countless Rakhis via Indian Post from surrogate sisters, as a means of thanks for their selfless acts of protection of our country and residents.

Thus, Rakhi ultimately serves as a means of bringing people together in a pact of love and protection, and is one of the most beautiful festivals in the Indian Culture and ethos.  We at have been providing services to send Rakhi to India since 1998, so if you happen to live at a distance from your brother or sister, we would be honoured to help convey your precious sentiments this Raksha Bandhan.
Last Updated: 27 June 2018

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