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Types of Rakhi

Rakhi Gifts

The Rakhi had begun its journey as a relatively plain looking and simple thread that sisters would tie on the wrists of their brothers who would promise them lifelong protection on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Over time, however, the sheer variety of Rakhis that are available in the marketplace has multiplied. There are multicolored Rakhis, fluorescent Rakhis, traditional Rakhis, contemporary Rakhis, bejeweled Rakhis as well as Rakhis for kids featuring popular cartoon figures that children love. Sisters spend a significant amount of time choosing from amongst the vast collection of Rakhis that are available in the marketplace every year since there are simply so many attractive options one can choose from. Read on to find out some information about the different types of Rakhis that are available these days:

Mauli Rakhi – A mauli is considered auspicious in the Hindu religion and is tied on the wrists of people who participate in any given Hindu ceremony or puja. The color and aesthetic appeal of the mauli enhances the beauty of this type of rakhi greatly. These are traditional, simple, classy yet inexpensive Rakhis that are very comfortable to wear. In such rakhis, a few strands of ‘mauli’ are folded together and a few decorative beads are added in the center of the rakhi to give a ceremonial and attractive look.

Rudraksha Rakhi – In this type of Rakhi, a Rudraksha bead or several Rudraksha beads are used in the center of the rakhi. The kind of religious touch such Rudraksha beads lend to the rakhi is hard to achieve with any other item.

Diamond Rakhi, Gold Rakhi and Silver Rakhis – We love them on our jewellery so how can we forget them on our rakhis. Since real diamonds, gold or silver can be a bit hard to afford for every person, stones or metal that looks similar to diamond, gold and silver is used to decorate the center portion of such rakhis. These rakhis look as glamorous as a diamond, gold or silver bracelet and therefore sell like hot cakes year after year.

Sandalwood Rakhis – Sandalwood with its soothing fragrance is a grand old favorite in India. Is it any wonder then that sandalwood Rakhis have always maintained a prominent position in the Rakhis collection of any marketplace? One of the oldest types of rakhis that has continued to maintain its position over decades of Raksha Bandhan celebrations in India. Chandan, as sandalwood is called in Hindi, is considered sacred in India and is also used during the worship of Hindu deities.

Lumba Rakhi – A Lumba rakhi is tied by a sister on her sister-in-law’s (Bhabhi’s) wrist. This practice belongs to the state of Rajasthan originally but has become popular in other parts of the country as well over the years.

Pearl Rakhi – A pearl is an object of great beauty that has attracted admiration from one and all from all parts of the world. Not only does it help us create attractive jewelry, it also comes in handy to make a Pearl Rakhi. If your brother has an eye for beauty, then this is the Rakhi you should go in for. Pearl rakhis come with different types of threads and the pearls in the center of the rakhi always make the Rakhi thread look beautiful.

Rakhis with Religious Motifs – Hindu religious motifs such as the symbol for ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika’ are often seen in the center of such types of rakhis. The threads vary in colour and texture and the motifs are also made using different types of materials for different rakhis. Since the sister prays to God for her brother’s well-being and long life while tying the rakhi thread on his wrist, rakhis with religious motifs have consistently remained popular choices for sisters since decades of Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

Kids’ Rakhi – From Santa Claus to Ben 10, a variety of kids favorite characters can be seen on kids’ Rakhis. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Bal Ganesha, Spiderman and Winnie the Pooh can all be seen smiling merrily in the center of sweet and simple kids rakhis.

Designer Rakhis – If you don’t mind spending extra to get an extra special rakhi for your brother, check out some of the designer rakhis that are available in the marketplaces. These are obviously different from other types of Rakhis and would surely stand out and get noticed on your brother’s wrist on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. These are, however, not as commonly and easily available as the other types of rakhis we have mentioned above.

No matter which type of Rakhi you want for tying on your beloved brother’s wrist on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can find it conveniently on which has the choicest of Rakhis available in its collection. You can send Rakhi to India by placing an order and paying online. From the traditional Mauli rakhi to the beautiful Pearl rakhi, we have included the best pieces in our collection of rakhi threads to make your online shopping experience with us as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Make your choice and have a great Raksha Bandhan on 26th of August 2018!

Rakhi festival celebrates the special bond shared between a brother and a sister. Of late, though the emotional element attached to the festival has remained the same; the symbolic thread used has gone through an evident transition, be it in terms of color, materials, styles or the pattern used. For sure, with changing times the bar has been raised in every way, for better or for worse.

In the celebrations of raksha bandhan no matter where it may be, you will find rakhis which are symbolic and simple, and then you will find those which are so exquisite that they are hard to take in. When you are taking the trouble to find or make something really special for your brother, why stop at anything short of the best.

Today, Rakhi come in varied types. While some are plain vanilla, others are classic, while some endow a fleeting experience; others linger in memories for years together. And while some represent the latest fad and fashion, some can touch the soul instantly. arguably is one of the largest online platforms that send rakhi online and even send rakhi gifts to India online. Here we present new-age rakhis as well as age-old rakhis, that is sure to keep your brother’s flag-flying high amongst his companions.




 Flower Rakhi

Well, if your brother is a dyed-in-the-wool green philanthropist then go ahead and gift him a flower Rakhi. Flower rakhis are a safe bet considering they are made of original flowers. That’s not to say that plastic flowers are not used in their making. Opt for the one that’s laden with plastic flowers, if you are damn sure that his belief is simply skin-deep.



 Stone Rakhi

If your brother lives in US and has a big appetite for lavish gifts then ‘stylish head turners’, yes the stone Rakhi’s will surely cast a spell on him. However, do remember: the cost varies as per the stones used in its making.



 Sandal Wood Rakhi

Though Sandal wood rakhis have gone out of fashion these days but their lure still lingers on. In fact in earlier times, Rajas and Maharajas wore Rakhis made of sandalwood. So, if you brother dear is some one who exhibits solid leadership skills, then tying a sandal wood rakhi will surely give him a certain high.  Wot say?



 Zari Rakhi

If you brother is someone who loves to don gold or silver jewelry, then keep afterthoughts at bay, send a rakhi designed from gold or silver Zari threads.  Needless to say, the rakhi will confer a very royal look and will fuel fair degree of brotherly emotions in him. So get ready for some exotic return gifts sisters.



 Reshami Rakhi

If your brother has a colourful persona then Reshami Rakhi will make an ideal choice. Reshami Rakhis are crafted of silk threads and looks bright. In fact all kinds of Resham Rakhis, be it the light or heavily decorated ones, are well-liked by brothers of every age-group.



 Gold-Siver coated Rakhi

If your brother believes in straddling two worlds, both the materialist and the cosmic world simultaneously, then tie a Gold or Silver coated Rakhi having pictures of Indian Gods and Goddesses crafted on them. The Rakhi will likely satisfy his diametrically opposite emotions.



 Shree-Om Rakhi

Ruminating to tie Rakhi to your good old neighbor, consider tying Shree-Om-Rakhi for they have religious symbols like ‘Shree’ sign,  ‘Om’ signs or the 'Swastika' signs well-entrenched in them.



 Ram Rakhi

If your brother is a saintly figure, then opt for simple silk thread, which is Ram Rakhi. Rest assured it will elicit a saintly smile on his face.



 Beads Rakhi

For simpleton bros Bead Rakhi for sure will work its magic. Beads are woven into the threads or glued on top of the Rakhi



 Metal Rakhi

A privilege of kings and nobles, today gold and silver rachis are confined to jeweler shops, given that a common man steers clear of them. But who said your brother is a common man?



 General Rakhi

These types of Rakhis are made of silk threads, foam, wood, plastics etc. They are available in every nook and corner of India on Raksha Bandhan. Kindly keep your hands off these run-off-the-mill kinds.



 Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi

Lumba or popularly referred to as Rakhi for Bhabhis connotes the special bond that exists between a  Bhabhi and her sister-in-law. The tradition has its roots in the state of Rajasthan but slowly and gradually it’s spreading its wings elsewhere as well. Tie a lumba rakhi and bond with your bhabhi in new way.




Believe us; all eyes are on E-rakhi these days.  E-Rakhis are part of an online store where one can find loads of Rakhis and Rakhi gift ideas. So sprint to any of the online rakhi store straight away this time and send rakhi online.

While nothing really stops you from trying out combinations of colours and patterns to arrive at what you think your brother best deserves, it is interesting to see how rakhis can really start to reflect the place of their origin and what they come down to mean. This is what you are sure to find when you look at rakhis from over India.


Special Rakhis : To each its own

Mysore: This is the heart of the sandalwood tree, where all fragrances, incenses and oils come from. It is only fitting that you would find rakhis which are based around the sandalwood, be it in the use of sandal shavings in the decoration, small sandalwood beads, or even little trinkets made from sandalwood around the rakhi.

Delhi: When in Delhi, there must be style. Therefore, small caricatures of cartoons for the kids, and even little figures of popular cartoon characters among the smitten enthusiasts is what you can expect without surprise. This is also where you can expect to find larger, jazzy varieties, since this is the city where bigger is better.

Ahmedabad & Surat: Still holding to its pristine roots, the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Surat are where silver rakhis are common. Either in thin silver lines, small silver beads and trinkets or even thick silver bands, there are several varieties for you to look through

Calcutta: The handmade tradition rarely dies in Calcutta. This is where you will find rakhis is simple forms and even elaborate designs being made lovingly for the brother, and also for friends who may be artistically impaired. combines a wide range of gifts, thalis and rakhis of all varieties, styles and budgets, enabling everyone to pick up the perfect expression for the celebration. Covering all that you might want to give your sibling, usher in new hope with Enabling you to avail of the added convenience of online rakhis and raksha bandhan gifts, this is the ultimate destination for all your festive needs.


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